What Does “As Above So Below” Fallen Angels?


That demons below and Angels above have equal names and mirrored existences.

Where there is an Azazel below.  There is an Azazeliel above.  God made three realms of Earth in perfect balance.  However middle Earth where we are is completely out of balance with evil dominating.

Demon Azazel/Azazeliel


Angels are not flesh to be tempted of demons.  They are spirit. They are not in a position where they need to choose between evil and good.  Holy Angels always do exactly what God Almighty made them to do.  They are good ministering Spirits.  And have many helps for mankind.  Every person has an Angel to get to know.  There are NO EVIL DARK ANGELS.  It is a contradiction of terms and blasphemy toward God’s Deity to say they are evil.


Mankind will not pass judgement on any of God’s Deity.  They have neither the heart nor the spiritual insight to do so.  However they think they do and they pass judgement all the day upon Spiritual Holy Beings of which they have no knowledge or insight.

This is the act of a human passing unrighteous ignorant judgement on Holy Deity of whom they have no knowledge of insight and have never seen.

And yet every Watchmen on Youtube and every Christian I hear preach passes judgement over and over on what they call “fallen angels”.  They even call the angels “demons” or “demonic”.  It’s calling evil good and good evil.

All because of one scripture about the sons of God who are human.  And a whole lot of propaganda by the big players and their massive billion dollar propaganda campaigns.

Tom Horn, Steve Quayle, L.A. Marzulli, Timothy Alberino.

The liars no longer need propaganda campaigns to promote blasphemy.  Now the Christians parrot the lies at every turn of the channel.

Angels do not suffer from demonic lust.  They are not tempted by the flesh.  To them sex is a somewhat fowl act they want no part in.

It’s manind and their demonic influencers who are the one’s who want to be God.  “Satan” is the scapegoat.

It’s always been mankind who commits the sins of false pride not the Holy Deity of God.

Who Are The Genesess (Genesis) Six Sons of God?

The Sons of God are the 144,000, and those who go before the throne of God, the 133.  Do you see these numbers?  Have you gone before the throne of God?  Are you under the throne of the alter of God?  Few are.  But those who are now know who they are.  The elect the chosen of God are not Gentiles.  They are whom the books call “Israel”.  Israel are a people not a geo-location.

Why Are Demons on Earth?

Demons are on Earth to help mankind choose a side for his eternal home.  If the man does not choose an eternal God then he will have no eternal home.

Store up treasure for yourself in Heaven.

If a man commits murder he opens the abyss below and lets out a murder demon to further tempt him to commit more and more murders.  As he continues in lethal behavior toward others worse demonic influences rise from Hell to join the first murder demon inside the man.

A door to the Abyss must be opened by an act of sin for a demon to be loosed into a human.

Deliverance and Resistance from Demons

If the murderer kills again a worse demon comes.  If he resists the temptations of committing a second murder for several years the murder demon grows weak and thin.  It desperately tries to make the man kill again so it will be fed spiritual.  Demons are dark spirits.  Eventually the demon may leave the man due to resistance.  Or he will need prayer with laying on of hands in Jesus name by a Faith preacher to attain his deliverance.

Lust, and sloth demons can be cast out by resistance.  I know this by experience with my own sloth and lust behaviors.  Once I quit the behavior the demons starved for spiritual food. They left me.  The lust demon left in a strange squirming sensation after approximately three years of celibacy.   The lust spirit likely came because of years of unrighteous sex.

Is there any sex that is not lust driven?  Most likely but the beast system has NO SAY in righteous sex vs. fornication or lust.  A ring and a license do not stop dark spirits.  True Love on the other hand-with respect and careful tenderness doesn’t.

Demons of bondage to sin must be cast out by the preacher in Jesus name.  That is the only way I know of to get rid of a demonic oppression like drug addiction.  The bondage demon is much stronger than the sloth or lust demon.  Unless the man makes the lust demon stronger and strong by more and more sexual perversity.  Harmful sex acts bring worse sister demons of lust.  Violent acts of most kinds summon heinous demons.

The more demons the more the temptation.  The more sin the more joining sister demons that fill the man.

There are Demons which Grant Material Gifts by sacrifices to certain Demons by name.  Slaughtering the innocent is done for power and riches.  Once the elite figured this out they filled Middle Earth with demonic influence.

Make no mistake TV is the image of the beast.  And many incantations come through which influence mankind.  However all of mankind has a choice to make.  Most have already made their eternal choice.  The towers of Babel control their minds and shut them on and off like a device.

Middle Earth, Below Earth, Above Earth

Propaganda by big players of the Beast System.  These men are the progenitors of propaganda.  They are big players who trick Christians into assuming they defy the Beast & share the Truth.  By the belt of Truth we can tell lies from truth.  Put on the whole armor of God.

These TV Image of the Beast actors will answer to God Almighty and they will face the very Angels whom they blaspheme.

Timothy Alberino

Tom Horn

Steve Quayle

L.A. Marzulli Demonic name.

WHY Did the Beast Promote Fallen Angel Propaganda So Hard?

One to cause men to call evil good and good evil.  To promote lies on Earth for more demonic power.  To blaspheme God’s Holy Angels because demons & demonic humans hate & fear God.  And to fulfill the prophecy of …

“Know ye not that we shall judge angels? how much more things that pertain to this life?”

The scripture does not mean what the Christians thought.  By false pride they think they will be wise and strong enough to see inside the makeup of a Holy Angels and then judge as if they are God. Yet the many are under the strong delusion. And they prefer the lies over Truth. And so apparently God Almighty gave them what they chose, a spiritual life filled with delusion and misnomers. That towers of Babel have their minds in a tunnel of lies.

In the morning they are downloaded with new false memories of what God’s words are.

And what of the 144?

Humans don’t learn from the wise.  They call us Satan because of what we see.  It is our temptation to mock and accuse the breathren who proclaim that they believe in Jesus.  We are pretty sure they don’t know Him.  But we cannot see their hearts.

God is Judge.  Judgement hour is here.  Today begins the White Thrones of Judgement.  The halls of the dead are empty.  All of the souls of the dead already rose to the Heavens.  Now is judgement and fire is coming to the Gentiles.  They have a picture of the Sun exploding in their heads.  They will see the judgement of God Almighty.



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