Cause & Cure for Restless Leg Syndrome


I speak for myself.   What’s the cause of R.L.S?  Artificial electricity.  Waves & oceans of electrical current rolling through the human body.  Earth sits electrically at around 7 hertz.  While powerlines, circuit breaker boxes, plugs in the wall, wifi, cell towers, electrical towers, power centers and more disrupt natural low currents.  Wifi alone is thousands if not millions of hertz more than any natural body current.

They don’t teach us this in school because we are not supposed to be smart.  But rather we are supposed to be manageable and controlled.  That is what schools are for.  Fish caught in a net of lies, deceit, and mind control based in low self worth.    Your enemy wants you dead or worse.

When I quit sleeping with my head next to (within a foot or two) a wall unit air conditioner with about 25,000 BTU electrical output my R.L.S. ceased to exist.

I have a frequency meter.  It measures both electric and I have another meter for microwaves (wifi, cell tower frequency measurements).  It shows me safe and unsafe levels.  The circuit breaker frequencies can’t be blocked easily if at all.  The electrical outputs are the worst for the body.  While the microwave/wifi outputs are the worst for the mind.  Hardwire (ethernet) all devices (computers & tv’s).   Make your home a safe place.  Do not move to a house with a cell tower in the back yard.  Stay as far away from cell & wifi signal as possible.  Travel the back roads rather than interstate.  Stay around as many trees as possible.  And ground yourself to the Earth by laying in the grass and or walking barefoot on the dirt/grass.

Never put your bed next to a circuit breaker box.  Also when running space heaters, air conditioners or any high energy devices stay as far away from the electrical outlet (plug) as possible.

Waking Vision of the Black Death Storm Passover Event

Is Passover also Three Days of Darkness?



Today I saw a vision of a black cloud storm.  An unstopable black haze that destroys most of mankind in its wake.  It will overtake all of the Earth with darkness.  Killing everyone in its path & still commit no crime.  How?  The Dark Angels are ordained of God for the harvest of souls.  Just as the Passover was depicted in the Bibles before the desecration of the holy place(God’s words changed on Earth but forever set in Heaven.

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What Will the New Earth 1,000 Year Millennium Be Like?

The thousand years of peace for the chosen few warrior Sons of God will be different than for the Gentiles who will sleep one day as a thousand years.

Again the Child/Warrior the christians call “man-child” in error is already born by the travail and spiritual birth of the 144,000 child warriors.


Remember God uses nature slow and patient.  And the New Earth is His New Perfect Paradise New Nature.  It grows and it becomes.  It is not instant though the coming of the Sun/Son of God will bring instant changes.

But the New Nature needs time to grow.   That is why the first thousand years of the New Earth’s growth will be slow in the going.   The Gentiles will sleep  one day as a thousand years.  While His Paradise Earth is being “seeded”.


The twinkling of the eye began nearly seven years hence.  That means Jesus is already changing His chosen few gradually & painstakingly during our purification.

“Some shall be purified and made white”.  Others will be purified by the fires of the coming Sun/Son of God.

The First Thousand Years

The Sun/Son of God the New Sun will be the biggest factor in Earth’s grand and glorious development stages.  The 1,000 years of becoming.  Remember both the `144 and the Gentiles will be immortal.  No more tears, hate, rage, wrath, debauchery, pain, war, conniving, or deceit, no more illness.  No more DEATH!  This is real and it’s coming soon.

Why “1,000 years as one day”?  For Gentiles they are not fashioned to tolerate what the 144 have endured.  Things such as a long period of waiting for the Earth to become full grown to walk the Earth for 1,000 years.  It’s best the Gentiles sleep.

Nor are Gentiles trained in Spirit site for demonic warfare like the 144 are.   Yes of course the Gentiles have their own battles when they prevail and grow spiritually.

