The M.E. Shall Take Humanity to The New Earth

My Theory

Man Dale A A Feact M.E. (code)

If the M.E. changes to reality keep on and keep increasing as prophesied.  As birth labor pains increase.  Then in about a year and one half the changes will be so extensive, & SO EXTREME that Earth will then be unrecognizable.

The early 70s were the years of prophecy in songs.  So many prophecies fulfilled for our time…now.  The music was absolutely phenomenal.  The lyrics unmatched in any year.  The singers ..probably clueless about what they wrote and sang.  For instance.

A Space In Time/Here They Come

Here they come, and they fly with the power of the sun
Here they come, and they’re going to touch everyone
Far, far, have they come
Here they come, and the fire on their wings doesn’t burn
Here they come, and they know everything we must learn
Round, round, we must turn
Watch out, you, sinners
Don’t you know that your time has come?
Watch out, you, winners
Now it’s the same for everyone
Here they come, and the stars in their eyes seem to glow
Here they come, and the fear in our hearts starts to go
Now, now, now we all know
The prophecy “Here they Come” is about the Four Angels who carry fire and change to the Earth.  Ten years After is the name of the band.  But I wonder…ten years after what?


The New Earth 

Hence “The New Earth” as prophesied by not only Biblical prophecy but also Hopi, and Mayan, and other ancient prophesies of the golden age of Peace on Earth and the coming of The Divine.  Jesus is coming but not quite in the way Christians portray.

The Gathering & The New Earth

SOON people will start disappearing due to the M.E slips in reality.   Actual changes won’t just be some title of a movie or a movie line changed.  Oh no.  People will begin to fade away magically.  The gathering is upon us.  They will call it the rapture.  But instead of going UP UP UP they will be going sideways.  The gathering shall bring men to their judgments.

Some will go to the lake of fire while others have a nice long sleep for 1,000 years.  Those who remember and see what is happening is for a reason.  They need to retain their memories because they will stay to seed the sacred New Earth.

Not all shall sleep but we shall all be changed.  In the blink of an eye.  The gathering is a radiation event.  God is light (and Love).  Light is radiation.  Color and light will do the job of gathering all souls unto their sleep or their eternal homes.  Many will return to Earth after the 1,000 of preparation.

Christians like to go on about how they will “rein and rule & govern on a throne of GLORY GLORY GLORY”.  Lots of “glory” for humans going on in the new changed Book, it was not so.  All Glory is and will be God’s forever and ever.

However Jesus is returning in the way that He shall fill His children with His Spirit like never before.  So much so that they are transfigured into light beings.  They shall be somewhere between Spirit & something like flesh but not.

Jesus’ story was an example for the chosen few.  They already see the angels flying.  They see the end times supernatural signs already.  They are watching Jesus’ words come to pass in their lives.  While the majority only see the signs in the natural.

There Shall Be a Great Multitude Who Are Saved (who are not the chosen few)

Its okay not to be of the chosen few.  There is still a time of rest and of goodness for those who Love God.  The chosen few have already been doing God’s work in the supernatural for years on end.  Doing God’s work in the natural is different than doing God’s work on Earth yet in the supernatural.  How?

Intercessors.  Healers.  Prophets.  Those with the gift of Love.  “The Greatest spiritual gift from God is Love.”  Those intercessors who travailed as the woman of Revelation 12 prayed for years on end, in languages unknown.  Their prayers were & are still carried out by Faith with Hope.

After years of prayer they got an idea by a powerful prayer and asked for interpretation and they got it.  It was when God gave them the annunciation of Jesus’ soon return that they prayed for interpretation.

Why?   Because they knew that it was an announcement of His soon return but they wanted greater confirmation.

The women in travail went on to become God’s 144 warriors.  This is why evil wanted the woman (women) stopped.  Evil knew that the travailing, groveling, roll on the floor in spiritual pain, intercessors for souls WOULD become warriors.  In 2018 that process began to ramp up.  Granted their whole lives were a process of becoming warriors.  But in 2017 they were blessed with powerful changes.  They began commanding angels and they birthed the end of days events by their prayers.

All prayers matter.  All prayers helped birth the end of days.  But the prayer in the spirit language is both inspired by God and articulate to bring home God’s will for mankind.  You see how these who accomplish great works of Faith have a weakness of false pride.  Their flesh is still with them.  That means doubt, fear, troubles, bouts of confusion, and all the other weaknesses that come with the flesh.  All though the seven deadly sins in them have been overcome on the most part.

When God trusts man with great power there’s always some sort of battle against the flesh responding in vanity and pride.  To have false pride unaware is one thing.  But to be aware of one’s own patterns of behavior & keep the flesh in check, that is wisdom.

That is why God’s chosen must know their own heart. So they can rely on God to keep them in check spiritually.

