The Rapture Watchmen On Youtube Are Already “Caught Up”.

The Watchmen speak of end of days prophecy of saints being “caught up into the clouds”.  And they speak of a god who reigns with an “iron rod”.   They prophesy of the “towers of babel”.

She is the Revelation 12 woman. She did not take a bite of the poison apple.  She did not lose her inheritance or her memory as the Gentiles who serve the god of the iron rods. They drank Esau’s Soup.

Swim swim the Gentile fish caught into the net cast into the cloud of clouds.  Sky net is blinding them.  They are as one united.  See them wired together?

Their color is gone.  Pandora’s Box is opened stealing the eternal gift of Hope.  The woman of Rev. 12 is protected by the golden circle.  It’s not easy being alone to watch blind men choosing lies over Truth.

Why is she alone?


But they don’t realize the towers of Babel are already raised up with it’s “iron rods” of deception.

And just as the book prophesied that the saints would be overcome for a time. Thrown into the hands of the beast.  That they would prefer the lies…And they see not that they are already “in the cloud” and “caught up” into the deception of the strong delusion.

The iron rods already rule their minds and memories.  The towers of Babel are already erected all around them catching them like fish into the same “cloud” that they worship day in and day out.

And what of Jacob?  What of the minority the chosen few who are watching their minds go reprobate?  We see the prophecy fulfilled already.  It’s not easy for Jacob because we simply cannot make them see.  Not even for a second.

Free will demands that these Gentiles have the choice between truth and lies.  God will not create slaves.  However the Dark Lord has already made the Gentile fish caught in the cloud slaves to that cloud.

They worship at the feet of the beast’s alter where they cast their crowns of life unto the floor willingly, proudly admitting it.  Their holy book is gone.  Replaced by a desecrated book of lies and insults to both God and man.

“The wise will understand.”  Jacob watched their own sacred bibles turn to lies.  And yet the many cannot remember God’s sacred words.

The “dead in Christ” have already been raised.  We saw them in a long line headed for the throne of God.  In white glowing remnant those who passed on and know Jesus’ voice will not follow another.

When Jesus left all the bibles to the wolf… and the Lion left the lamb in Isiah 11:6, Jacob left the bibles behind.  We followed Jesus out of the desecrated books.  We don’t follow another.

We know that the Dark Lord’s vile words are not anything like The Good Shepherd’s voice.  We watch the words on the pages change daily by magic.

We know Jesus carries a Scepter of Gold not an ‘iron rod’ as the Dark Lord beast rules.

He rules the cloud by these iron rods by the towers of Babel.

BLAME THE “FALLEN ANGELS” scream the Gentile watchmen.  Blame God’s Holy Deity for the desecration of the bodies of mankind.  Man makes his choice then twists the prophecy to fit the lies the beast handed them.

Don’t look at the fact that Angels don’t even have DNA to be corrupted like a human.  But animals (beasts) do have dna and can be and have been mixed with human DNA.  Hence The Mark of the Beast!

It’s all right in front of them to be seen by eyes which seek Truth.  Its not easy to watch the fall of mankind in technicolor.

Still all that’s needed for salvation is Faith in God the size of a mustard seed.  They are deceived but we think they are still to be saved in spite of it.  We are very familiar with God’s Grace.  But those who prefer the lies will have a different station in the New World to come.

Now their very immune system is by patent.  God will not have this blasphemy continue much longer.  The harvest is done.  They are already marked on the forehead.  The Reapers are here.  Jacob will likely be left behind to walk the New Earth and chronicle it’s wonders for 1,000 years.  And or He may see a rapture as well.  It’s always been a mystery


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