Regarding the creation of the New Earth, GOD ALMIGHTY only does certain things instantly.  And this is not one of them.  If you have a relationship with God you know “all things work together for the good to those who Love God and live according to His will”.  Things always happen for a reason and spiritual growth doesn’t come easily without a price.  God is big on patience and that means waiting.

But not all have endured the training as God’s chosen few have.  The elect who became the clay in His hands long ago.  The elect who He includes in His plans to show them His works.

All vestiges of the serpent must be slaughtered destroyed burned annihilated or sent back to Hell.  Not even a footprint of evil shall be permitted to remain on God’s sacred New Earth.


In the beginning there will be a clean up period of latent “dead men’s spirits” and of humans who still serve the beast.   Humans who hid in underground serpent lines of vaulted rivers of bunkers. These survivors favored by and hand picked by the antichrist will not be able to stand before the Sun/Son of God without their radiation suits firmly intact.   Because they are not purified and made wait the Sun exposure would kill them.

They will have been preserved by hiding deep in long dark veins of bunkers.   Bunkers meant to withstand a nuclear blast.  The survivors are blind to the evil intent of their superiors.  They are unbelievers and they would turn the New Earth back into a fallen prison Earth given half a chance.  They are spiritually unteachable and should have been demolished in the Lake of Fire event but were not.

All Enemies of God Will Be Sent to their Judgement

The 144 Sons of God are born again and filled with the Holy Spirit.  They no longer kill under any circumstance except maybe self defense.   To kill God’s humans is against His sacred law.

The surviving servants of the beast (humans) will wear white radiation suits to survive God’s Sun/Son temporarily.  They have the mark of the beast.  They have blindly handed their own moral choices to their superiors and say “it’s just my job” when they kill steal or destroy the innocent in the name of obedience to the beast system.

These men in white will take captive any apparent survivors (God’s sacred Children) they run into on the transitioning Earth if they have half a chance.  They would put the 144 to death if they could.  They would participate in turning the New Earth paradise into another fallen Earth.  By their blind servitude to their corporate bastard destroyers they commit crimes against humanity.  Always in the name of the greater good.

And yes the common people had their part in destroying the fallen Earth by blind ignorance.  THE UNSAVED HUMANS CANNOT REMAIN ON THE NEW EARTH AND WON’T.


The New Earth war will be to send unbelievers/survivors to judgement.  And to contain demonic survivors in the spiritual realm by either annihilation or vanquishing demons back to Hell.  So who will end these survivors?

Earth will be cleansed by Jesus Himself by His Glorious Sun of God.  You see the servant’s of the beast are not purified and cannot cannot cannot stand before the Sun/Son of God.


God provides a “root of Jesse”.  The mystery scripture in Isaiah 11:

Children will lead the New Earth animal beings (Isaiah 11). The children will grow from the the root of Jesse like a plant. The Earth is their Mother & Father.  And Little Children will end the latent beast system survivors who hid in caves.


Isaiah 11:6
The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid; and the calf and the young lion and the fatling together; and a little child shall lead them.   (The Lion shall lie with the lamb but for now the wolf).

Isaiah 11:7
And the cow and the bear shall feed; their young ones shall lie down together: and the lion shall eat straw like the ox.

Isaiah 11:8
And the sucking child shall play on the hole of the asp, and the weaned child shall put his hand on the cockatrice’ den.


Isaiah 11:1-4 These alleged serpent tending children are now revealed to Jazweeh the seer.  

Perhaps I should site the movie “children of the corn” but that comparison would not be fully accurate.  These children will participate in an innocent way in ending the lives of these surviving evil servants of the beast.  To send them to judgement as is God’s will.

The children grow from a root like trees.  They are children of the New Earth literally.  The Earth will be their Father and their Mother.  Do you think God can do this?  Children will END THE BEAST with the help of the Sun of God.

They will play a game on the new Earth.  They know no evil.  But are lead by The Holy Spirit of God.  They will use cunning and nature and animals whom “they lead” to removed the radiation suits of these men and He who commits no crime, Jesus The Sun will end them by His Glory.

