Lucifer TV Show True or False? Bad or Good?

It is possible that there’s more truth about Hell and Satan coming from Hollywood than there is coming from the bought and paid for mouths of indoctrinated Christian preachers.  How so?

“All things are of God”.

God allows evil because mankind is on Earth to do one thing…CHOOSE.  Choose their God and to choose their eternal home.  The habitation of Hell is likely more of a city for the wicked who enjoy dark debauchery than it is a place of only punishment.  Possibly our own guilt has much more to do with judgement of God than preachers ever mention.

I do not believe that Satan is out of God’s will.  I think he is doing exactly what he is supposed to do.  Introduce evil to mankind with temptation.

Men are drawn away by their own lusts.  Taking responsibility for our actions is part of spirituality.  God made us imperfect for a reason.  God desires transparency from us rather than sanctimonious bullshit.

Status quo and peer pressure are the enemies of Truth.  Time to get real with God and the show puts God in the forefront of our minds, does it not?

Religion is Legion and the book a big part of it.  Smart liars always mix in great truth with their lies from hell.  The worst of the worst shall have their church in Hell by worshipping religion and the bible. So my vision presents.  It is God Himself we must seek.  God looks upon the heart.  And the heart cannot be fixed without His help.  In weakness we are made strong by relying on God.

I went to Hell. Purgatory actually.  I saw three woman and one man. The man new every script in the bible.  He clutched the book to his heart pacing the floors of purgatory.  The three women were in self condemnation.  I told them “you have no right to condemn yourselves for that is playing God”.  Only God can judge a heart.  They left purgatory with me.  As for the man he chose his god.  The bible, the worst idol of all time.  Filled with great supernatural truth.  And filled with horrible nasty lies and violent portrayals of God.

Follow Love.  Seek God with all your heart.  He will reveal His Son to you and Himself.  The bible is fallen.

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