To The Rulers of Earth Who Claim Ownership of Mankind & All Resources

The Beast Trap of souls. Bear trap? No this is the trap of souls. We have all been snared. Jesus is The Way to God and Freedom. He brought us Truth in Prophecy.

See and Hear My Words.  Will a man claim authority over his own Creator?

Only God appoints gods.  For those who need to know…  “Noah was perfect in his geneology”.    Know this–God will not tolerate men turning His creation-mankind into beasts again.   As in the days of Noah so too shall the coming of the SON OF GOD be (not son of man mind you, or are you blind to the bible changes via supernatural?). 

In case you don’t know, diabolical men of science owned by corporations have now the golden keys to the DNA.  Hence the mRNA juggling, manipulation, and changing of who God made men to be.   But then if you took the Gene therapy you are clueless to this debauchery.  Denial will be your best defensive at this point.  “Saved by Faith in God” is your best possible route to salvation of the soul.

Jesus came so the people would know the Truth.   You are all here to choose your Father.  Creator God-good, Evil, or None.  Evil will have it’s home in Hell.  Hell is were the wicked will be at home.  Don’t get caught without an eternal home.  Those who make themselves their own God have no eternal home as far as I know or have seen.  Yes I am saying you must choose.

Salvation for the diabolically wicked.  Salvation is the same for every man. Jews are no better than others.  Neither is the country of Israel any better than Europe, Africa, or Haiti.  However for those who have all their lives been the authority over mankind, and rely on their money for power... it shall be very hard, very hard indeed for them to gain humility toward their Creator God.  And some men have cast dark spells over their body and heart that blocks both spells and prayers of salvation.  They made their choice. Obamanations Abomination are they who have taken on the skin of the serpent being by choice.  He who chose "upgrades" over eternal human advantages.  Not all can rule in Hell.  Apollyon will never give up his godship status.  Only God appoints gods.  Apollyon will not be supplanted by some back-seat driver who believes in the spun weavings of the father of lies by his tapestry.

By Right He Who Created the Earth and Mankind shall NOW prevail over all by His Holy unknown, Lock & Key authority.

And those who hold the golden keys to the human being have played right into the hands of The Mighty God & His angels.  Satan serves God and has always served God for the separation of the wheat from the chaff.  Sheep, goats, wolves, Lions, Lambs & Serpents are all now marked.

New Laws of Freedom to The People of God Creator of The Heavens & The Earth

All land and title seed & water, anything of value to men is now given back to mankind per quota pen irrevocably.   Including knowledge and its acquirable wisdom with spiritual & practical survival truths.

As a child of God with His Holy and Powerful Spirit I Now Decree the Following-

According to the New age law-All money in all countries is worthless therefore their are no more billionaires or millionaires.  Trade of goods is the only monetary system.  Trade meaning between free people.

All licenses state, county, local, national, and international are revoked.  All license systems are now hereby terminated.  If men want to fish they can fish.


All corporations are disbanded in every way.  All corporations are null and void.  All holdings of every kind owned by corporations now belong to the people.

All companies land or sea and any other conglomerations & monopolies including google, amazon, Billy goat the gates of hell & whoever he represents, warren chinese buffet and the rest including all governments, police organizations, city hall,  every entity that claims authority over anyone in any form on or around earth who claim ownership of land, water, people or goods are annihilated now.

There is only trade.  Trade is the only business allowed.

All land is distributed to the people of God.  No one can claim, sew, farm, or covet more than he or his family needs.

All production by these corporations & companies is no longer allowed.

No mass production of anything.  All inner city people must learn to grow their own food.  Families will help families.

All seed hoarded by corporations and companies must now be distributed to all people.

All media is terminated.

Electric companies are deleted and terminated.

The world will just have to evolve back to nature.   All hospitals are terminated.  All doctors are revoked.  All drugs companies are eliminated.  All poison pesticides, gmo’s, anti this and anti that food poisons are to be removed and disintegrated.

Mankind is fucked.

Those left on earth will learn how to plow the earth and sew seed or you will starve.

Communities can band together and teach one another the skills of labor that you need to survive.  All vehicles gasoline, gas companies, airlines, travel, transportation is voided and will soon be useless.  By earth’s changing atmosphere all mass transit and cars will soon be useless.

Bicycles are allowed.  Wheels are allowed.  Non mechanical transport is allowed but now mass or mass production.  “mass” is more than what is needed for personal use.  You want a bicycle?  Make one.

All internet and wifi is terminated.

All TV’s shall just disappear.

All devices of communications shall cease.

Wells must be dug.  Rain barrels and rivers, streams, etc. all men will be provided for by God of water.  The earth shall once again produce food by automatic growth.  Look around there will be food everywhere on trees, bushes, vines, mountains, valleys, and in the seas.  Father will not leave his children to starve.  All ye need do is pray and ask for food, water, shelter, etc and it shall be provided.


All men will be fish, seafood, vegetable eaters, and whatever else you can grow to eat.  Mushrooms, leaves, etc.

Mankind has been poisoned for so long it is poison they will crave during the transition.  Once again men will live very long lives therefore gaining spiritual wisdom if they seek.