It’s written that these children play at the viper den.  That they are wise and led by Spirit and more.  Never before did we fathom what Isaiah 11 means.  It’s quite amazing.  God’s irony is without equal.  Children playing a game will end them.

The evil men will try to do as they always have.  Capture and commit blasphemy to desecrate the bodies of children with their scalpels and knives.  They will take these innocent children into their cave to dissect them.  Not knowing that the innocents are magically driven and have power over all animal-like beings on the New Earth.  And power over the new nature itself most likely.

The sacred children will be primary in the cleanup of evil on the New Earth.

No human power can stop these Children of the root of Jesse.


By now the 144 are immortal and supernatural and can take form to the New Earth also to interact with the Root children and the later coming Gentiles.

To put it simply the 144 are schooled already in slaughtering dark spirits and sending them back to hell.  But there’s another problem on the Earth.  Cloned bastard spirits have infested mankind with the walking dead man spirit.  This happened because of the dark side beast playing with bloodlines gee gnome there apey (the back scene).

The people who took the mark of the beast have taken his bloodline unto themselves.  And yet the man who owned that bloodline is deceased.  Maybe Solomon the corrupt king.  Yet its a mystery that God mentioned Solomons bloodline about the Root of Jesse New Earth children.  More will be revealed.

NEVER have I learned such grand irony and starke wisdom as the irony & wisdom now fulfilled in God’s end of days events.

Those who trusted the beast and did not seek God carelessly invited the dead man’s spirit into themselves.  Apparently this cloned dead man’s spirit is now roaming throughout mankind.   Those who are not protected have the dead man’s spirit.  And those who willing took Esau’s soup lost their true spirit given by God.    This was their Crown of Life which they threw on the floor at the alter of the beast.  And the Christians now brag about it quoting the scripture of “throw the crown of life on the floor of the alter”.  The Dark Lord’s rewrites mocks them again.

When those who took the soup die of a “rend your heart” event (as the Dark Lord puts it)  An alluding to the ripping one’s own heart by taking Esau’s soup Pandora’s box of poison.

“And rend your heart, and not your garments, and turn unto the LORD your God: for he is gracious and merciful, slow to anger, and of great kindness, and repenteth him of the evil.”

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PLASMA APOCALYPSE & RAPTURE 2024 More Is Now Revealed!



The full picture of the coming plasma apocalypse was delayed until April 8th 2024 or there about.  The details of the coming Earth apocalypse and vehement flame which will melt away most flesh on Earth in an instant was a mystery.   Details were withheld to protect the 144.   While they grew their emotional security and walked through their purification of body, mind, soul cleansing of their being.   By trials of fire we grow spiritually.

Until now we didn’t know how the end would come. We didn’t know if we would leave this Earth or stay and survive.  We didn’t know if we would be upgraded in body and mind or if we had to die again.  We just didn’t know the details.

Daniel 12:10
“some shall be purified and made white but the wicked shall not understand or see.”

The full picture of the coming apocalypse was withheld from the Seer Jazweeh.  But as the Christians wait for their fiery rapture the 144,000 chosen of God are called & chosen to walk the coming New Earth after Earth’s purification.  The 144 are now finally ready emotionally, physically and mentally to carry out their next calling of God.

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The Rapture Watchmen On Youtube Are Already “Caught Up”.

The Watchmen speak of end of days prophecy of saints being “caught up into the clouds”.  And they speak of a god who reigns with an “iron rod”.   They prophesy of the “towers of babel”.

She is the Revelation 12 woman. She did not take a bite of the poison apple.  She did not lose her inheritance or her memory as the Gentiles who serve the god of the iron rods. They drank Esau’s Soup.

Swim swim the Gentile fish caught into the net cast into the cloud of clouds.  Sky net is blinding them.  They are as one united.  See them wired together?

Their color is gone.  Pandora’s Box is opened stealing the eternal gift of Hope.  The woman of Rev. 12 is protected by the golden circle.  It’s not easy being alone to watch blind men choosing lies over Truth.

