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What Is a god?  Understanding Spiritual Beings.

Understanding spirit guides.  channeling, angels, gods, The Holy Spirit, spiritual gifts, born again, deliverance, spiritual doors, meditation, prayer, lust, sloth self deliverances, minor demons.

I am Not a god. I am merely a scribe of God the most powerful Creator.  So how would I know about being a god.  And what is a “god”.

To start, a god is often someone who has, during his life on Earth, proven himself loyal to the Most High God Creator.  Weather it be for the dark realm or the lighted realm of Love & Truth.  Here we will deal with becoming a god in the realm of light not darkness.

A god is one who has shown himself valuable to The Kingdom of God.  He usually is someone who has become a Son of God by knowing The Savior & Breathren Jesus The Christ.  This is God’s plan of salvation for mankind.  He who took the keys to Death & Hell.  These things I do you shall do also and even greater things shall ye do.

“For I must leave,” says Jesus.  “Therefore, I send you The Holy Spirit in my stead, He is The Comforter, The Spirit of Truth to help you through life on Earth.”

And by serving God on High during his mortal life he has built a repour with God Almighty.

This type of service in spirit, often comes by Spiritual gifts.  Either spiritual gifts given when a person receives The Holy Spirit for spiritual gifts.  Or when he is born of The Spirit born-again.   Or he is born with a gift that he uses in service to his fellow man.  Spiritual gifts are given for a reason.  If a man doesn’t use the gift he is given at the time of the prophecy of the talents it shall be redistributed to someone who will use it.  And come end times most spiritual gifts are morphing into end of days gifts. (please know, when I write “man” I mean “mankind”)

Examples of gods.

Gods are given power as Guardians of Earth.  Usually in one certain area of Earth in human’s existence. Power over the Sun.  Power over the Moon.  Power over mankind by miracles, and remote instruction.  Power to keep books on all humans.  Power to usher souls into their places.  Power over the halls of the dead.  Power over the living waters. Power over the place of imagination.  Power over the miracle of art.  Power over the works of goodness.  Power over the gifts of all blessings given to mankind on Earth.  Power over wealth, power over health, power over vanity.  Power over those who engage in mortal sin.  Power over the seven deadly sins.  Power of choice to turn a man’s destiny.  Power over green things of nature.  Power over the seas.  Power over the thunder.  The seven thunders power. The rains. and so on and so on go the many duties of gods.  They have the power of choice and have free will just as the angels and the humans.  God makes us all with free will.

Gods are not angels.  And angels are not “bad”.

Speak not evil of deities of God lest them come under divine condemnation.  For when the archangel Michael battled with Lucifer at his fall Michael spoke no vile words against the fallen angel.  The fallen angels had the hard job.  Someone had to do it.

“All things are of God”.  Each man must choose.

The fallen angels had to do what they did so mankind could choose darkness or light.  Evil or good.  The fallen angels had the hard job and they paid dearly.  They are with their Father now the separation is over.  By their fall mankind is given the choice of their chosen eternal home.

Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels, & Minor Demons

To becomes a god a man would do well to open his spiritual eyes.  Some call it the third eye.  Clearly prayer and meditation is the highway to opening one’s third eye. When you meditate all things repressed will come up to be processed in an orderly emotional pattern.  All deep lifetime issues will surface when the man quiets his body and listens.  Spirits of sloth and of lust can be expelled simply by prayer meditation diligence.  These are minor dark spirits and when they are not fulfilled regularly, in time they must leave.  Sloth will leave if you meditate and then shock your body over and over through time with cold water.  Sloth will leave.  It takes 12 months of meditation and cold water shocks.  You can simply turn on the hose and pour cold water on your body.  You know what that feels like.  Sloth demons hate it.

Lust demons leave by celibacy with prayer and meditation.  Eventually they will leave to find someone who will have sex.  They come out …its like they wiggle out.  they just cannot handle it if your celibate.  But this too takes about a year.

If and when a man receives The Holy Spirit the third eye is also opened for the gifts he receives.  But not fully opened.  For the vail to be lifted off a man’s mortality he must be diligent in seeking God.  He must also be diligent is his Faith in God & the knowledge that God is supernatural and in a realm we do not see with carnal eyes.

