Day of The Dead. Los Muertos Dias. Mandela Effect.

The Very Fabric of Our Earth’s Reality is Breaking Down & Quickly.

Well well well.  I searched for that old famous skeleton in a tux & top hat on the album of the Grateful Dead.  He no longer exists except in the minds of the Los Muertos Dias enthusiasts.  I have a prediction of what is to come and it ain’t pretty.  I could be wrong.

The skeleton on the Grateful Dead’s album cover used to look like this guy but full body bones showing with a tux on. He was cocky and mimicked an entertainer.

“The entire fabric of reality is breaking down” says, Amli, your Everyday Lightworker
Author of The Way Through, Lessons Learned on Life Love and the Journey.

And she’s right.   Some of us see not only the thousands of Mandela effects (changes to history & reality) but we also see the plasma and the vortexes.  Look at the picture my own phone took by itself.

Is it a planet sphere are just a rainbow?
My phone took this picture on its own. I dropped the phone, picked it back up, came into the house, looked at the photos and there it was…a vortex of what looks like water or plasma.  It’s not like my phone could spin that fast.  NO WAY.

What then what are my predictions?

I say it is the time of The Gathering.  Get right with God now.  It shall be soon the time of red dust.  Most flesh shall turn to carbon red dust, fly ash.  And the plasma vortexes that can already be seen in the atmosphere with bust open from place to place.  Windows of an instant destruction of the carnal and transport of the spiritual.

Flesh & Blood are not made to inhabit the spirit world.  The vail will finally RIP.  One by one wormholes will open and suck people in.  But not their bodies.  Their bodies will turn to red dust as their spirits are sucked into the vortex of The Impending Gathering.  Each man to his eternal home.  Or to the halls of the dead.  Or to Heaven.  Or Hell.  The spirit world calls for the gathering.

The Vail between our two worlds is thinning rapidly.  Reality is breaking down.  When finally from place to place split second wormholes shall open up.  Many will call it the “Rapture”.  And it is the Rapture.  But more accurately it is the Gathering of souls unto their eternal homes.



The Silver Roach Prophecy

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