Why is she alone?


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Plasma Apocalyse

Now we know why the magic bibles changed from “Son of God” in many instances to “son of man” since for a short time the fake “sun rules the day”.

SYNOPSIS of article-The video and pictures I took years ago prove that our "sun of man" is artificial light.  A plasma sun is electric gas mass hoisted into the orbit of Earth taking it's place by magnetism.  For now the dimmed Sun of God is following the orbit of the white hot sun of man.  But soon the Sun of God will gain strength and power.  The white hot sun of man will Ark as a supernova dwarf star.  Hence the prophecies of a nuclear explosion.  God's Sun of God will rise and who shall be able to stand?  Pray that you can stand before Him when His Sun of God in all His Glory rises on the Earth.

Myrtle Beach (1)

Dream showed me the fake sun of plasma. Electrified gas mass.

The fake sun of man is a electrified plasma mass. Or electrified gas.

But the scientist are not God. And they missed a few of creations most important factors…In doing so they created a very temporary light source that will quickly spiral into a Supernova as dwarf stars usually do after many many years. No not “billions”. Billion is the code word for pish posh.

A supernova ( pl. : supernovae or supernovas) is a powerful and luminous explosion of a star. A supernova occurs during the last evolutionary stages of a massive star or when a white dwarf is triggered into runaway nuclear fusion.

True natural sunlight doesn’t create lasers.  Artificial light does.  Why “black hole sun” is the center of the sun black?  Because it’s plasma with temperatures measured in the “Kelvin” unit of measure.  Plasma is mostly black-body emission at a very high Kelvin temperature.

Theory-Mankind saved the Earth for a few years as prophesied. The green trees and grass saved life on Earth. But they also created a supernova dwarf star that’s likely soon to Ark. Causing the apocalypse. It was unavoidable of course. The Sun of God is coming and who will be able to stand?

Jazweeh has seen vision after vision of an explosion that many people will see with their own eyes.  People think it will be a nuke.  But it will be the Ark of the Covenant.  God’s Sun/Son returning to Earth in all His Glory and Love.  “And who will be able to stand?”  Ask God Almighty to make you ready to receive Him unto yourself.  The transfiguration of mankind into eternal beings of light.

Upload the file and play it with your video app.  I use windows media player.

Sorry but it appears you will have to upload this file video of the sunbeam showing as a ray lazer.  Until I figure out how to open it on this platform.  Photo below.  Video above.

I just found out that on Directv there is a Sun show “NASA’s Unexplained Files” where they admit that the real Sun of God has gone dark partly.  The prophecy of the Sun of God going dim is fulfilled.  “The Sun rules the day”.  This scripture is why and how the beast system is ruling right now.

When the white hot plasma  ‘sun of man” was hoisted like a satellite up into the magnetic orbit of space all Bibles changed to “son of man” from “Son of God” depicting Jesus as Son of God no more.   Coincidence?  I think not. .  It’s magnetism holding it in orbit.  Everything changed including our bibles which now call Jesus “the son of man”.  Their white hot sun saved the Earth’s green grass and trees as prophesied.

“A supernova ( pl. : supernovae or supernovas) is a powerful and luminous explosion of a star. A supernova occurs during the last evolutionary stages of a massive star or when a white dwarf is triggered into runaway nuclear fusion.” NASA

But the Sun of God is coming to renew Earth with all the glory of the Son of God.  Again –as prophesied.   The Sun/Son of God will put down the sun/son of man.

The exact magnetism and plasma lazer light strength were likely part of what the elite & scientists needed to save the green grass and trees as prophesied (bible tells the Angels of God to not let the vegetation on Earth die).  Along with mankind I also surmise.

Black Hole Sun Video Decode

Video Decode

Video shows the human race as being blind, ignorant of what is around them, self  indulgent, gluttonous, interested in lust, food, vanity, and of course the seven deadly sins.

