Steps for Becoming a god Part One

How Does One Work Toward Godhood In The Next Life?

That means a ‘lesser god’ not The Most High Creator God.

Becoming sinless?  No.  Mankind is created by The Most Powerful Creator to be perfectly imperfect.  Otherwise “perfect” men would likely not seek God.

They would not feel the God hole emptiness.  They would not see that they are vulnerable, reached, and facing death daily.  They would not realize that if they do not seek god they will harm others in their walk on Earth.  Some men have no conscience toward the well being of others.  We don’t have to like anybody.  But we should treat all men with respect and help when and if we can.  We should have empathy toward the poor and down trodden.

“It’s easy to Love those who Love you (like family etc.) but loving the unlovable, this is the Love of God.”

Love in Spirit isn’t some emotion or fluffy cuddly feeling of affection.  Affection and passion are not Love.  Love is an action.  Holding out one’s hand to the needy or giving an encouraging word to those in self loathing or insecurity is also giving.  We are all selfish by nature.  God made us that way.  It’s for those who turn and move in spite of selfishness with giving actions that likely get the attention of the gods.

Nevertheless my topic is “How to become a god in the next life”.  How would I know?  I am linked to The Mighty Spirit of God and I will write as He directs.  Not withholding, of course, my own jargon of sorts.  It’s up to you to decipher Truth from folly.

Suppose a man reads all the books of gods.  You know, everything from The once Holy Bible to the Egyptian Book of the Dead.  Not leaving out the Apocrypha and the rest of the books that are claimed by many to have hidden wisdom in them.  Perhaps the “Keys of Solomon” or the “Sylvia Brown” menagerie of texts.  She who claims to have hidden knowledge herself.

All holy books are desecrated.  However they are also printed mysteries of puzzle like RIDDLE.  All the holy books are riddles to be solved.  Even the prophesies of Jesus Himself are hewn and skewed, hewn and skewed.

Christians CARELESSLY state, “It’s impossible for The Word of God to change”.  Oh really?  Pish Posh says the scribe of God who remembers.  “And the Lion shall lie with the lamb” in harmony eating straw like the Ox.

That scripture allegedly NEVER EXISTED IN ANY TRANSLATION OF ANY BIBLE.  Whaaaat?  But we know it did exist, and for a very long time.  My entire lifetime, that is until 2016 when I notice the word “Unicorn” printed ONE TIME, 1 time in most Bible translations.  And my Lion and Lamb script was GONE GONE GONE nowhere to be found.  So don’t tell me the bible cannot change.

Secret Knowledge to Become a God #1

The first mistake of Christians is this.  To call all bibles by God’s Holy name is blasphemy.  The Bible is not and never was “The Word of God”.  Only Jesus and Jesus alone carried to us the True and sacred words of God.  Jesus and Jesus alone is The Word of God who became flesh and abided among men.  He is The Son of God.  He is The Way to God.  He died and took the keys to death and Hell so we too can overcome death by Truth, Faith, Love, and Hope.  Eternal gifts.

#1 Seek and Ye Shall Find, Knock and it Shall Be Opened Unto You

There is your first hint.  Too common?  Too simple?  Know this…God the Most High is and always will be the Only One Who appoints to Himself gods on high. Make no mistake, your gonna have to serves somebody, yea indeed your gonna have to serves somebody, serves somebody…it may be the devil or it may be The Lord but your gonna have to serves somebody…Bob Dylan

Your Gonna Have to Serve Somebody Light or Darkness

Know this.  He who The Son sets free is free indeed.  Do you prefer Truth over lies?  Do you prefer freedom over bondage?  The other Lord the one of Darkness is quite different than Jesus.  He puts men into bondage.  He is the Father of Lies and we do not know his name.  He isn’t a fallen angel.  Speak not evil of deities.  Serve not the kingdom of darkness lest you find yourself in deep servitude that will likely go against one’s own heart.  The bondage of evil rips a man in two by the apostacy of taking action contrary to one’s own heart.

Unmute the Voice of The Heart

#2 The Man Must Find His Own Heart.  He must meet himself.  Some call the event identifying the inner child.  Each man who seeks wisdom my first discover and Accept himself.  The twelve steps of AA will help alot with this process of self discovery.  What else can a man do to gain the courage to accept and to hear the voice of his own heart?  He must see that he is programmed.  He must accept weakness, and fear within.  He must face his fears ongoing.  He must find tools of kindness toward himself.  He must reprogram into self acceptance.  He must reconnect with his own heart that he muted long ago.  Most people will not make it past task #1 if at all.  Much less succeed in task #2 and find himself gaining acceptance.

