Why The Vaccine Can’t Be The Dreaded Mark of The Beast

Most Christians Proclaim, “The Jab Cannot Be the Mark of The Beast.”

Article by Sarcastic Janey.

The man I have lived with for over 15 years said he did not take the jab.  Why can’t I feel his Spirit?   I have a long history of being able to feel the spirit of all people.    I thought everyone could.  I was wrong.  It’s as if now he is a ghost.  He can walk right up on me from behind and I DO NOT SENSE HIM.

This worries me.  I believe he is lying to me because he well knows my stance on the jab.  He was likely ashamed for taking it.  Thing is I just don’t know for sure. He refuses Truth.

I also sensed a weird twisted spirit in him a few weeks back and today I sensed the spirit again.  A spirit that felt like a literal dead man’s spirit coupled with a putrid twisted perverse heartless, unfeeling, non empathic, somewhat dangerous spirit.

Is this a ghost spirit.  Wtf I thought?  That is when I began suspecting that he took it.  All his friends took it.  His answers to me when I asked about it were suspect.  At first all he would say is “when have you ever known me to do what the gov. says to do?  Poising himself as an independent anarchist of sorts.

Over and over he said that same statement…when have you known me to take anything from the Gov.  Not giving me a straight answer.  It was as if he couldn’t tell me straight out. As if something was blocking him from saying “I did not take the vaccine”.  His mind would not allow him to say “I did not take the vaccine”.

Then when I made comments like “It changes your DNA” or “It might turn men into animals”.  He said “change for the better?”.   Over and over he made positive snide remarks about IT BEING A GOOD THING.

It made no logical sense.  His behavior is out of character.

He Ended Up In the Hospital

Another red flag!  Back in 2020 the the back scene’s were being pushed on everyone he suddenly ended up in the hospital for three days.  He said the doctors claimed he had an anxiety attack.  PISH POSH!  The man is about as anxious as a sleeping cat.  Since he did end up in the hospital my guess is he did not want to hear my “I told you so’s” for taking it.

He did finally say “No” when I asked if he took it.  I don’t believe him.

The New Spirit of the Back Sin Ate Ed

I feel sick inside for him. Something just isn’t right.  There is a perverse spirit coming through from him.  When he stood behind me, he walked up on me for the second time and I never felt his presence until he was breathing down my neck.  It was creepy as hell itself.

What I then felt coming off him was a mocking spirit that said “ha ha I am invisible to you, ha ha, I can take you out so easy”.  To him I was ant crawling on the flood that he did not care enough about to hate.

Why prey-tell in the name of God would vile men want to turn the human race into a race of dead men’s bones?  Filled with some dead man’s spirit?  IT the back scene apparently removes the Spirit of Life the individuality.  Every human one of a kind—-no more.  Diabolical is the only word that fits the scenario.

Imotap imotap imotap they chant.


The Rest is Not a Pretty Picture

“Know them by who they show you they are, not by who they tell you they are”.

Anyone who has researched food, clothing, furniture for toxins knows everything IS POISONED.  Especially cooking oils that have the same Hexane as IT has in it.  Yes the ingredients are allegedly released but not all the ingredients.  Not all.  There is a little thing called “GRAS”.  Generally regarded as safe.   Regarded by who?  Safe according to what standards?  None of our business apparently.  ‘GRAS’ are the non-listed exceptions not on the list of ingredients.   GRAS is a list that food manufacturers do not have to put on the ingredients list.  (sorry redundant) You can bet your sweet bippy IT has some similar rule so IT doesn’t have to list toxic ingredients.  Like substances in the product that only substantiate less than …what 5% (approx. it may be 1% I don’t have the rule in front of me) of the ingredients for instance (2nd exceptions) they don’t have to be on the list either.

Let’s face it corporations are no longer being held accountable to anybody for anything.  You do realize that they can kill as many men, women, and children as they like and can’t be sued for IT’s lethal effects.  The restrainer is off who was likely the lesser of two evils.  The competitors are put down no longer exposing the beast.  And now their plan of attack is full bore.  The little horn is history.  2nd tier ruling corporations who kept 1st tier corpses at bay by accountability.  My guess is that they were told “the sky is falling” and went to their bunkers from which there is no return.  Somehow locked in. Kind of like the “American Horror Story” series of the underground bunkers.

