Brain Exercises & Altzheimers Prevention Cure Brain Fog


Above all else of the beast system's motives lurks the malevolent quest to block and hide the power of God in you from you.  Preacher say meditation is evil and brings the Kundalini spirit.  B.S.    The media trashes the blessed and powerful supernatural gifts of The Holy Spirit especially tongues.  True tongues is higher language straight from God.  When asking for the accompanying gift of interpretation of tongues and with practice this gift is one of the most powerful gifts on earth.  Affording the gifted to pray and understand what he is praying for.  This is insight straight into the will of God Himself.  See Paradise for the Hellbound for more insight on gifts of the Spirit.

See Decode for “Lightening Crashes” by Live exemplifying Brain Fog.

The decode is done on the original song & the video included.


“Pale blue colored iris (used to say “eyes” M.E), presents the circle And puts the glory out to hide, hide.”   Lightening Crashes by “Live”.

STOCK IMAGE, close-up of the eye showing arcus senilis a gray-white arc around the cornea consisting of calcium and cholesterol deposits in a 56 year old woman unilateral arcus may be an

Arcus Senilis is the blue-gray circle you see in some elderly.  Sirus is a star.  Senilis sounds like senile.  Arcus like Arc.  Words matter.

Total Eclipse of the Soul-Gone Baby Gone.  They say that “arcus senilis” is a result of cholesterol, which likely it is according to science. But all things first begin in the spiritual realms then rain down into the physical plain.

In this article I will cover Altzheimers prevention with an associated song decode.  The beast system is causing senility by DESIGN.  It sucks knowing you have a great demonic enemy.  But in this day and age we must learn to protect ourselves by diet, emf awareness, and put on the full spiritual armor of God.

In my opinion arcus Senilis is more associated with the spiritual condition of the man than of his physical health.  However both are affected.

“Pale blue colored iris (used to say “eyes” M.E), presents the circle And puts the glory out to hide, hide.”  Live Lightening Crashes.

The man with the eclipsed iris (Sirus?) 

Puts the glory out to hide.  A total eclipse of the soul.  Those with this look have made their choices.  Their soul for some reason succumbs to the beasts leading.   More akin to altzheimers than cholesterol I think.  Yes it’s terrifying.  Put on the full armor of God.

“The confusion sets in before the doctor can even close the door.(senility is confusion, by the first aluminum filled vitamin k shot the confusion starts)

Video “Lightening Crashes”  The confusion now belongs to the baby down the hall.  Pale blue colored eyes. (the look of altzheimers)

  1. Laptop –Switch Mouse to left hand/side of computer.
  2. Start writing daily in the morning.  Numbers and alphabet.  Cursif (now cursive) and regular writing.  Practice daily as if your back in kindergarten.
  3. I don’t use a cell phone much but switch up your fashion of texting if you don’t use a table top computer.
  4. Drink morning coffee with the other hand.  If your right handed, use left and so on.
  5. Shit, shower, and shave with the other hand whenever you have the time.
  6. Wash dishes with the other hand.
  7. Avoid ANY emf disruptions to your brain especially if your over 55.  Do NOT sleep with a fan next to the bed.  What is emf? It’s a frequency.    Most anything emits it’s own frequency.  Earth at 8 hertz and wifi at 2.4 million hertz disrupting the the cells in the body, hence “cell phones”.  Emf is emitted from anything with a motor, or anything powered by electricity.  Ya pretty much everything with batteries or that plugs into the wall.  Remove all such things from your safe place sleeping area.  If you have cell towers close by or wifi that you can’t shut off you can buy a canopy made of signal blocking fabric.  “emf safety” sells such things.  See emf safety article.
  8. Switch up TV remote hand.

Altzheimers Prevention

What is altzheimers?  Why don’t they teach us jack about emf electromagnetic frequencies?   When we are SURROUNDED BY IT 24/7.

My experience is this–fans cause me brain fog especially where direction is concerned.  Every felt like your getting lost in your own 12 foot long dark hallway?  Or have you gone into a building, long hallway & doors only to exit and say “which way is out”?   How about forgetting where your car is in the parking lot?  Or being on a country road surrounded by trees somewhere near your house and not knowing which road you are actually on.

All these symptoms SUCK!. Diet is the #1 lifestyle change you need to make.

Lifestyle Change is Needed (Not just diet)

Learn to make smoothies

Smoothie recipe

Frozen bananas (put organic bananas in freezer in plastic and paper with peels in tact.  They last a very long time like this.  Then run water over bananas, peel and add to (smoothie) blender.  Add one small raw red beet.  Add yummy almond extract. (organic all).  Add nuts (not peanuts).  Add leafy greens from the garden.   Use whatever fruit you have, celery, walnuts, vanilla extract.  Use water or juice and blend.   (don’t use any artificial additives or smoothie packs etc.)


Best scenario-grow your own food.  At least start a garden an begin supplementing your diet with home grown organic food.  Do not spray except by using essential oils like turmeric, wormwood herb, garlic, mixed with water to keep insects away.  Stop eating meat if you can.  Begin to get to know whole grains.  Plant your own wheat and buy a grinder if you really want to go all out.  Shop locally and organically whenever possible.  When cooking never allow vegetables to lose color by too high heat or over cooking.  Eat lots of raw veggies and fruits.  And so on.

Brain Fog Causes

Altzheimers and brain fog with confusion is likely from adjusting the mind to staple emf in the home for YEARS on end then going out of the house and being hit with emf from every direction. Cell towers, electrical fields, cars, cell phones routers, smart meters and on and on and on.  If your home is emf safe you have a better chance of dealing with the emf in the world at the age of 80 when it hits you.


See my emf safety pages.

Please Protect your Home from EMF Dangers

Some Tips for Health Food, EMF, Remedies


Understanding EMF


More On Solutions to Brain Fog

The Earth’s frequency emission is around 8 hertz. Know this, wifi is set at 2.5 & 5.0 GIGAHERTZ.  1 Gigahertz = 1 million hertz The human body also has a low hertz frequency.  Is it no wonder 2.4MILLION hertz is disrupting the brains electrical pathways?

Travelling neurons in the brain and it’s highways are being rerouted by wifi in ways that only bring confusion.

Satan is called the prince of the power of the AIR.  The author of confusion and father of lies.  Is it no wonder corporate idiots are putting up a grid of emf that if you could see it would look like a trap for humans?  A literal “Net” to catch your soul.

Nobody wants to believe they have an enemy these days.  It’s too much work to have to defend against a diabolical parasite from Hell itself.  So instead the humans get brainwashed into their first program called, “I am bad & wrong”.  Then they spend the rest of their lives defending against being “bad & wrong”.  This invisible emotional paradigm is the bases of all programming and without its primary purpose of demoralization of humans, none of the other programs would stick to us like they do.

What do you mean?  After a child believes that everything original about themselves is bad and wrong then they become a parrot of a personification who they think will be loved.  Someone better than themselves.  So they claim their identity from off the array of TV characters available to us.  Identity templates straight from hell.   And then they begin to believe they are the mask they are wearing.  Most people have no idea who they are or why they feel the way they do.  It takes seven years at least, to reprogram and identify and learn to follow one’s own heart.

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