What Supernatural End of Days Event Is On Stage?

…..Presently, at The Theatre of The Gods?

Reaper. The Gathering of Souls. Are you on his menu?
The Reaper.

You won’t like it…or perhaps you will.  Those on Earth who call themselves and act as gods oppressing mankind are in for the abrupt Gathering of Souls.

Revelation 16:10 “And the fifth angel poured out his vial upon the seat of the beast; and his kingdom was full of darkness; and they gnawed their tongues for pain”   (this is the 6th angel, not 5th we the voice surmise).

Voice-What is thy will oh Father of Lights?

Spirit-Pray a prayer of thy own will.

Payback is a M.F.

But what is the will of God?  Turn the other check.  And so perhaps the chosen shall deny the suffering of the earthen elite.  And call upon the final angel to make the judgement of God’s wrath swift and painless.

But if the elite are not desperate how will they repent ?

The chosen say “thy will be done Father, for we cannot rule, we are not equipped to make the decision of releasing the final angel of wrath!

So by their conclusion Father says they have chosen wisely.  “Release the Sixth Angel”.

And so they did.

The Six Apocolyptic Angels Released from their Holding Cells.

Why prey-tell are these dark angels in holding cells under the Earth?  Because they were created for one purpose…The Mighty Hand that is the Wrath of God Himself.  To bring forth the Great Tribulation.

And so these dark angels have a natural distain for mankind and only one purpose.  To fulfill their part in the apocalypse.  Then comes their fulfillment.

And so the voice prayed and released the 6 angels of the abyss.  And the sixth angel himself.  The sixth is the strongest and most deadly.  But deadly is a release for the vile evile humans on Earth.

The dark angels of prophecy finally freed.  They look much like the bad entities in some supernatural movie scene.  They have red slit firey eyes.  By black shadows they can appear unto men.  They wear black cloaks.  They come to make the beast system’s arms of strength their bitch.

The Elite’s Day of Pending Judgement Has Arrived

The beast, those who own the world by oppression and monetary manipulation are on the menu of souls for the dark angels of light.  Oh yes, Father uses His dark special one’s who fill the void between the demonic, and the righteous. They are something in between good and evil.  They are blameless.

Their mission?  The Dark Angels will make  those who claim Earth as their own, and hold the two keys to the nucleus of cells, those who bought earth and sold people shall become subjective to the reality of the dark Angels.  They will give the bad men eyes to see the things they will undoubtedly wish they didn’t.

The ten kings of Earth shall lose their minds.  These Hell bent ruthless pricks shall beg, barter, and twist language, & dialect toward the dark Beings of Deity.  They will use spells of their witches.  But to none avail.  Begging for deliverance by lies and promises will cause them to sink sink sink deeper into the abyss.  Yet still they will not call upon Jesus or God Almighty.

These dark angels will carry the elite away by their own lies & by fire.  They will put the elite into the very chains they were recently released from.

Transfiguration of the 144 God’s Army on Earth



Twilight comes her transition

Peacock brides with suicidal thoughts

Tug at her state of mind

She weans her spirit from darks quiet calm

The sun as a thorn impresses her mood

Called to the dance of her soul

She circles her spectrum of thought to find only fear

How do I dance the dance of Love?

Teach my soul to dance the dance of Love!

Crying she stays in her pose

Better that she dances for fear than never to dance?

She laughs a familiar laugh when finally hearing the birds

When suddenly her ears are relieved of cottony deafness

Call not the dogs for the sound abrupt!

Please kind lover call not the dogs

Shame to hear their cry of thorns and worse to be felt

The loving doves fly to her rescue

Grace is her passionate desire and grace shall she have

Twilight again comes her transition

Make haste sweet scented spirit of Love

For this day, the dance of fear shall end in her soul and her heart

The weaning has passed

She is free

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