White Magic & The Image of The Beast

Propaganda Will Usually Be to Strip Mankind of It’s Attainable Supernatural Power


Rule #1 “Evil is as evil does”.  The rest is bullshit.  Any inanimate objects or streams of thought that are not malevolent or harmful to self & others cannot then be evil.  Lest we begin to string up innocent people for their thoughts or burn them at the stake.

Know this, when a society believes the lies of tyrants they  too shall act in accord with tyrants.  The Abraham Accord…a cord that ties ignorant masses to the commands of the image of the beast.

What is The Image of the Beast?

The beast is the ruling corporations who crave ultimate power over all minds and souls.  Their catalyst is the image of the beast.   And does this mean if we watch TV we are a servant of the beast and damned to Hell?

No!  But if you serve the agendas of the beast by being deceived by the image of the beast then you serve evil.  If you take the TV news channels as gospel and follow its leads, then you serve the image.

If you do not know that you have been greatly deceived, lied to, deeply programmed from birth by being set in in your hi-chair in front of the image of the beast while learning to trust and love it, and to be comforted by it then you cannot be DEPROGRAMMED from it and will likely or already do, serve it.

Example-  Their big test to see just how programmed the masses are.  While you know several people who have suffered from Cancer and probably some who have died from it yet, your likely desensitized of it by pink bows and happy hero stories of those who get Cancer and what wonderful heroes they are because they don’t ask “why”?  They don’t complain.  They just take it with its poisons from hell and smile while they pump the toxic chemicals into the bodies of the innocent.

I wondered when I had Cancer, “why are they treating me like a hero for getting sick?”  And I admit I kinda liked the attention.  Until the radiation nearly burned my leg off and I stopped their heinous “cure” from crippling me.”

Now I know, it the “but he told me he loved me” ploy, while he stuck the knife in my back.  But I am getting off topic here.

ALL CANCER IS MAN MADE.  It is the beast’s most economically advantageous and  profitable medical profits scheme killing literally two birds with one stone.  The billionaire eugenicists who believe they will be gods one day (the B.S. (beast system) by the way is now in the process of changing the definition of the word “eugenicist” to mean something other than genocidal sociopathic fucks).  These genocidal fucks can keep their little rich-camp, poor people hate-ing clubs in tact while claiming philanthropy and benevolence.

Prophecy Fulfilled Before your Eyes

This gates of hell is a man or woman representative of the eugenics clubs, he is poised as a savior of the children by his back scenes.   Look what he did to the African children.  And W. Chinese Buffet who is the false prophet who put gates of hell in power quite literally by giving nearly all his money to his foundation.  He predicts the future often hence “false prophet”.  They call him the [Oracle of Omaha].  Sorry I have to use co-ed.

Where Was I?…Oh yes my example of Serving The Image of The Beast.

Oh yes the plague.  Cancer is the plague.   When you see the SEE VEE, the so called Pan demonic become what Cancer is or heart disease or diabetes and the rest of the man made abomination plagues THEN you can call the see vee a Pan demonic.  Until then the see vee is nothing but a control tool to real in those who serve the image of the beast and obey and believe its many lies.  They put the mask upon their face and they rebuked harshly those without a mask.

But the real clencher is this…they trusted the beast so much that they took into themselves a magic potion that will change who they are.  Change from children of God to servants of the beast.

Mark of the Beast?

I asked Father this question.   “How will I know the mark of the beast?”  He said in the only audible word I have EVER HEARD FROM GOD HIMSELF.  “Zebra”.

I expected an RFID chip as the mark so I quickly looked up tech companies.  Sure enough there it was “Zebra tech”.  This was in 2018.

Then the Phaser back scene came out first.  It needed to stay cold and guess witch tech company had the ability to keep those boxes cold?  That’s right, Zebra.

The headlines in 2020 read, “Zebra Tech plays key role in distribution of the back scene.”  I had my confirmation of the mark.  I have researched in great depth Emma are in aye back scenes.  They not only change dee in aye.  But they also replicate by Cancer cell implementation the viral vector to be abhorred.  They will turn men into beasts or worse.

White Magic

Faith in God is what God requires.  Jesus is The Way The Truth, and The Life.  One must be born again to inherit the Kingdom of God.  Build a relationship with God.  Seek Jesus by following your heart and asking God the Creator to lead you to Him.

If you want nature magic you must stop eating dead animals.  Eating dead animals causes a spiritual block.  You do not have the right to condemn yourself.  Self punishment doesn’t work to fix people.  God makes strong and true the hearts and minds of men.  Rely on God by humility and He will teach you.

You Will Never Starve when God teaches you about Nature

I have heard preachers pray against both crystals (even though they are biblical as on the streets of heaven) and essential oils (even though they are made from God given plants.)  There is GREAT POWER in learning what nature holds for us.  If your in a rural area you likely have a yard full of edible weeds.  Never use poisons and never mow the lawn and you will see what food God puts at hand.

The beast tv has put fear of plants in every man’s heart.  It takes deprogramming

There are edible weeds all around us.  Roots and trees with fruits and leaves that nourish.  God will teach you if you put yourself in His capable hands.  He isn’t who the church says he is.  Magic is real.  However to see the beast up close takes coping skills other than denial.  If you want Truth you must learn to first accept, admit, expose to the light &  process fear.




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