If A Man Turns Himself into Part Animal

Is He Still Under the Grace of God?

DO NOT Read this article if you willingly took the back scene!

You have one job.  Do not trust the beast system…ever.

Image below.

The wing of abomination that delivers the Locust from the pit resting in its consummation after its long journey from the pit of hell.  This drawing was taken from an actual you tube content providers video.  She is a Christian with the mark of the beast and the rest.  I am not the only one who sees the creatures in the face and hair. “hair of a woman, face of a man” is not the look of the locust but rather it is WHERE the locust and winged rat creature nest.

GMO Human consummated to the Locust from the pit.  This is a look alike portrayal of the Locust from the pit prophecy.  Obviously its not the actual locust.  But it is very similar to what the seers see when gazing at the creature.

(Scripture changes fixed.)
Mat 12:31
Wherefore (Therefore), I say unto you, All all manner of sin and blasphemy shall can be forgiven unto men: but the (mankind except one sin, the) blasphemy against the Holy Ghost of The Holy Spirit.  Blasphemy of The Holy Spirit shall not be forgiven unto men by God Almighty.”

What is “Blasphemy of The Holy Spirit” Jesus spoke of in the New Testament?  I asked my spiritual teacher Sister Dorothy Petty this question back in the 80s “what blasphemy of the Holy Spirit?”    She answered me saying.  “We think it is impossible to blaspheme the Holy Spirit, it cannot be done.”  What is the “Holy place”?

Much talk about “golden key”.

Genetic Cut & Splice

She was correct.  Back in the 80s when the genetic witchdoctors were merely crossing sheep with spiders and making abominable animal they had not advances to the stages past CRISPR tech.  CRISPR tech resulted in gross mutations and misfit results.  Why?  It was a genetic HACK.  A cut and splice of the dna strands.  Neither were they using Cancer cell lines for quick replication of edits to the dna.  The mRNA of the human was smart, is smart.  It knew the cut splice was a hack and the immune system ravaged the edits to the human dna sequencing.

I have studied the scholarly articles for years.  I am giving you the simple truth of what the back scene can do now.  Enter mRNA…they celebrated in 2020 that by (most likely) by their new quantum computers they got the keys to the cells nucleus.  NO MORE CUT SPLICE.  No more attempts at shaky edits.  Now the immune system thinks that the viral vector mRNA animal protein packed dna directives are from one’s own body.  They got the codes to the cells nucleus.  And then they covered a whole array of human sequences by the ignorant trusting (of the beast system) and unknowing millennials who sent their dna in by the billions to those family heritage websites.

Two Golden keys to the cell’s nucleus.  Achieved by quantum computers problem solving.  And so they re-made men in the image of the beast.

Ancestry Dot Com / mRNA the Golden Key.

“Find out if your bloodline is famous in history!”  Send your DNA NOW!!!

mRNA viral vector animal protein genetic therapy with “immortalized cell lines” Cancer cells allegedly purified that unfortunately can be activated by other cells in the human body purified or not.  The cancer ramps up the edits setting up nano circuitry of genetic edits throughout the body.  Rendering the human part animal part human.  Or to make it simple-GMO Humans.

GMO Soldiers

Do you think their GMO army of very large men is a fallacy?  The foreign US Ambassador to Syria spoke about their damage to Syrian people back in 2016.  My face like the sun YouTube videos of the article was removed.  But you can likely find the Ambassador Jaafari’s statement online.

19 Dec 2016 – Informal comments to the media by H.E. Bashar Ja’afari, Permanent Representative of the Syrian Arab Republic to the United Nations, on the situation in the Syrian Arab Republic. Ja’afari calls the soldiers in Syria sent by U.S. 

“genetically modified armed Syrian opposition” or “moderates.” No one is taking into consideration the damage they are causing in Syria.

I am perplexed by the progress of the beast system. The quantum computers are thus. They are not like a regular computer. What they are is problem solvers. They take a problem, weather mathematical or scientific. And the quantum solves the problem in what would have taken a regular computer or minds of hundreds if not thousands of years to solve.
Now we see how the beast go the golden keys to the dna code of nearly every human on Earth.


