Are All gods Evil Like the Preachers Insist?

I Say No!  The Gods are Not All Evil.

The True Gospel Is for me to Share What God has Done for me in my life with you.

Catfish Bone.

“Though Shall put no other gods before me, nor worship any other god above The Creator of the heavens and the Earth.” paraphrased.

I wouldn’t want to risk pissing off The Almighty.  However I don’t believe He is quick to anger toward His creation “mankind”.

I would get to know the Creator first, the His Son then if led to go ahead and get to know the other gods whom The Creator has appointed.  I do not mean fallen angels.  I mean Humans that are made gods in their next life.  Anointed by The Most High God Himself by permission to become a lesser god.

To say all gods are evil is illogical.

I say this give praises, worship, call upon and seek by your own heart the One True God of Creation.  He will most likely point you to His Son as He does with many of us who seek to find.

Get What You Didn’t Know You Needed and What You Know You Need…both.

Seek and Ye Shall Find.  Knock and it Shall Be Opened Unto You!

If you need healing or deliverance Jesus the Christ is The Way to go.  “Christ” is a title no a last name.  Not to mention “Jesus Christ” has become a cuss word so the language is marred by repetition on movies TV and so on.

My testimony is part of the armor of God and should be shared for my own spiritual growth. This testimony comes from my heart.  Therefore it is not a copy and past gospel.

The Name of Jesus is Powerful and Magic

By invoking the powerful name of Jesus and the prayers of other believers with laying on of hands I have been delivered, healed, enlightened, forgiven, and healed again, delivered again, forgiven again and received the baptism of The Holy Spirit.  Father is very patient with me and Jesus is Love.

The Father has guided me to become the clay in His hands to fix my marred heart.  It is a slow and painful process but with God all things are possible.  Perhaps the process can be sped up for others.

He gave me the desires of my heart so I desire what is good for me instead of what was destroying me within and without.  I did not know how to treat myself with Love or to show Love to others until Jesus helped me with that.

Its like this.  God sent His Son to work in us here on Earth.  It is the way He set things up.

Read the Santa Claus Christmas article if you want proof that Jesus is feared by the most powerful men & women on the face of the Earth.  And He has been feared by them for millenniums apparently.  The article is vital to self knowledge and awareness.

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