What Is the Gospel of Jesus?

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To be sure it’s not the copy paste reading of a book…ANY book.  The gospel isn’t found in the Bibles.  It’s found in the hearts of those who know Jesus first hand.  Those who were delivered and healed by Jesus know Him.  And it’s their testimony from their heart that touches the hearts of the many.

“They overcame the flesh and the world by the Love of God & by their testimony of Jesus.”

The gospel according to Jazweeh.

In my experience God isn’t easy to find.  SEEK AND YE SHALL FIND.  If there’s no seeking God in their testimony it’s likely skewed.  Or they are not telling it from their heart.

The testimony of those who know Jesus should have a bottom.  A place where they hit the rock bottom and say “oh wretched man that I am who will deliver me from this body of death.”

They get themselves into trouble and need God to save them.  Sin is deadly. That’s how it works with the true testimony of Jesus.  I was delivered from my own debauchery and sin.

I was lost before Jesus helped me.  I was dark and sinful.  I compromised my morality and my safety.  I nearly died and did.  He answered my cries unto Him by granting me deliverance from the bondage of sin and addiction.  He opened my eyes.  He made me strong.

People give testimonies to make themselves look good.  What does a false testimony look like?


They will say “once you except Jesus get ready because now your an enemy of Satan and he will come AFTER YOU!  Life will get REALLY HARD ONCE YOU RECEIVE JESUS!   PISH POSH!

Obviously these people are either deluded of simply don’t know God.  They are simply either actors.  Or they are only following what trends to get hits.

Sin is what causes hard times.  Sin is what invites demonic trouble.  SIN is what put the man into bondage.  AND SIN IS WHAT OPENS DOORS TO EVIL.  Accepting Jesus is the beginning of Life More Abundant.


“I came to give you Life more abundant”.___________Jesus

“I came to set the captives free”

“I came to bring you Truth and Life”

“God my deliverer”

“God my savior”

“God my Hope & Faith & Love”

“God my Life.”

The Inverted Gospel

“You must die for Jesus”  pay Him back apparently.   Or they will say… “if you accept Jesus into your life things get much worse for you”.  And why?  Karma is real wrong actions result in bad karma.  Good actions create good Karma in one’s life.  It’s a law of attraction.  Granted their is a need for the born again to clean up the wreckage of his past.  And confession is part of that clean up.

“Confess your faults one to another and pray one for another so you will be healed.”

Being A Believer In Jesus

Well first of all it takes YEARS of prayer to feel Jesus in one’s life.  It takes years to become a child of God.  The process begins by seeking Him.  And we should be ever, spiritually growing once He reveals Himself to us.  There should be deliverance from the bondage of sin (of many types).  An ongoing dialogue relationship with Jesus & God The Father, Their should be demonic deliverances from lust, gluttony, the seven deadly sins.  Their should be big changes in our behavior and daily lives of the born again believer.

Repentance is the ground work of a relationship with God.

What about The Holy Spirit?  What about the gifts of the Holy Spirit?  Ya what about it?

The false testimony never addresses the baptism of the Holy Spirit that happens by the laying on of hands and prayer.  Is receiving the Holy Spirit automatic when your born again?  Something that goes fairly unnoticed?

There are changes to the man when he asks Jesus into his heart, yes.  But everyone is born with The Spirit of Life from god.  But the baptism of the Holy Spirit is something that does not by any means go “unnoticed”.  If it happens to you it will be the best day of your life.  You would never ever forget it.  And from that day forward you will never ever be the same person.   Yet Christians throw around the term “holy spirit” as if it’s a forgotten luncheon date.  Something they just take for granted.

I had to seek God diligently for a very long time before I was blessed with the gifts of The Holy Spirit by baptism.  Its a spiritual experience of God Holy Love.  To be filled with the Love and gifts of God brings the peace which surpasses ALL EARTHLY UNDERSTANDING.   God works with our heart and our feelings.  Intellect is a stumbling block to receiving the baptism of the holy spirit.  Pride is a stumbling block to receiving the Holy Spirit.

There has to occur a letting go of pride before our piers.  In my experience it’s a requirement to put God ahead of our own prideful vanity.