The few are warriors, who crushed the Locust from the pit when it attacked.  They are very grateful.  They see the Locust on the heads of the many.   It is a grotesque sight.  Yet invisible at the same time. Now they have prayed for the many to also be released from the captivity of the locust.  The locust flew in on a wing of abomination.  A creature like a flying rat with roach wings.  The winged creature does not consummate with the flesh.  The Locust if it is permitted does consummate with the flesh.  If the bible is correct it will consume away the eye sockets of the men who take the mark of the beast in their right arm.  The physical submission to the beast system that changes a man into GMO.  Beast & man together as one.

Choose your poison Jack, Rat, Chimp, or Pig?  These are the favorites of the beast systems genome therapy.  The mandate is diabolical beyond evil.  Trust in God or trust in the beast.

If you made a mistake perhaps Father reversed the process.  Did you have a bad reaction to it?  If so you may be under Grace in that department.

What do I mean to see the locust yet its invisible.  This sight is similar to looking into one of those abstract pictures that have many other pictures hidden in plain sight within it.

Two pictures in one.

The woman of Rev. 12 stepped up off their knees and became very powerful.  Even unto the calling out of angels upon the Earth.  Even unto the calling out of the end of days events.   God shortens the days for His chosen because they do see the blind men.  Its not easy to watch.

You may think calling out angels is some grand spectacular event…and it is in Spirit.  The angels are Spirit.  They must be seen and commanded in Spirit.  But as for the carnal part of the process it’s more like work for the chosen than some grand event lol.  It is prayer.  But from the very first time they experienced angelic prayer they knew it was a directive command.  And their prayers became much more animated including hands and movement.  The commanding of angels is energetic and so are the prayers.

If a Christian were to watch the chosen during these types of energetic prayers they would not understand.  And like the usual Christians response to that which they do not understand….they would most likely label the prayers Satanic.    For that matter if we told the Christians that we pray of angels they would say that too is Satanic.  So as Father said “come out from among them.”  The Harlot is the corrupt church.  The beast is the legal system, all of it.  The Dragon is the Antichrist and the False Prophet.  These terms are being expunged from all bibles old and new.  Just as the “7” days of tribulation, great tribulation is also expunged.

A Dose of Humility for the Chosen Few

Still God made known to his warriors this, they would not have survived without the prayers of those Christians who are now 1/2 blind.  These believers are not warriors or intercessors but still they see the time approaching.  Yet they are blind to the supernatural signs.  So the chosen are flesh and tend to judge them harshly at times.  While at the same time we Hope for their salvation by Faith with Grace.   Christians picture God’s prophets of old as something like superheroes in robes.  They forget they are just people like them.

The many have a vail over their minds still.  Yet the elect would have fallen to their death most likely had Jesus not used these ‘not so informed’ Christians in the way He did.  They healed the 144 in their prodigal walk of death.  All the 144 have died once already, hence the mention of the second death.  God taught the 144 that just because they have special knowledge they are no better in God’s eyes than Christians of Faith who may not have supernatural insight.

Truly the chosen few feel betrayed by the Christians on the most part.  Why?  Because they judged their own insides by the outsides of the many.  “Why are they so perfect?  What’s wrong with us?  They are so much better than us.”?

Once the chosen few realized who they really are (it was a process that took God and work) and they realized who, & how ‘the many’ really are by God opening their eyes…a grossly  false paradigm was broken down in their hearts.    They became one with themselves.  No longer split they accepted themselves as flesh and as Spirit.

And so emotional processing was required.  The whole of the world is wearing a mask.  All the world a stage.  These “perfect” Christians lied to the chosen few.  When the few were crying at the alter, receiving prayer, and praying for God to change them…the many were firmly holding their masks in place making certain that they were not made fools of (so they thought) as the few (those poor soughts) praying at the alter seemed to be doing.

The Mark on the Forehead is Already on the Many

And that the mark on the forehead that the 144 can see clearly doesn’t mean death of the soul.  God will deliver the many as long as they don’t take the serpent’s juice, God forbid.  The one unforgivable sin is blasphemy of The Holy Spirit.  And now, in theory, we think we know what that means.  To take unto one’s own being animal DNA and to join with it becoming part animal.   By this they are no longer human and counted under the plan of salvation through Jesus.  I could be wrong but this is what I am getting from the Spirit.

Those who have come out of great tribulation have already died once at least.  They have experience Hell & and the grave.  Much could be said about this journey of fate.  See

Likely a better description of Satan than we have in the books.  Somebody had to do the hard job of introducing temptation to mankind so we could CHOOSE OUR ETERNITY.

Make no mistake if a man has the will to serve God and he receives by the laying on of hands, God’s Holy Spirit…God will include this man in great works.

Great works require great increments of humility.  The flesh is subject to pride.  I know my character flaws are.  So the 144 need God and have needed men, and may likely still.