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What is the Meaning of Seal’s “Crazy”

What to do with the time we are given? Seek what is seen by the eyes? Or seek diligently what is felt by the heart, the is unseen.   Those who seek the Holy Grail seek the unseen Truth which is locked away within their own heart, soul, and helps by their guides of the spirit.

God Almighty shall “turn the Earth to sand and still commit no crime”.

If you don’t know this music, find it now. Moody Blues “Every Good Boy Deserves a Favor”.

Seal. “Crazy”

Lyrics to Seal “Crazy” Hidden meaning.

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Who Are the 144,000 Prophesied of?

They are not bearded antichrists says the Vision of Jazweeh.

Nor are they benevolent mamby pamby types who wear a mask of purity.  No human is pure or perfect.  They don’t go to churches of lies every Sunday.  Although they have been to many churches, no doubt.

Here Is a Valid Description of the 144 in Lyrics of Led Zepplin’s “No Quarter”.  And please I don’t copy the new way of spelling Led ZeppElin.  Even though history now dictates dialects from notions of reining towers of babel.

In her protected circle the Rev. 12 woman (144) did not eat the apple, Esau’s soup. She is not under the influence of the towers of Babel. She is not wired into the “cloud” of the Dark Lords rein.  “They hold no quarter”?  = The 144 ‘take no prisoners’.

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When Rapture? Shiva Destroyer Arrives Soon!

ATTENTION; Rapture prediction at the bottom of article.

The Destroyer is Loosed & She is Coming for fallen Earth.  Shiva was called to Earth by God Almighty via 144 prayers of The Spirit.  His warriors proclaimed it on the 26th of October. 

She is a world destroyer.  No flesh will survive without Jesus’s express intent to save them.

“If those days were not shortened no flesh would survive”.

Sorry Gentiles but you did not miss the battle.  It seems you missed the WAR.   And my conscience says “don’t beat the servants!” …verbally beat those who call themselves “servants of God”… that is.

Okay yes!  The elect covet earnestly the favor of their Father!  We are not “jealous over gentiles”.  We see the Locust & deception that has taken Gentiles.

To be jealous would entail wanting what they have.  We don’t want some things they have.  “Jealous” as the books now read isn’t accurate.  But rather we covet our Father’s favor.  Is that not natural for the flesh?  By the way all covetousness is sin according to the ten commands.  Yet Paul now promotes it as being something good.


“covet earnestly the best gifts” says the Dark Lord’s author of confusion.  “Nay” says the horse.  Yet Gentiles see neither desecration or insult in their idol the bible.  Memories skewed.  For a time the Gentiles are overcome by deception.  Perhaps its better then don’t see what has come upon them.

Shiva IS NO DEMON!  She is a god among gods anointed by God Almighty to do a work on Earth.  Out with the old in with the New.

The Pharisees at CERN want Shiva?  Those men who call themselves god are going to see what  a true god of The Lord can do.  And Shiva they will get first and foremost.  They want to dabble in demonic favors so they can feel good about themselves?  And overcome the low self worth daddy filled them up with?  What’s coming to the Pharisees are their consequences of karma.  For oppressing innocent and also not-so-innocent mankind.

How do we know the destroyer god of destruction is coming for Earth?  Because the warriors of God Almighty have an inside track to these end of days events by prayer.  But we speak seldom of drastic topics because the Gentiles are vailed for a reason.  Furthermore they have not the capacity to palate some great Supernatural Truth.  Many events the Warriors pray about we cannot mention and they would not believe anyway.

Most of the evil and prophecy fulfillments which Christians on YT proclaim “its coming its coming” have already happened.

Gentiles & unbelievers are spared the end of days details by their vail.

God has blessed the 144 to take part in the end of days events.  Our participation and activation for hands on warfare started in 2018 thereabout.  Before that the 144 warriors were all about intercession for souls.  Travail, birthing, Rev 12 prophecy, moaning in the Spirit and burdens of the Spirit so heavy we cannot express them with words.