Some call Spirit Guides their higher self voice.  And that may be true.  Still it takes meditation to tap into that voice.  Also you must allow your spirit guide to access use of your own inner voice.  Why?  No spirit is allowed access to a human body without invitation and a opening of some door.

God doesn’t allow remote voices in the heads of His children without their express invitation.   Demons for instance can inhabit a man if invited.

How Demons Enter Humans

If that man commits certain atrocities or sins that opens a dark door.  Then he is screwed.  He needs deliverance by a deliverance preacher with the gift of miracles..   Seek one out.  These preachers are not that rare.  I have known several in my own lifetime who have the gift of miracles.   Without deliverance the voices of dark spirits will not stop.  So you see the spirit guides are not allowed to put voices in your head.  But by meditation with your permission they can speak.

I do not mean channeling.   I WOULD NOT ALLOW CHANNELING FOR A MOMENT.  Its not safe.  There is only ONE SPIRIT whom you should allow access to your body.  The Holy Spirt.

The Holy Spirit enters by praising the powerful name of Jesus.  That is how the Holy Spirit is given.  The Holy Spirit doesn’t take over.  It merely offers the use of supernatural gifts.


Perhaps channeling can be safe if done with special knowledge, but I am told by my own inner voice that its just not safe.  Not a good idea whatsoever.

Channeling is much different from hearing your own initiated spirit guides or higher self voice.  Nothing is coming in.  Your not summoning anything that God did not already put there for your benefit.  It’s your inner feeling that you follow.  Your own heart’s voice that speaks for instance if your in danger.  That is the voice your nurturing.  You are nurturing your own spiritual guides given to you from before birth by God.  All men have these “instincts” for their protection.  They are not angels.  You do have an angel whom you can identify if you open your third eye.  But these angels do not talk much.  They are there for your protection and well being.  The guardian angels can do things spirit guides could never do in the natural.  For instance an angel could change the past.  Or take you to another place in time to keep you safe.  Or stop a man from removing your head by touching that man’s heart.

Whereas spirit guides are your teachers.  They TEACH.  They explain.  They help your understand what is.  Why things happened and how this scripture always holds True…

“All things work together for the good to those who Love God.”  This is the purpose of your spirit guides.

Gifts of The Holy Spirit

For instance prophecy, higher languages for prayer/intercession for souls. Some intercessors can extinguish free flying dark spirits, Words of wisdom.
Words of knowledge.
Gift of Faith to share.

Gift of Love to share.

Gift of Hope to share.

Utterances-  Utterances is a brief prayer in tongues to let a man know that, yes he/she did receive The Holy Spirit during prayer by the laying on of hands.

Can a man receive The Gifts of The Holy Spirit without the laying on of hands?  I don’t know.  Seems to me by my experience its a transference event.  When your born again you receive The Spirit of Faith in Jesus.  This is different than The Holy Spirit of Pentecost that’s given for supernatural gifts.  But of course some Christians/believers would not know the difference between the born again phenomena and the baptism of The Holy Spirit if they did not go through the entire process of being born again and then filled.

Miracles such as healing and deliverance from the bondage of sin. (addiction, porn, murderings, mortal sin)

Discerning of spirits. Intercessors usually have this so as to pray for souls.
Except sine 2017 the gift to pray for souls by higher language has changed. Since we are now moving into the time of judgement and the gathering of souls the intercession for souls is all but finished. Most intercessors have now received new end of days gifts. They have spent the last five years in the time of annunciation. They pour out the Spirit of announcing the return of Jesus to be SOON, very soon.

Intercessors by Higher Languages

This is one of their first redundant prayers that has endured over 5 years unlike any prayers for souls in the past. Father tells the intercessor the announcement is their most important prayer because it goes out to all of the land and falls like fire flies of lights on all of Earth.

between spirits identifying dark entities free flying. Casting out demons by strong prayer. In my experience men are usually given the gift to cast out demons from a person.

Can A Man/woman Become A god without the long process of tests?  Can a man/woman become a god without being Given The Holy Spirit Supernatural Gifts?

Yes.  Sometimes a man/woman may give their life for another to a person whom they do not Love.  If a man gives his life for the unlovable by an act of great Love he is likely on the list of possible gods.

“For there is no greater thing a man can do than to give his own life for his neighbor by Love.”

But the act (we think) must be instant and motivated by the giving act of Love.

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