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Don’t Bother Trying to Search the Real Term Man Dale a a faect

All you’ll find are redundant examples over and over calling the examples “false memories”.  You’ll read explanations of how people are Miss Rembring.  I have 5 websites and they all have M.E.  articles on them that did not show up in search even to the ump-teenth page of my own exhaustive search of two S. engines.  Uhg!  I LOATHE CENSORSHIP!

Definition of M.E.

This is what it is.  Our reality is now fluid.  What was – now- was not according to the memories of the majority.  Example- I always had a red Honda.  I remember it well.  Now I walk outside and see I have a blue Honda.  99% of my friends say “you always had a blue Honda”.  10% of my friends say “YES you always had a red Honda.  I remember it well”, they say.   “How in the Hell did your car turn blue and always was blue?” They SCREAM!

The M.E. is no big deal for those who don’t see it.  They write if off as “Miss Rembring” just like the explanation.

Oh sure Haas Avocados were always called “Hass“. And don’t get me started on the desecration of the Holy place as prophesied in Amos 8:11 &12.  IE “Holy Bible.”  Pray God that baby has changed more than any of the desecrated books.  I have checked books as far back as 100 years now desecrated to the new trailer trash hick lingo.

Language itself has changed in ALL books.  Have you read Dr. Suess/Seuss lately?  Its a tainted MESS from hell!  Old English is now some kind of trailer trash hick lingo with its “betwixts” &  “peeping wizards who mutter” language.  And on and on it goes.  By far the KJV was my favorite version.  In my own attempts to avoid a burning Hell fire I studied unto quite the memorizations.  I knew that book better than I knew my own heart (at the time).

Thing is, The bible itself read that if the words God gave us were not written on our hearts would may fall under the strong delusion.  Furthermore The precepts of God are righteous.  I used to say when people asked “why read that book?” “It agrees with my own heart” I would proclaim.  NOT ANYMORE IT DOESN’T.  It’s broken beyond repair.  I had a vision of God’s words going up, up, up, back to Heaven in a scroll.

(I think whoever “they” are skewed the vs. about the “heavens rolling up like a scroll”. It was actually God’s words being removed from Earth as a scroll.

Granted the Bible was skewed from the get-go.  But not like it is now, nothing like it is now!  And the hardest part of all this…the bible changes are a different animal that do not fall under the category of “M.E.”  THE CAR WAS FUCKING RED!!!!

Oh, sorry about that.  I have some latent anger issues over this emotional process.

The Bible changes are something very different than the M.E.  Why?  The M.E. are little miracles that cause unbelievers to take notice.  Once they realize that the supernatural is real and that reality is fluid they being to seek answers.  Many are saved by the M.E. effects on them.

But the Biblia Changes la supernatural…lets call them…SBC.   The SBC are another animal that are testing those who call themselves Christians.  Will they know the voice of the Good Sheppard?  Or will they follow another?  Will recognize that the book is now full of hate.  And will they recognize that the precepts of righteousness no longer guide the words on the pages?  Short answer?  NO.  99.9% of Christians on Youtube have no clue that the books have change to vile & vulgar.  They just keep rationalizing every script into being something of goodness and holiness.

Jesus is The Truth, The Life, and The Way to God & Life everlasting.  TRUTH is vital in the armor of God.  To side with and Love Truth is synonymous with Loving Jesus.

But don’t fret!  Nobody is righteous until they ask God to fix them.  That’s the key to “many are called & few are chosen”.

Programming teaches us that Truth makes us vulnerable and we must hide our heart from everyone including God lest He see who we really are and He not Love us.  This lie is in the heart of every man alive until they ask Jesus for help.

“We must become as little children to inherit the kingdom of God.”  In this age its only the little children who are not yet programmed who admit they are afraid.  The man/child is the warrior who admits that he is afraid of being unlovable.  This hard Truth is a pearl seldom found by men.  Why?  It goes against programming and against the walls we have put around our heart.

But if we do not get real with God we will miss our first calling.  One of the hardest things for a man to see is his own heart.  And to say this,

Courageous Prayers of Great Spiritual Value

"Father if you are real and can hear me please help.  Father I am afraid.   I don't know you.  I don't know what you will do with my life if I let you in.  I don't know how to trust you.  Please help me to step into your will for me.  Thy will be done in my life.  Please show me who you are so I can know you and help me to trust in You so you will know me."

The Lord's Prayer Humble Version

"Our Father who is in Heaven hallowed be Thy Name Forever.

Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.

I ask this day to be given my daily bread of Life.

I ask You Mighty Creator to forgive of me all my sins/trespasses, careless words, and wrongs that I have committed.

Help me to forgive those who have wronged me.

Let me not be lead into temptation, I ask that Ye deliver me from evil & evil men.

For Thine Is The Kingdom, the Power, and the Glory for ever and ever.


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My God is The Most High God Creator of Heaven and of Earth.  The prayers above show just how simple salvation of the soul really is.  All have sinned.  Don’t expect perfection from beings created to be imperfect.  If humans were not imperfect they would not seek God to begin with.  Your supposed to be a sinner and so you are.  However God delivers men from the bondage of sin.  There is a sin that is unto death and from it God does deliver men.  I know this because He has healed and delivered me over and over and over again.  NO payback is necessary.  I could not pay God back if I wanted to.  I am incapable of paying Him back. God gives freely the blessings of deliverance and Love and healing.  Whoops I got back on the proclamation of God’s Love.  I know Jesus, He delivered me from myself.  I told Him my own free will was killing me.

God will give ye the desires of you heart.  Seek Him.  Not to get what you want but rather for Him to put a new desire in your heart of hearts.  THIS is the double meaning scripture that has a higher meaning than to get what you want.  What I wanted was killing me.

More on the M.E. in this article. Where is it going and what’s next in reality?




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