However the gathering is upon us.  Many will be removed from earth and sent to their eternal homes of their choosing of course.  And as for those who do not choose, they will likely end up either in stasis or the lake of fire.

How about the wicked?

Those who choose and side with evil will have their home in Hell as they do prefer a violent and deceptive home filled with pain and suffering along with every vile thing.

Those who choose God and Know Jesus shall inherit the Earth.  God is appointing guardians of Earth and make no mistake, the prophecy will and is being fulfilled.  The meek shall inherit the earth.

Those who have destroyed the lives of the many, those who have stolen and poisoned, and deceived the innocent and the not so innocent, those who have made the destruction of flesh & blood their hobby either knowingly or unknowingly by willful ignorance shall be judged and sent to their eternal home or the lake of fire will grind their souls to powder.

The scrolls shall be opened and all men’s actions shall be revealed to one and all.  The mark has been sent out on a wing of abomination it did land and consummate with mankind on face and forehead.  Only to be seen by the few.

A note to those who claim earth as their own, a note to those who believe they have a right to rule over others.  To those who have betrayed the masses.  To those who own TV and media.  To those who censor Truth online.  To those who control the internet so the people cannot unite.  To those who sew discord and create such social websites.  To all actors on youtube who pretend to be who they are not.  To all those who work evil for the beast system and turn not from their deceptive and violent ways.  To those who created the deadly plagues to kill and line your pockets with gold.  To those who set the curriculum of the schools one and all, read and know this now.

NO ONE CAN KILL GOD.   Here is the fate of those who have made men suffer.

Your weapons to destroy Father shall supply your own destruction.  Your souls are in chains and no coin will free you.  The halls of the dead await you.  You shall lose your memories one and all until the day you are judged.  You will roam the halls of the dead, just as your fathers do, blind and lost.  As a shuffling patient with too much Thorazine you shall shuffle the halls.

Even the doors of Hell will not allow you entry, for if you could reside in Hell your soul would live.  Hell shall reject you.  Heaven would burn you.  Earth will slip through your hands.  The death of a million innocents will not save you.  Nothing can.  The man with the long pole who wades the barge shall never allow you passage.

The outer void would deceive you no one can live there.  You cannot ever escape the fishbowl while living.  Forego your existence grieve now, wail and beg.  For your power is fleeting, and until the chains of the angel drags you forthwith and land tall unto the outer darkness you shall not leave.  The outer darkness is where your of judgement key stands only the empty soul is judged there.   The bubbling bile of the lake of fire is your quest of honor.  Place that on your mantle of success.

It is a terrible thing to be on the wrong side of God’s wrath.  If I have pitied ever the vile and hateful creatures of genocidal insanity it is now.  For you have no hope.  And that is absolutely worse than death itself.  It’s too late for you to repent.  Those days are gone already.  The age of judgement is here.  You saw it coming yet you defied your guilt.  You buried deep your shame.  And the more your conscience shouted, the more you took it out on the innocent.

To those who stoled the food and seed.  To those who stoled the knowledge bestowed upon people of earth.  To those who hoarded every good thing that could have provided life and joy.  To those who made schools to blind the people.  To those who taught the masses how to be reliant upon the beast and stoled all profitable knowledge.

I Jazweeh, scribe of God led by The Holy Spirit of God who knows and sees Truth in spite of the beast’s attacks.  Know this—–

The end is coming soon.  No one will stop fulfillment of the stolen prophesies.

No one shall stop the people from waking up and knowing what you have done to them.  No one shall steal the Earth from God’s children who inherit it from their Father.

Your Goat Bible shall continue to fall.  You have lost control of the people.  Death would be a welcome event if only that was all ye had to face.

Those judged in the black void of outer darkness will never see the thrones of God or Heaven’s Gates.  Your plan will fail.  Your demons whom made you powerful & rich have also grossly deceived you.  “But they are forced to truth by the key!” You may scream.

But ye are deceived for there was yet another key.   A third kind of key did exist.  Solomon’s key deceived you.  It was not the ultimate key.  By your sewing you shall reap.  White, Gold, Silver, and Color the thrones are for eternal souls.  The thrones of God are not for the perfect.  God did not make man for perfection on Earth.  The journey of Earth was part two of the creation of man.  Part two.  Your demon armies will not help you.  Your particle accelerators will not help you.

For when the Locusts flew from the pit that you opened they did consummate with mankind.  Upon the heads of those who are falling into their own demise, the mind is made desolate and the raptor sups.  Oh how the Raptor sups on the mind’s of men.

The dividing of time is here.  But the deceived do not remember nor do they see what they have lost & are losing rapidly.  The Sacred Tree fades from consciousness and leaves those who cannot be trusted with it’s wisdom.

“Ye shall be as gods knowing good and evil”… no longer.

The tree fades.  What will you do when you can no longer devise evil?  When the most powerful people on earth have forgotten how they became powerful, they flounder.

Death is only the beginning.

Ye are the priests of the temple of siri and ye shall answer for it.  The meek shall inherit the Earth.

Jazweeh——The Messenger.

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