The return of Jesus will not look like the preacher portrays it to look.  I know a man with the gift of healing.  He laid hands on me and I was delivered and healed more than once.  Why on Earth can’t this man see what’s happening now?  It’s baffling, perplexing and false pride rears its ugly head.  But God has His reasons for whom He calls “the chosen few”.

The 1/2 Blind Christians Who Lifted Up the 144

I admit its very hard to understand the vail over the Christians.  But the bottom line is if not for them I would not have survived my own tribulation and prodigal walk.  By their prayers of deliverance and healing I was able to go on to my call to Faith.

However the majority of Christians cannot see what’s going on nor do they need to at this point.(I guess)  It’s alot to handle.  We can just call it a vail for the sake of comfort. They are vailed.  Does God use the fallen to lift up His children?  Seems so, seems so.  Irony at is best.

I have seen the vail over the those who call themselves Christians.  I would be lying if I told you that the vail is beautiful.  On the contrary I have seen the vail and it’s from below.  Its called the locust from the pit.  And its ugly, vile.  It came upon a wing of abomination, like a winged rat.  It consummated with men’s faces and minds. It made the mark on the foreheads of men.  Or by the mark it gained entry to the men’s minds.

Scary shit.  This is the locust from the pit that consummates with mankind impressing greatly their thoughts and intents.  We must believe they can be deliverded from the Locust.

I suppose any deception must and does come from below. God has allowed this Locust flight to happen.  I suppose God uses whatever.  I am not to judge these 1/2 blind Christians who cannot see the S. B. Changes.  I expect many of them will repent at some point, I hope to God.

Jacob’s Ladder

Hence Jacob’s trouble.  We are Abraham and we are questioning what God is doing with Sodom and Gomorrah.  We have lived all of Jesus words..almost.  We climbed the ladder and saw the trouble and got knocked off our balance for a time.  We had much to learn from Jesus.  False pride is our battle and demons our targets.

“Some shall be purified.” Purification isn’t easy.  Neither is being alone in a great knowledge that affects all of mankind.  But we would not change any of it.  God’s will be done.

To Be 144 is to Be Alone

These 144 warriors who were in travail and did pray by burdens for souls for years on end have become God’s tools on Earth. He formed them into warriors by their tribulation and by inspiration.   And now they are called to seed the New Earth.  They shall be Guardian’s NOT RULERS over The New Earth.  Though, yes they will have the power of a ruler.

God’s ways are not man’s ways. He is not bent on making Kings, and Governors, and the rest of that political power mongering garbage.  That’s all man made and the 1/2 blind embrace it as holy.  In God’s world there are no rulers or cops God forbid.  In God’s world all men Love and shall be filled with righteousness.

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst after righteousness for they shall be filled.

To call Jesus a “King” is an insult to the few who know Him & know His voice.  He is so much more than that.  A Loving Savior who brought us out of Hell is no mere “king”.  King’s ….He is “King of Kings” if the word must be used.

Guardians of the New Earth will not be raptured with the Gathering.  Their judgement is true.  Their purification already weighed.  The true full prophesies have always been hidden from the many.  The elite have been trying to destroy God’s children for a long time.  Why?  Because the elite stoled the prophesies and they know they WILL BE DETHRONED by the meek.

The meek shall inherit the New Earth.

The elite fear losing power more than they fear death itself.  And the children of God are the one’s who will take their power.  These 144 warriors and His church the breathren have already done the work.  It’s already in the process. Every prayer of Faith by all the Christians matters. It started in 2018 and the prayers were sent out.  The 144 did rain down fire and color, they rained down God’s will upon the Earth in ways Christians cannot understand. Still the prayers of the Christians MADE The New Earth begin to emerge.

All prayers of Love, and of Faith had a part in what is coming. 

Anyone who cannot step out of the box of Christianity cannot be the 144.  Perhaps there are those who have the gift of Love and do great works in the natural by charity etc.  But works of charity and great works of Faith are two different things.  Great works of Faith come in a very peculiar package with power.

And So The M.E. Shall Move Us Into The Golden (God) Age

The gears are already moving.  The motion is set.  The change have begun.  By 2024 many many people will slip into another place and just disappear.  Some raptured.  Others gathered to the lake of fire for utter annihilation. And others who prefer wickedness will revel in Hell.  Most will sleep.  Sleep in Christ for 1,000 years.  They shall awaken to their paradise.  Even the wicked have their Paradise.  Those who would not be comfortable in Heave among the light.  If their faith is put in the wicked one perhaps Lucifer shall provide for them an eternal dark home.

Do You Not Know that Men Shall Judge Angels?

I have judged angels.  I judged them as doing and being exactly what God sent them to do and be.  Without evil on Earth how would the children of God make their choices?  Satan had the hard job.  Tempting mankind likely went against his own spirit.  God may have changed Satan so he could cop with the job before him.  I have judged all the fallen angels as finally being able to go home.

I have judged their existence toward mankind as a necessary evil.


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