This is my Question

What are they turning men into?  If you were diabolical and had the key to the cell’s nucleus by which you could alter men in any way you want what would you make?

You need slaves.  Slaves who will love and appreciate you.  Slaves that won’t second guess anything you say.  Slaves that will worship you AS GOD.

Then that’s it!  Can’t have men worshipping their Creator now can we?  First task is to erase God from their DNA.  Oh sure IT won’t alter DNA absolutely not.  The vaccine doesn’t alter DNA!   THIS IS TRUE!

However the mRNA introduces to the cell’s nucleus WILL GIVE INSTRUCTIONS TO YOUR BODY TO ALTER ITS OWN DNA.  Hence even  better!  Right?  Scientific deniability.   Took me three years of research to understand that.

Perhaps injection 2 and 3 are to create in you (who by the way, now have within your body no risk of worshipping the One True God) a more designer gee Emma oh factor.   The beast DNA viral vector needed to reprogram your cells humanity into something more suitable FOR SLAVERY.  “HERE HERE!” scream the diabolical imbeciles from hell.

Nobody is the Evil!  Same as it ever was, same as it ever was.

There’s my theory and if you believe nobodies that fucking evil?  Then I advise you to research toxins in food for a few days.  Without preconceived notions of somebody who gives a shit about humanity.  See your problem is this, you have judged the powers that be by your own heart.  The rulers are not like us.

They neither think, act, smell, look, or reason like us.  Think Serpent seed.  The mind and heart of a serpent.  They could not wait to get the golden key to your DNA.  And how did they accomplish that?

The Covenant With Many Demons

Well, put it this way when you have a quantum computer that resolves problems in weeks that would have taken a regular computer eons to figure out and put that computer into the hands of the most evil men on earth…well you get my point.  Furthermore the quantum computer that must be kept in absolute zero refrigeration…wait a minute that’s the same thing they said about IT.   Anyway Geordy rose was seen on film saying “we are reaching into other dimensions and bringing back information from entities that don’t give a hoot about YOU.  Like you don’t care about an ant (but I do care about an ant Geordy Rose of D-WAVE & Kindrid) they don’t care about you.

Take a look at DWAVE emblem closely.  The ‘v’ is an ‘n’.  The ‘o’ in proper spelling of demon is easily pronounced the same with an ‘a’.  DEMAN.  Obviously to us the ‘M’ must be turned upside down for it to spell ‘DEMAN’.




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  1. Within our DNA is written the name of God. Possibly they have found a way to remove this with the jab. The patent number for the jab is 060606 & the name of it is Luciferas so that in itself is in direct conflict with the God code within us. This is certainly a prelude to the Mark of the Beast. Also at this time we are receiving a birthing process from the universe so the jab would be in direct conflict with this as well because I think it would directly interfere with it. Maybe this jab is meant to stop the DNA upgrade from the universe if that is possible. ????

    1. Glad to see your reply Melodie. I was really being sarcastic in the title and it was also to avoid possible censorship. I believe it is the mark. Due to some visions and experiences God gave me in 2018 and 2021. When I asked Him how will I know so I don’t take it. He answered “Zebra”. That was in 2018. In 2020 mainstream news announced that “Zebra tech plays key role in Pfizer rollout” Zebra provided the cold pack temperature bearing containers making the Pfizer possible. Is it only Pfizer? Idk. But never have I gotten an audible word from God before. And never such a blatant confirmation. He also gave me a taste of what I would feel like if I took it. For about half an hour I lost the Devine presence of God. Not The Holy Spirit that gives gifts to men. This was something else a presence of life flow that all men have. A feeling of well being so deep in my heart that losing it made me want to die. It was dark, horrible, lonely. Just like the prophecy a desire for death. Perhaps it also removes the good conscience from men (guilt remorse self control etc.) that restrains mankind from doing & repeating evil works. Blessings to you. One other thing. Idk if all people would be affected the same as I felt. See my Jazweeh.com site I think you may like it.

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