If ye are diligent this process of self discovery and acceptance #2 can take 7 years.

There is more to it than just finding one’s inner child.  Ye must be as little children to inherit the Kingdom of God.  Flesh and blood cannot inherit the Kingdom of God.

There are the ego personalities that must also be identified and quieted.  7 years of meditative repetition are needed for reprogramming. The emotional survival skills must be exposed in patterns. To find one’s self he must see the personalities that he created long ago to cope with emotional trauma.   Trauma of living on an Earth that teaches a man how to not be who he really is.

From birth the TV programs the man.  The programmed parents program the man.  And within the child rises up the personalities of ego whom the child & man believe to be right and good.  The man now believes that he is the program.  The heart is muted.  And the lies commence.

The ego personalities inspired by lies rule.  The man must go all the way back to the innocents of childhood and find out where & when he lost himself.   He must realize who he lost himself to dividing ego from inner child Truth.  He must see his emotional survival patterns of deception and replace all the theatre with Truth.  To the ruling of the heart from the ruling of the lies is a courageous event that takes time and help.

Step #1 is required for this part #2.  At least in my experience step one must be done to experience step #2.

But I am who I really am!  Screams the reader. Is there anyone who remained authentic through the years of programming?  Perhaps years ago when the image of the beast did not abide in every home.  Perhaps years ago.  “They overcame by the word of their testimony and by The death/blood of The Lamb”.

Ye must be born again to inherit the kingdom of God.  Can a man return to the womb?  No.  He must be born of Spirit.

If the man engages in this step he will have a testimony of what God did for him when it’s said and done.   Too icky for you?  The Dark Lord has his God’s as well.  Perhaps there is another Way.  Of that Way, I know not.  I can only teach The Way of the Lighted path.

Higher Knowledge Will Be Given

These three remain, Faith Hope & Love but the greatest is Love.  The man will need The Armor of God to continue.  If ye are to receive Higher Knowledge, it must be “Given” not taken.  If one is truly chosen for the path of gods he will have had dreams and visions of his journey.  The dreams and visions will be apparent in their meaning only when that path is crossed.  Just as the prophesies shall be understood once they have occurred.

It may be too late to engage in the theatre of the gods.  Why?  Because the Locust from the Pit has already flown.  And those who were not prepared already are under the strong delusion.  The Strong delusion, the Strong’s delusion.

All Christian dogma must be rejected.  If Christianity is a thing for you, it is time to understand that Legion is Religion.  The worst of the dark lies comes by way of the preacher man and the book.  Yet the greatest of all Truth was in The book.  And so finding by dividing great Truth amidst heinous lies is the task of those walking through the theatre of the gods.

Great knowledge only comes by way of the heart.  One must be diligent, to hunger and thirst after righteousness.  “He who hungers & thirsts for righteousness shall be filled.”


The preacher screams from the pulpit “evil evil evil” he screams.  He bashes the sacred angels of God and he bashes the things of The Holy Spirit.

The reached preacher man takes the reputation of The Gifts of The Holy Spirit and he slaughters them with his words.  In his heart he either believes the words he speaks or he is hiding sacred knowledge for himself.

“Never meditate”, says the preacher.  “Meditation is evil and will take you straight to Hell”. Screams the preacher.  Same with Crystals he states. Same with essential oils he screams.  Same with the gift of tongues he states over and over.  While he calls those who are blessed with the gifts of The Holy Spirit the preacher claims the gifts are dead, or useless, or misunderstood.

Of course he who teaches on the gift of tongues has not the gift or the experience with it to teach accurately.  Yet he claims to be the authority on the topic.

Gifts of The Holy Spirit Bring Purpose to the Recipient

God doesn’t give gifts for no reason.  If one is truly born again he shall likely be eligible for supernatural gifts.  Higher language is much more powerful than most Christians realize.  Furthermore The Gift of Tongues is not the same as brief utterances of tongues.

Did you think all gods were evil?  Would The Most High allow such a thing?  All things are of God.  Only God appoints gods.

More on this topic later.  The process is a life long one and cannot be written by the Scribe of God in one post.  Stay tuned.

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