So, back to my question…would God still hold a half man half rat or 1/4 Opossum, or a man who is 85% human made up of no Earthy human DNA code known to man still be under God’s Grace?

This would be a man who trusts in the beast system with his life.  Why hands over his well being to the beast system willingly.

Willful Ignorance

The man, well if he is still a man, never once even investigates to find out what exactly is in the new back scene that the system is “mandating” ALL HUMANS TO TAKE.   RED FLAG.  The man sees no red flags.  All he sees is his fear of death so he runs to the beast.

He takes orders from the image of the beast.  The news media of course.  And Christians, hmph, well Christians cannot look at the TV and phones as being the “image of the beast” for one reason…they cannot bear the thought of not having its comfort.

Take Comfort in The Image of The Beast

Yes I watch TV but I cannot and am not comforted by it much …anymore.  I have looked into the face of the beast and I see propaganda in every TV series.  It quells the enjoyment.  I know I take comfort in the TV I admit it.  I confess it to God.   I was raised on it.  But also I know this.  The actors are actors ALL OF THEM.  The politicians are actors!  The president on the TV IS AN ACTOR.  Their is more truth in the fiction on TV than in the news media and other categorized “reality” TV.  ITS ALL BULLSHIT!  This isn’t an easy emotional change for me.  Not to mention most humans in the U.S. would never admit for a minute that they have derived comfort from he TV for years on end.  Nor will they admit their emotional connection to the image of the beast.  Most people are blind to their own hearts.  We are all programmed into blindness of self.


What is the Mark of the Beast?

Only the man who sees and admits that he is programmed by the image of the beast can de-program from it.

Those the masses, the 80% who took the MOTB did it because they do not know themselves and prefer the lies.  Its a hell of alot of work to find one’s own heart.  And without God’s help a man will likely never know himself.

The Misinterpretation of the Prophecy

The bible reads of the abomination of desolation.  A blasphemy of a place that is holy unto God.  Of course the Christians misinterpret the scriptures.  They say “ah yes the holy place is a temple build on the temple mound.  Built by unbelievers (in Jesus) for an antichrist type king”.  Huh?  How prey tell is a temple of antichrist a “holy place unto God”?  To then be desecrated, they say, by offering a pig as a sacrificial offering.

NEWSFLASH!  This non existent temple was never holy to begin with therefore it cannot BE desecrated or made desolate.  As its already desolate and non existent.  They will not build a temple because when they do it will expose the prophecy interpretation as being incorrect. That is if the rest of the prophecies are not fulfilled in tandem with it.  See the problem?

I really hope this isn’t pissing you off.

What is The True Holy Place to be Desecrated & Made Desolate?

The prophecy has a two fold meaning.  Two places that are holy.  Two places to be made desolate.  By now you can probably guess the body is one.  Why?  Because it holds within it the Divine Presence of God.  ALL, ALL men who have life are given the divine presence of God in them.  ALL.

For the Gifts of The Holy Spirit

Sidenote: Then what is The Holy Spirit that Christians speak of?  The Holy Spirit given on the day of Pentecost rests upon men by prayer and the laying on of hands.  It passes from one Christian to the next by God’s will and is for supernatural gifts to be given unto men.  THAT is The Holy Spirit’s use.  To intercede for souls by the gift of tongues.  For healing, for deliverance from the bondage of sin, for the Gifts of Faith, teaching, helps, and of Love for encouragement unto believers.  See The gifts of The Spirit for more info on this.

The Abomination of Desolation x2

So the Divine Spirit of God is in all men.  When a man willingly turns himself into part animal, pig, rat, or hamster he has willingly desecrated God’s Creation the home of God’s Divine Spirit.

And so God’s Divine Spirit leaves that man.  It’s an automatic.  We received The Divine presence of God to increase our Faith and build on that Hope.  The seed of faith falls into the body and we nurture that Faith.  By nurturing it grows.

