The Spiritual Warrior- Overcoming Addiction


I Didn’t Start Out As a Warrior

People seldom want to see that they have a relentless invisible enemy who wants them to self destruct.  In AA we are taught to take responsibility for our actions, and rightly so.  But if a man really gets to know himself from the ground up, he will likely discover that there are dark invisible entities who want him dead.  (demons)  Furthermore he will find that there are enemies all around him called “the beast system” and its rules and supplimentals. (Everything you carry out of the store (on the most part) IS POISONED.  From food to furniture to clothing to devices, routers, cell phones, to appliances and on and on.    Toss your microwave they all leak harmful levels of radiation!  Some poisons are worse than others.

We are being attacked on all fronts.  But before we can look at that we must clear up our own part in this mess and clear the wreckage of the past.  By shedding guilt and shame the truth shall set us free.  Pray.  Pray before working the 12 steps.

I must assure my readers that all believers must be spiritual warriors eventually.  Never fight in the flesh, its pointless except in self defense of a physical attack of course.  Arguing is counter productive.

We all must get up and fight at some point lest we find ourselves oppressed & paralyzed by dark spirits such as depression, anxiety, unhealthy reactions to fear,  fighting with others and dysfunctional relationships, self harm, harm of others and on and on goes the array of dysfunction.

MOVE A MUSCLE-change a thought

OUT OF THE PROBLEM-Into the solution.

We must take action if we want to change.

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Fear Is Part of The Human Condition

It’s the unhealthy reactions to fear, or fear run riot that causes people to react in unhealthy ways.

All types of addiction are fear management.  Porn is also in most cases the same.  You my friend HAVE NO RIGHT TO CONDEMN YOURSELF.  Nor is self abating a viable solution to sinful habits.

12 step programs work but ye must be diligent and continue to go to meetings daily no matter your actions (still using).  Then open up to others, confess your fear and ignore those in AA who take the chance to ridicule.  They do it out of their own inferiority complex.  Allow people to help.  There will be ass holes in every AA meeting.  But also Truth sometimes hurts.  There is a clear difference between a hard truth that hurts because it triggers shame and a direct disrespectful insult.  I had to learn the difference.  I had to become teachable if I was to grow and heal.  The deflection from one’s sinful habit in itself is a solution.

If your at a meeting your not drinking.  Preachers will tell you that AA is evil because they do not acknowledge Jesus.  It’s not “they” acknowledging Jesus that is the issue.  It us, we who need to acknowledge and draw nigh unto Jesus/God and He shall draw nigh unto us.  Let the program be the program, they have the right to choose their own God.  Preachers will also tell you that therapy is at odds with church.  Seems to me they want to keep us sick.

Without group therapy that finally showed me how to express myself in Truth without shame I would still be very sick emotionally.  The solutions to addiction and to bad habits it to create new good habits.  Not beat yourself up till you self destruct.  I learned this the hard way.  I am not talking to all of you obviously.

Why am I saying all this?  Because most of God’s army 144 had very dark beginnings.  They are overcomers who have come out of GREAT tribulation in their lives.   Not to mention their prodigal son walk causing more tribulation in their lives.

The 144,000’s own families would not recognize them as anything special, but rather would likely point a finger and say “he’s insane”.  Or “he’s obsessed with God” or “all she talks about is the great tribulation”.  And on and on.  They do not understand what it is to hunger and thirst after righteousness.

“Blessed are those who hunger and thirst after righteousness for they shall be filled.”

Beating One’s Self Up for Sin/bad habits Does No Good.


If I beat myself up for my weaknesses then I am piling insult to injury.  If I want to change I need healthy solutions.  Deflection and distraction are a good start.

Self chastisement doesn’t work for self improvement.    Verbal self ridicule under ANY circumstance is playing the devils advocate, the accuser of the breathren  .

Ridicule doesn’t help anything.  Trust me I did it for years over my own addictions, guilt & shame.  The verbal beat down is a just that-a beat down.

Shame makes us stupid by assuming others are better than us.  Comparing our insides to other peoples outsides is to compare their mask to my Truth.  It is a false comparison at best. I found out that the majority of people are terrified to admit what is really going on inside their hearts and heads.

Why is the average joe so fucking insecure that they pretend to be someone they are not?  Why do people live by ego instead of being in Truth?  TV programming, education, and parental ignorance.

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