Who can understand spiritual travail which they have never experienced?

When God changed up the prayers of the chosen who sing the new song by Higher Languages it was quite an event.  By God’s Higher Language these warriors wage warfare in the Heavenlies.  The Angels of God know them.  The four prophesied Angels of God Almighty are already here.  Most biblical prophecy is already fulfilled in the last six & a half years.

Travail turned to action and warfare by great works of Faith.  The 144 call out the gods of God Almighty and they summon the Angels.   Mighty angels hear the call of God and know the words they speak.  This action is why we object to all fallen angel propaganda.  The “sons of God” are humans.

Or do you think God’s Higher language is really so petty as Paul allegedly said it was?  Would God create Higher Language in mankind if it was not for a great work of Faith?  Every word they utter means something very important.  Their own deliverances depended on the the Hope, & Faith & the gifts God gave them to help them overcome.

Without works of Faith they would not have overcome the flesh.

We greatly resent the fallen angel propaganda.  The angels of God did what they had to in introducing evil to mankind.  “Judging Angels” means passing unrighteous judgement.

Judge not lest ye be judged.  Do you really have the right to judge God’s Holy Deity?  Fallen or not?  Hell no!  Or have all Gentiles lost the ability to see their own heart and admit when they made a mistake as the 144 made that same mistake initially.  The story on the Image of the Beast of Fallen Angel sex is tantalizing.   Its propagated by sorcery.

Fallen Angel Propaganda is Big Money!

Look at these guys!  Big Money promoted the blasphemous Lies.

Fallen Angel $$ Million Dollar Club$$-Story Time Team

Timothy Alberino

Tom Horn

Steve Quayle

L.A. Marzulli Demonic name.

L.A. Marzulli - Aliens, Demons and Salvation! • Everything Imaginable - Podcast AddictEnd Times Vatican & Wormwood Prophecies | Tom Horn | Something More - YouTube

Tim Alberino: Transhumanism, Aliens and Bible Prophecy - YouTube

“But the story was so entertaining!” says Mitsy the betrayed.  She now sees that the Image of the Beast TV seldom speaks Truth.

Mankind had to choose.  To choose they had to know both evil and good.  They had to eat from the tree to be saved in the end.


Christian End of days Watchmen think they have escaped propaganda & religious lies.  And they have escaped some.  Yet they call Sacred Deity of God “evil & fallen” and they judge both unrighteously.  Both God’s- anointed gods (Deity) and His Holy Angels they judge.   As if they have the knowledge and heart to discern what they have never seen or known.

Every religion has it’s one great Truth to draw people in and it’s horrid lies.  All of them.

Examples?  Jehovah’s Witnesses Hope for the New Earth a great Truth.  Yet they will not praise Jesus openly.  They say “The gifts of the Holy Spirit died with the Apostles”.  Blasphemy!

Pentecostals have the Great Truth that “God abides in the praises of His people”.  They have the knowledge of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and how to receive it.  And they are the most mocked religion on Earth for that Truth.

Yet many pentecostals though they go through the motions of praise in Jesus name, with prayer & the laying on of hands, yet, many of them cannot receive God’s Holy Spirit for some reason.

The Catholics have the great Truth of the confessional.  And they are mocked for it as if it’s anti-bible.

“Confess your sins one to another and pray one for another so you will be healed.”

“The Truth shall set you free”.

The majority of Christians, humans, have commited the majority of blasphemy & lies by their trampling of God’s words unaware.

In 2019 Jazweeh  predicted an April 8-18th rapture of God’s children.  Since then we have seen countless fulfilled predictions come to pass from a woman who refuses to call herself “prophet” due to her own self doubt.  When she and I doubt her words God shows us the prophecy fulfillments.  Especially the Turkey predictions.  And her date of the beginning of the great trib being 02-25-2023.  So many disasters on that date and around it.  Amazing 2018 prediction from Jazweeh.  We would do well to hear her words but very few will.  She’s not a preacher or even a church member.  She is not of this world but in it.


