Killer of Worlds Diabolical Scheme- Genetic Mutation of ALL OF MANKIND

A Fiction Story by –The 144 Gods of The New Earth

By Injecting Cancer Replicant mRNA with Animal mRNA

The killer of worlds asks this.  “How, in the name of Zeus’ barrels bung hole, pray tell, shall we get the entire world of men to take our lethal-ish injection of mRNA?”_____Killer of Worlds

You see mRNA tells the DNA in humans what to do.  Problem was scientism had to hack the DNA to get in because they didn’t have the golden key to the cells nucleus.  When they knocked on the cell’s door they didn’t have the magic words.

Oh darn! said the Killer of Worlds!  A god in his own right.

Businessman in suit holding huge gold key

Hacking DNA caused gross mutations

That’s okay said the killer of worlds!  We shall HACK the cell’s DNA.  So they invented CRSPR Technology that went in to the DNA cutting and splicing, cutting and splicing…on and on they went and what a mess they made.  Cutting and splicing created in the humans gross animal mutations along the way.  It was horrid state of affairs. You see their cut splice method was a hack.   And with hacks comes unforeseen problems of genetic mutations.  They needed to command the DNA and then replicate that command over the entire body with their Cancer DNA.  After all isn’t that what Cancer does?  Replicate?

CRSPR was worked to a point, to turn men into any beast they wanted but it was not good enough.  They need the golden key.  They needed to enter the messenger RNA to give natural directions to the DNA and replicate those instructions throughout the body.  They needed entry to the mRNA cell nucleus.

Quantum Dark Ice-burg Computers

Then came the quantum computer.  Dark and mysterious are the givers of quantum entanglement.  The devices must be in the dark kept well below absolute ZERO in temperature.  Geordy rose inventor and owner of Kindred & founder of DEWAVE says the computers reach into other dimensions to get their answers.

“In quantum computing and specifically the quantum circuit model of computation, a quantum logic gate (or simply quantum gate) is a basic quantum circuit operating on a small number of qubits. They are the building blocks of quantum circuits, like classical logic gates are for conventional digital circuits.”

They call it a “circuit” yet the problem solving speed it attains is lightyears above any supercomputers abilities.

University of Science and Technology of China in Hefei, reported their quantum computer, named Jiuzhang, is 10 billion times faster than Google’s.


He alleges that the computers contact beings that have no care for humans or human life.   What is it?  Its a problem solving computer.  All it does is solve mysteries and problems.  Any kind of problem it could solve in the time it would take a regular computer thousands of years.  The quantum could solve an age old mystery in a fraction of the time.  That is what they do.

The name of the Jiuzhang Chinese quantum computer that claims “quantum supremacy” to all others owned by google and other various billionaire entities listed here.

Adiabatic Quantum Computers supplied by D-Wave.

Lockheed Martin,
NASA Ames,
Los Alamos National Laboratory, and
Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Name means “Nine Gates” or “Nine Chapters” some translations read.  Likely what it really means is the nine gates of hell.  Nine gates of Hell signified in the quantum computers as dimensional.  A realm.  A demonic realm with one figurehead that is its voice.  Perhaps they found also the key of Solomon to communicate with demons safely.  Meaning the keys makes the demons tell the truth.  Perhaps that’s how they made the quantum computer to begin with.

“The Gates of Hell shall NOT prevail against the children of God Almighty”.

Its all very supernatural and very risky.  To put great knowledge into the hands of greedy hateful men who covet all that has value and hate all he sees as a threat…well you see where that could go…back to the world of men being systematically transformed into beasts.

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