And now that bibles are desecrated I doubt a man could walk in to any church now and receive the prayers authentic enough to receive the Holy Spirit baptism.

It’s the time of the end.  These chances to seek God and receive His supernatural gifts are about passed.  At least it seems to me its too late to receive the preliminary spiritual gifts. Why?

The Holy Spirit Gifts Are For Ministry

Because the gifts are for other people used by us for them.  Healing, Gifts of intercession by higher languages, utterances of tongues, prophecy, second sight, (discernment of spirits), deliverance these are the MIRACLE GIFTS and they require prayer and the laying on of hands forsaking all fast pride to receive.

In the last 20 years it’s come to the point that the Holy Spirit miracles only move in pentecostal style churches.  Why?  Because God abides in the praises of His people.  And most church goers won’t stand at the alter and seek God by prayer or praise or tears.  Pride gets in the way.  Shame won’t allow the authentic alter call.

The other gifts such as teaching, preaching, charity, helps, provisions, and so forth don’t require God’s supernatural gifts to take part in them.  Each person is prone naturally to one or more of the helpful gifts.

Next we shall receive the gift of immortality and of deliverance from this fallen Earth.

Its end of days.  Harvest time.  The holy places are already desecrated (bibles and bodies).  If you have not received the gifts of the Spirit by now ….it’s just too late because it’s done.


You could try by running from pentecostal church to pentecostal church like I did.  But it…took me years to get what I needed from God.  And then it took a good twenty years or so for Him to mold me like clay into becoming who I really am today.  I am that I am.

Growing into ourselves is a lifelong process in my experience.

Most people are the masks they wear.  That don’t know their own heart.  And they will NOT give a true testimony from their heart.  Even if they really do have a testimony of deliverance, because they will NOT ALLOW THEMSELVES TO BE EMOTIONALLY VULNERABLE IN FRONT OF OTHER PEOPLE.


And that is exactly what is required by God to receive the Holy Spirit in a public setting like a church.  Ya……you have to drop the act.  And get very real with God no matter how uncomfortable your flesh gets in the process.

Receiving the Holy Spirit is the beginning of tearing down of the fleshes beast system programming.  It’s the first step to becoming who you really are.

Let me give you an example of someone who I think actually has a true deliverance testimony but refuses to allow the Truth to set him free by that testimony from the heart.  This guys intellect is subverting him from telling the Truth of what really happened in his life between him and Jesus.

Either that or he made the whole testimony up….it just doesn’t add up.  Why?  Because there’s not testimony of his sin.  from all he has said he was a victim.  Traumatised by both his mother and by demonic forces at a young age.

If he did have demons he’s not telling how or why he opened the door.  And that’s the foundation of Truth in any testimony.  He’s hiding so he won’t be set free from the hidden guilt.  He won’t expose his sin to the light.  “Set free by the Love of God and the word of their testimony”.   Sure we don’t get graphic in our testimony.  I used to say in mine….”I was a prostitute drug addict”.  Or I would say “my own sin took me to very very dark places and I put myself at risk to death and did die”.     We simply must show humility in our testimony that shows how we got ourselves into the bondage of sin.  It’s the foundation of deliverances.

Put it this way….we are 66.6% before we receive God’s Holy Spirit.  Body(Life) makes up 33.3%, our Soul is 33.3%, The Holy Spirit 33.3%.

This is the creation of mankind part two.  Our spiritual creation time on Earth.


Time is short!

All you need is to be born again.  Meaning to be born of Spirit.  When being born again you receive enough of God’s Spirit of Life (I am going by the original bible) to fulfill the requirement of John 3:16.

“For God so loved mankind that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in Him shall not perish but has everlasting Life.”

“Truly truly I say to you a man must be born again to inherit the kingdom of God.”

You don’t need the supernatural gifts of the Holy Spirit to be saved.  The time to start a ministry is not now.  Now is the end of all ministries.  The watchmen  (the sign of Jonah the many many watchmen is now) the watchmen on the wall are the last of the callings to minister people to seek God.

Everyone needs to be born again by seeking  God with their WHOLE HEART VEHEMENTLY DILIGENTLY PRAY WITHOUT CEASING.  Find Him now while it is still light.  The Lord hears our weakest prayer.  He hears all our prayers unto Him.

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