Rapture Date Both Gentiles & Chosen Few.

She gave us the date of the 2024 eclipse April 8 thru the 18th 2024 as being the time of disaster, rapture, and purification of the Gentiles by fire.

An instant deliverance with purification by fire for the Gentiles.  While Jacob has endure the troubles for nearly seven years.  The troubles are for this.  “Some shall be purified and made white”.  But all who are save MUST BE PURIFIED for some reason.

Purification for Jacob means processing all his resentments, fears, and body purification by diet.  With many tears.  Weeping gnashing of the jaw and troubles.  To see what others cannot is harder than you might assume.   Why?  People do not believe the Seer!

That’s just the way it is.   She is not famous.  Or praised.  She doesn’t have threads in social media with columns and columns of followers who tell her how good her videos are.  Quite the opposite.

She is banned on social media and can rarely ever get a comment through to the person whom she writes to.  Google threatens her. FB blocks her.  And Truth remains hidden.

These websites are the only place she and I are not censored.  Yet we don’t get much SEO from Gog. (google)  Yes the wars were of the tech giants.  Of course they were.  Furthermore the Antichrist has been revealed for years.  And the False Prophet who put him into power.  Those scriptures are disappearing.  Along with most power scripture of great truth.

Amos 8:11 and 12

Hell yes here words line up with prophecy.  But it seems most are under the “greedy and idolatrous generation seeks after a sign.  But no sign will be given except the sign of the many Watchmen Jonah.”

Hear this!  The many Watchmen are the great Sign of Jonah the Watchmen.  Even the Watchmen themselves with their call and anointing cannot see the miracles which the warriors of God are shown.  They are alone.

The elect are not under the strong delusion of the masses and the towers of Babel with their uploaded fake memories.  Sound syfy?  Hell yes it’s syfy!

And its very disturbing that WE CANNOT REVEAL THESE TRUTHS TO THE GENTILES WHO WE TRY TO REACH DAY IN AND DAY OUT!  We have failed to warn the Gentiles.  And Father says …”They have made their choices Jazweeh, for they prefer the lies and so lies they shall have.  Illusion is their resting place. And fire is their salvation.”

2024  April-June

The Gentiles must be purified to be saved and blessed to see the New Earth.  And since their prefer the lies fire is the only way.  It will be INSTANT not suffering or pain.  God is merciful and He is efficient.

THE GOD OF DESTRUCTION IS ALREADY LOOSED.  She is on the Way.  Anointed by God Almighty.  She is no demon she is a god among gods.  God uses deity to carry out His Judgement.  Chiva is her name.  And destruction is her game.

Shiva is said to be the great destroyer who will annihilate the universe in the end of time, only for it to be reborn as part of the endless cycle of death and rebirth. Many legends speak of Shiva’s exploits as a god.


Purification by fire is the rapture.  Where the Eagle is so too the corpse shall lie.  The Eagle is of Rome.  It lands on the foreheads of mankind.  They must be purified by fire.  Hence rapture instant death.  Death comes by the New Sun.  The Sun is coming.  Around the 2024 eclipse April-June is the prediction.

The only ones who will survive are the 133/144 children who are to seed the New Earth.  And some evil men hiding in caves.  How will they survive?  We are not sure how the chosen will survive except Jesus will gather them.

Jesus returns to rule the New Earth just after the Gentiles sleep for 1,000 years (which will feel like one day to them).  The chosen will either walk the Earth one thousand years.  Or they will ascend first then seed the New Earth.

Gentiles will wake from their sleep but will lose the knowledge of evil.

Only the warriors of God and 133 those who go before the throne retain the knowledge of both evil and of good.

Rapture Date Both Gentiles & Elect of Jesus

She gave us the date of the 2024 eclipse April 8 thru the 18th 2024 as being the time of disaster, rapture, and purification of the Gentiles by fire.

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