What Will the New Earth 1,000 Year Millennium Be Like?

The thousand years of peace for the chosen few warrior Sons of God will be different than for the Gentiles who will sleep one day as a thousand years.

Again the Child/Warrior the christians call “man-child” in error is already born by the travail and spiritual birth of the 144,000 child warriors.


Remember God uses nature slow and patient.  And the New Earth is His New Perfect Paradise New Nature.  It grows and it becomes.  It is not instant though the coming of the Sun/Son of God will bring instant changes.

But the New Nature needs time to grow.   That is why the first thousand years of the New Earth’s growth will be slow in the going.   The Gentiles will sleep  one day as a thousand years.  While His Paradise Earth is being “seeded”.


The twinkling of the eye began nearly seven years hence.  That means Jesus is already changing His chosen few gradually & painstakingly during our purification.

“Some shall be purified and made white”.  Others will be purified by the fires of the coming Sun/Son of God.

The First Thousand Years

The Sun/Son of God the New Sun will be the biggest factor in Earth’s grand and glorious development stages.  The 1,000 years of becoming.  Remember both the `144 and the Gentiles will be immortal.  No more tears, hate, rage, wrath, debauchery, pain, war, conniving, or deceit, no more illness.  No more DEATH!  This is real and it’s coming soon.

Why “1,000 years as one day”?  For Gentiles they are not fashioned to tolerate what the 144 have endured.  Things such as a long period of waiting for the Earth to become full grown to walk the Earth for 1,000 years.  It’s best the Gentiles sleep.

Nor are Gentiles trained in Spirit site for demonic warfare like the 144 are.   Yes of course the Gentiles have their own battles when they prevail and grow spiritually.

Regarding the creation of the New Earth, GOD ALMIGHTY only does certain things instantly.  And this is not one of them.  If you have a relationship with God you know “all things work together for the good to those who Love God and live according to His will”.  Things always happen for a reason and spiritual growth doesn’t come easily without a price.  God is big on patience and that means waiting.

But not all have endured the training as God’s chosen few have.  The elect who became the clay in His hands long ago.  The elect who He includes in His plans to show them His works.

All vestiges of the serpent must be slaughtered destroyed burned annihilated or sent back to Hell.  Not even a footprint of evil shall be permitted to remain on God’s sacred New Earth.


In the beginning there will be a clean up period of latent “dead men’s spirits” and of humans who still serve the beast.   Humans who hid in underground serpent lines of vaulted rivers of bunkers. These survivors favored by and hand picked by the antichrist will not be able to stand before the Sun/Son of God without their radiation suits firmly intact.   Because they are not purified and made wait the Sun exposure would kill them.

They will have been preserved by hiding deep in long dark veins of bunkers.   Bunkers meant to withstand a nuclear blast.  The survivors are blind to the evil intent of their superiors.  They are unbelievers and they would turn the New Earth back into a fallen prison Earth given half a chance.  They are spiritually unteachable and should have been demolished in the Lake of Fire event but were not.

All Enemies of God Will Be Sent to their Judgement

The 144 Sons of God are born again and filled with the Holy Spirit.  They no longer kill under any circumstance except maybe self defense.   To kill God’s humans is against His sacred law.

The surviving servants of the beast (humans) will wear white radiation suits to survive God’s Sun/Son temporarily.  They have the mark of the beast.  They have blindly handed their own moral choices to their superiors and say “it’s just my job” when they kill steal or destroy the innocent in the name of obedience to the beast system.

These men in white will take captive any apparent survivors (God’s sacred Children) they run into on the transitioning Earth if they have half a chance.  They would put the 144 to death if they could.  They would participate in turning the New Earth paradise into another fallen Earth.  By their blind servitude to their corporate bastard destroyers they commit crimes against humanity.  Always in the name of the greater good.

And yes the common people had their part in destroying the fallen Earth by blind ignorance.  THE UNSAVED HUMANS CANNOT REMAIN ON THE NEW EARTH AND WON’T.