Each man is given a measure of Faith to do with as he chooses.  The man who buries that Faith and then desecrates God’s temple, the human body.  I fear that man is lost.  Not to be punished eternally.  No.  But rather to lose his soul.  To be as if he never was.

The Second Abomination

Due to the dividing of time, I apologize but you will not be able to confirm the second desolation.  Even Christians don’t remember.  Memories are already stolen from most people.  God’s words given to men are sacred.  That made the books that held God’s words “Holy”.  The Holy Bible”.  My own reading of The Holy Bible was me seeking God with my heart.  He lead me through to see His True words in the book.  He also showed me that there are both lies and propaganda among the sacred Truth in all holy books.

I received The Holy Spirit by the laying on of hands and prayer.  I received healing and deliverance from bondage in the same way.

The Bibles were NEVER to be called by God’s Holy name.  Jesus Himself is The Word of God. And The Word became flesh.  He brought us the words that God gave Him.  Many of them were put in KJVB.  Words given by God.  The bible was the second holy place to be desecrated.

The bibles are now, one and all desecrated.   Old and new, every version every translation and every type, weather online or children’s versions, code or print  one and all are desecrated.  The only bibles that may not (and I have not proven this) that may not be desecrated is hand written.  If such a thing even exists.  I saw the first text on TV and it was desecrated.  The first ever bible.  What about the dead sea scrolls?  ALL BOOKS Enoch, the apocrypha are desecrated.  The English language itself is desecrated.  I have a 100 year old bible, desecrated.  I have 100 year old books and in them the English language is changed and desecrated.

Unfortunately nobody seems to be able to remember except the Few. The few who are chosen by God from what I can see.  God’s army.  The 144 and the 133, those who go before the throne.  I am saying that the KJVB is changed by 80% since 2017.  And it began changing long ago.  The Lion lamb scripture changed back before 2007 when I wrote my book and it was nowhere to be found.

The strong delusion is stealing most people’s memories of what was.  Giving them a new false history.  Downloads of the new things as if they were history.

The bibles continue to change daily.  Every day I see new grotesque scripture.

“For the elects sake those days will be shortened.”  We are put through the ringer watching what is.  To see the dividing of time elicits emotional responses we hope we are reaching acceptance.  This is prophecy.  And it’s God’s will that it plays out as so.

Example-Jesus allegedly saying in Luke “If you don’t hate your family you have no part in me.”

Word “hate” now 87 times in the KJVB.

We are frustrated and betrayed by Christians who apparently never knew Jesus.  And who blindly accept the wolf’s rewrite.  For years we compared our insides by their outsides.  Thinking “look at them, they are so righteous and good, what is wrong with US?”  All the while they were wearing a mask.  They betrayed us by their mask.  They betrayed themselves as well.  So we are hurt by their deception.  We judged ourselves harshly by comparison.  We also never fit in at any church because of it.

We saw ourselves as being “bad, & wrong” because they were so good we thought.

Now come to find out not only are they under the strong delusion but they also, many of them took the mark.  Furthermore the Locust has flown by the wing of abomination.  If they took the mark then the Locust will have its way with them.

The Red Dragon is a supernatural bible change. A deceptive sign and wonder. Its the Locust.

The Locust from the Pit

The Scorpion Sting

The forehead Mark  All three are connected spiritually.


One on the forehead supernaturally.  The other the back scene in the natural they willingly take and desecrate the body/temple.

If they refuse the back scene (we are pretty sure of this) then they will eventually overcome the locust from the pit that has infested most Christians.  But if they take the sting of the scorpion it will consummate with the mark on their foreheads

This IS scary as hell to watch.  The 144 felt the attack of the locust from the pit. they were protected. By God’s Grace.   They ripped it to shreds.  So too the Christians are to overcome the Locust IF they do not take the scorpion sting.

Something happens when they take the sting.  It commutes with he Locust and the locust consummates and makes the mark on the forehead.

The chosen can see these unclean creatures.  It’s not easy.  The Locust is seemingly painless.  Please just don’t take the scorpion sting.

These are perilous times.  Put on the whole armor of God.



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