How to Vanquish Incubus. Casting Out Demons

Nightly Invasions of Demonic Sex Spirits Is No Fun for the Victim!

“Resist the demon and it will flee.”

Dispel Incubus by Higher Power Commands.

Terror is the ultimate motive of a sex demon.  The interludes begin with sex but quickly go sour.   Demon begins by implementing it’s limited power of pleasure for the victim.  The first few times one comes in the night may be quite enjoyable for the victim.  Perhaps even more enjoyable than some partner’s unsatisfying & self centered sexual demands night after night after monotonous night!   Alternatively a demon in the night does have the power to provide a climax a few times in it’s evil process of human annihilation.  Do not ever encourage a demonic experience.

About Demons

Most people don’t believe in demons until they encounter one in their own life.  Understandable.  For who wants to believe they have an enemy, scarey and intent on annihilating them.  It’s just too much work to believe in demons.  Then a person has to find the solutions.  Not to mention if demons are real the concept brings with it a waterfall of other moral questions about Higher powers and God.  Questions about God, self, and our alleged sin, which takes alot of work to consider and process emotionally, & successfully.

After all who wants to give up those little satisfying secret sins we feel make our lives bearable.  And just when we learned how to successfully repress guilt regret, and remorse so effectively.  In comes more rules to follow.

“Enough with the pish posh, Writer!  Give us the solutions to this daunting problem that’s hacking our sleep time of peace, renewal, and strengthening. We are left exhausted in the morning with skidish fear.”

Okay okay says the Seer’s prime, & articulate biographer of words.

The Wealth & Power Demons

These creatures came to Earth for one reason.  To steal your soul, to kill your body (indirectly), and to destroy your life & chance at a new life in the eternal realm of Light of Love.

You see our Earth did not have demon evil in it in the beginning.  But by one hurtful malicious sin at a time demons were summoned from the pit one by one.  Summoned by the actions of mankind. This is how some families were able to summon high level demons to trade favors.

Demons feed on violence, terror, confusion, and mayhem.  They feed on kaos and their food is our demise.   Hence to gain power from demons, the families who rule the world have for generations, compromised Love, Light, and Righteousness.  Becoming rich & powerful they traded what is good in Life for greed, power, controlism, horror, and burdens of an oppressed sick rich man.

Night and day they battle with the fear of losing their power and riches to some opponent.

The rulers traded a violent one violent act after another for favors & more demonic favors.  The favors come from high level demons by which men traded away his very soul.

Jesus Came to Set Mankind Free

If you watch TV your programmed to repel the word “Jesus”.  If you have been lied to by Legion/religion then your programmed to repel the name Jesus.  You see legion uses big Truths to pass off huge lies.   They use lies to control the people.  While the preachers explain away all the words of power which God gave men to prosper in the good Way.  Jesus gives us a Way of Life in freedom.

You see Jesus came to deliver us from death.  And to set us free from generational curses that result in our own bondage when ignited.  “He who the Son sets free is free indeed”.  While demons came to oppress and take hostages.  And they use mankind to do their bidding for they have little if any power to carry out movement on the corporal Earth.  There are exceptions.  There are high achievements in the demonic realm which lets the demon advance in power.  Power to grant favors or cause humans to feel things.

Addiction is an example of the bondage of sin.  The bondage of sin is self destructive whether it be emotionally , morally, or physically destructive bondage imprisons the sex addict.  And eventually brings them to ruin one way or another if unchecked.  Demons like to invade the body and each mortal sin summons a demon up from Hell inviting it in to the flesh.

Its mankind who filled this Earth with demonic power.  The worse the sin the more powerful the demonic presence.


First realize you need Jesus’ help.  Ask Him to come into your heart.  Ask Him for His will to be done in your life with a true heart.  Confess to Jesus by prayer all your shortcomings.  Ask Him to reveal to you his working in your life from here on out.  Ask Jesus to help you to expel dark forces from your life.

Don’t bullshit Jesus.  Don’t wear a mask.  Show him your whole heart.  Let Him no the sins you don’t want Him to remove from your life.  Ask Him to fix your heart, mind, and soul by His great power of Love & Spirit by Faith and by Hope.  God is Love.  The greatest gifts are Love, Faith, and Hope.  Why?  Because they are our Way.  Jesus shows us the Way to eternal Life.  The Way to God Himself.

Jesus came to set us free from the dark enemies.

Now your ready to take authority over your spiritual life.  Jesus doesn’t demand anything.  Preachers make demands.  Jesus saves your soul and your ass from annihilation or worse.

Anoint all the doors and windows with prayed over olive oil.  “Father God in Heaven I ask that you anoint this oil for protection and expulsion of any dark spirits that try to attack me in any way.  In Jesus name I pray.  Thank you.

Anoint your forehead.  God throughout the house praying aloud the Lord’s prayer.  While anointing all windows and doors.

Anoint your bed and claim in as you sacred space in Jesus name. Be careful who you invite into your bed from here on out.  Dark partners bring with them more spirits.

When or if you feel the seduction come upon you.  Resist the demon and it will flee.  Do not engage. If you engage you open a door that now must be shut.  Send the sex demon back to Hell in Jesus name.

“I invoke the Spirit of God in Jesus name and blast any and all sexual demons that try to come against me and seduce me back to Hell!  Use anger to fire up your emotions.  The more emotion the better.

Bind and annihilate all nebulous from Hell.


“I invoke the Spirit of God in Jesus name and blast to Hell any and all dark nebulous that try to come against me, attack, or seduce me sending them back to Hell! ”   Be very careful with your words.  Say what you mean and mean what you say always.  Lies are everywhere in today’s dialect.  Put on the full armor of God. 

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