Behold-The Reason For Human Life On Earth

Jazweeh Gives Her Long Sought After Answers.  Why are we here?

It’s rather simple, the meaning of life, that is.  Believing isn’t so simple.  Rather, it requires a mustard seed of Faith to reach the understanding of “why”.  Each child is given a measure of Faith from God above.  It warms them.  Some children pray as soon as they are able to understand words.  Keep this in mind.  Either we let Faith die.  Or we put it in the wrong things such as to trust in the creation over the Creator.  Or to trust in he beast whom we have been subject to all our lives from birth.  It is difficult to not trust in money since its our security to purchase life sustaining food and water, shelter, and transportation.

And so why are we here?

Do you remember the story of Creation?  God created the Heavens and the Earth.  Then by His words He (He/She/The Spirit) created mankind in His own image.  Yes “In His Image”.

But, What IF That’s Not the Whole Creation Story?

What if, my friends, what if there is a “Creation Part Two” for mankind?  What if indeed, what if?   Creation part I being the creation of man’s flesh and blood etc.  Creation part one isn’t nearly as vital to a man as “Creation Part Two”.

Make no mistake my friends, at least, not concerning everlasting life.  By Truth and by Light I proclaim The Spirit and The Soul of mankind can be Immortal.  If mankind so chooses to be Immortal.

Creation part two is the spiritual creation of mankind.  The creation of man’s spirit by the choices he makes during his life on Earth.  Choices made by Faith.  Choices by Faith are vital actions that attest to where we desire to spend our immortal lives. Jasmin Jasmin blood and grow will you despond or will you show to choose life everlasting.

Do we prefer the darkness or the Light?  Do we want Truth or lies?  Do we desire that which is carnal or evil over our desire to find God and find a world full of light and Love by The Holy Spirit?

What if, indeed.

And so the reason we are on Earth is to choose our Eternal Homes.

There is a third choice to be made for those who will not choose either light or dark, evil or good, Truth or lies.  That is the place where Faith is dejected.  By dejection the heart loses Hope.  By the Loss of the Helmet of The Hope of Salvation the soul withers and is rendered useless.

There is only one thing that can end a soul/spirit of a man-kind.  The Red Lake of Fire.  The Red Lake of Fire burns souls unto their end.  This is why Jesus warned.

“I wish you were either hot or cold, but since your are neither you have no part in me or my eternal home.”

He was telling us that there is a home of darkness for those who prefer darkness.  Balance.  God’s creation of mankind and Earth have always been grounded in God and balance.

Mankind has free will.  We have a choice to choose the darkness over the Light.  Be not so quick to judge yourself.  But know this.  Some will be punished in that dark realm. While others will rule in the dark home which is ruled by The Dark Lord Himself.  Whoever that is.

Remember the scripture of Satan to be released again for a time after the great 1,000 years of peace on Earth.  The New Earth’s Light shall not be infected by darkness. Darkness will be contained very soon.

Choices must be made.  Father shall set in place His realm on Earth.  And The Dark Lord shall have his realm secured.  No more escaping demons to haunt mankind luring them to the darkness.

The cheerleaders from Hell want more power for the dark realm.  But the light will ALWAYS be stronger than the darkness.

Must we be Perfect to Choose the Eternal Light?

Ha!  Do you not know the story of the Prodigal son whom was Lovingly welcomed back into His Fathers house when he so chose to go home.

Father requires transparency.    If you were building a lighted realm would you not choose those whom you can trust to make it their home?  Trust is built by mutual Truth.

Why?  Truth toward God is vital if ye wish to enter The Kingdom of God we must be as little children toward God.  Both relying on Him, and knowing He is to be revered.  Approach God in Truth.  Seek and ye shall find.  Knock and it shall be opened unto you.

Becoming the clay in God’s hands requires, Truth, courage & humility.  Courage to pray the hard prayers and mean it.  Such as “Thy Will be done in my life”.   Or “I have no idea if you/God even exist”.  Or, “I do not trust you”.  This are usually the best of the heartfelt early on prayers.   And furthermore trusting God 100% will likely be impossible for any man who is in the flesh.  But we can improve with God’s help.

We require sincerity, transparency, true intention, knowledge of our own motives.  We must show God our whole heart.  If ye have a seared conscience, we ask God to clean your heart.  And to show us our heart.  We ask Him to make us as a little child toward Him.  We ask Him to show us what to pray for.  The corrupt man requires a spiritual rebuild from the ground up.  The corrupt man knows not what to ask from God.





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