Where Two or More Gather in My Name…

I Am With Thee.

Whaaatt????   Not anymore says the theatre of the gods.  For now 4 through infinitum are rejected from what was an all encompassing scripture of fellowship with God The Creator.

Look it up…”Two or More” never existed in any translation…  Oh sure the whole world of Christianity copied the parrots and learned the script incorrectly.   At least that’s what Google will tell you.  Just more misremembering.  Just ignore the fact that you read that scripture hundreds if not thousands of times over and over in your own KJVB.

In comes the self confidence needed to say this—“Reality is now fluid”  and whoever has control over the bibles rewrite, (one and all) is not a benevolent soul.  It really pisses us off that the most benevolent Christians CAN’T SEE A FUCKING THING REGARDING THE HEINOUS, RAMPANT, SUPERNATURAL BIBLE CHANGES.

The scripture changes are no Mandela effect.  No no.  What’s the difference?

There are signs and wonders, and there are deceptive signs and wonders.  Evil always has a parallel to copy cat & imitate what good is doing.  Mandela effects are miraculous, harmless “signs and wonders”.

Whereas these Biblical changes are evil and dark deceptive signs and wonders that will lead men into curses by words.  DO NOT READ FROM THE BOOK!

#the mummy from Do you believe in destiny?

Just ignore that you remember the mandela as being part of the brain but its now listed as part of the jaw bone structure that changed to Mandible.   WHATEVER!  Scream the seers.


Do not read ALOUD from the once holy bibles.  Especially the many vile curses now in the books.  Do not read curses upon yourself.  If you remember the bible as it was before the desecration that began long ago (prior to 2006 Lion and Lamb script changed to wolf & lamb) and the changes ramped up in 2017– then by all means quote only Truth of scripture. Blessings.

For instance.  I can do all things through Jesus The Son of God who strengthens me.

Never refer to Jesus as a “son of man”.  He is Love and He is Spirit never some son of man.  Men had no part in His being.  He was born of a woman by Immaculate conception.   This is what we believe by Faith.  Seek and ye shall find Him.  Knock and it shall be opened unto you.


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