The New Earth war will be to send unbelievers/survivors to judgement.  And to contain demonic survivors in the spiritual realm by either annihilation or vanquishing demons back to Hell.  So who will end these survivors?

Earth will be cleansed by Jesus Himself by His Glorious Sun of God.  You see the servant’s of the beast are not purified and cannot cannot cannot stand before the Sun/Son of God.


God provides a “root of Jesse”.  The mystery scripture in Isaiah 11:

Children will lead the New Earth animal beings (Isaiah 11). The children will grow from the the root of Jesse like a plant. The Earth is their Mother & Father.  And Little Children will end the latent beast system survivors who hid in caves.


Isaiah 11:6
The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid; and the calf and the young lion and the fatling together; and a little child shall lead them.   (The Lion shall lie with the lamb but for now the wolf).

Isaiah 11:7
And the cow and the bear shall feed; their young ones shall lie down together: and the lion shall eat straw like the ox.

Isaiah 11:8
And the sucking child shall play on the hole of the asp, and the weaned child shall put his hand on the cockatrice’ den.


Isaiah 11:1-4 These alleged serpent tending children are now revealed to Jazweeh the seer.  

Perhaps I should site the movie “children of the corn” but that comparison would not be fully accurate.  These children will participate in an innocent way in ending the lives of these surviving evil servants of the beast.  To send them to judgement as is God’s will.

The children grow from a root like trees.  They are children of the New Earth literally.  The Earth will be their Father and their Mother.  Do you think God can do this?  Children will END THE BEAST with the help of the Sun of God.

They will play a game on the new Earth.  They know no evil.  But are lead by The Holy Spirit of God.  They will use cunning and nature and animals whom “they lead” to removed the radiation suits of these men and He who commits no crime, Jesus The Sun will end them by His Glory.

It’s written that these children play at the viper den.  That they are wise and led by Spirit and more.  Never before did we fathom what Isaiah 11 means.  It’s quite amazing.  God’s irony is without equal.  Children playing a game will end them.

The evil men will try to do as they always have.  Capture and commit blasphemy to desecrate the bodies of children with their scalpels and knives.  They will take these innocent children into their cave to dissect them.  Not knowing that the innocents are magically driven and have power over all animal-like beings on the New Earth.  And power over the new nature itself most likely.

The sacred children will be primary in the cleanup of evil on the New Earth.

No human power can stop these Children of the root of Jesse.


By now the 144 are immortal and supernatural and can take form to the New Earth also to interact with the Root children and the later coming Gentiles.

To put it simply the 144 are schooled already in slaughtering dark spirits and sending them back to hell.  But there’s another problem on the Earth.  Cloned bastard spirits have infested mankind with the walking dead man spirit.  This happened because of the dark side beast playing with bloodlines gee gnome there apey (the back scene).

The people who took the mark of the beast have taken his bloodline unto themselves.  And yet the man who owned that bloodline is deceased.  Maybe Solomon the corrupt king.  Yet its a mystery that God mentioned Solomons bloodline about the Root of Jesse New Earth children.  More will be revealed.

NEVER have I learned such grand irony and starke wisdom as the irony & wisdom now fulfilled in God’s end of days events.

Those who trusted the beast and did not seek God carelessly invited the dead man’s spirit into themselves.  Apparently this cloned dead man’s spirit is now roaming throughout mankind.   Those who are not protected have the dead man’s spirit.  And those who willing took Esau’s soup lost their true spirit given by God.    This was their Crown of Life which they threw on the floor at the alter of the beast.  And the Christians now brag about it quoting the scripture of “throw the crown of life on the floor of the alter”.  The Dark Lord’s rewrites mocks them again.

When those who took the soup die of a “rend your heart” event (as the Dark Lord puts it)  An alluding to the ripping one’s own heart by taking Esau’s soup Pandora’s box of poison.

“And rend your heart, and not your garments, and turn unto the LORD your God: for he is gracious and merciful, slow to anger, and of great kindness, and repenteth him of the evil.”

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