Genocide the Fairy Tale of Death


The beast holds in its hand the Locust from the pit.  The prophecy of Apollyon and his parasitic yet painless pet.  Is driven unto the masses for dark mind control. That story will soon will leave all bibles magically.  The wisdom which God provided to those who Love His Truth, His words is no longer available to the masses.

They had their chances over and over and over by many lives.  If only once in one of their lives they would of had a heart toward God…if only once they would have sought Him with the fervor by which they seek money, and sex they would of been His children.  If only, says the Scribe of God who sees that which others do not.  Oh sure the bibles still exist but the words of God have rolled up to the Heavens as a scroll.  Gone, gone, gone, and few remember them because they did not hold them in their heart with Love, honor, and great seeking to know Him & His words.  Is there still time to seek God?  I hope so.

Wikipedia provides “Genocide by death toll” list.  Are they being straight with us?  Are they ever?
What do we know about the TV?  It is the prophesied Image of the Beast (and phones).  What do we know about the news?  They lie like hell.  What do we know about the owners of the Image of the Beast?  Those who have dictate and power over the masses?  Of them what do we know?


Know them by who they show us they are.  Not by who they say they are.

They are the Father of Lies.  Truth is not in their nature.  They only tell the truth when truth is beneficial for their agendas.  Or when cornered.  They always spin the Truth to their advantage.  They are diabolically evil.

When and how did I discover that those who rule are diabolically evil?  When I researched feud & anything else we walk out of a store with. (co-ed word)

What are their agendas?  Depopulation, and deception and to keep the people both deceived and afraid.  Also to gather as many loyal subjects as one god can.  The god of the Image has many loyal followers.  And perhaps this god is the worst of all idols.

“Put no other gods before me neither serve any other gods in worship and in praise.  For God Almighty is the Creator of Heaven and of Earth.”  He is the Creator of mankind.  In His hands is Life and Life more abundantly.  He directs those who seek Him to His Son Jesus in whom The Holy Spirit is given with supernatural gifts.  The Holy Spirit will lead us into all Truth.

Well we hope we didn’t scare you away by the script.  We want to tell you a story.

There once was a girl who was born in the late 50s.  She was a mess because she felt the God hole in her soul more than most.  Soul 33%, Body 33% Spirit 33%=99.999999%

She knew she was missing something so she searched for fulfillment in every way she was blown by the wind of sorrows.  She died in her search at least once.  Sex, overdoses, crime, more sex, more overdoses until finally she had enough of Hell on Earth.  And it was HELL.  She then came out of great tribulation by a prayer.

"God if you're out there HELP!  She walked the walk of bondage of hell and the grave when she died.  But not too long after her heart felt appeal to the One True God whom she feared she saw and climbed Jacob's Ladder.  She had three out of body dreams that changed her for ever.

Once a man leaves his body and travels about he is never the same.  Why?  Because now that man knows his soul is eternal.  He also knows there is a Spirit realm and a God.

She had the dream of Jacob's Ladder.  Then she walked in Hell and the Grave but this time she was not bound by it.  She now had the keys which Jesus Himself gave to her.  The keys to death and to Hell went first to Jesus then they fell into the hands of those who know Him.

She had a third dream of flying over the church and watching the members sleep.  Their minds under a vail of deception and slumber.

She continued to seek God by running from church to church where finally at alter call she had a great spiritual experience by prayer of others with the laying on of hands.  She now had gifts and the baptism of The Holy Spirit of God.  She was not only born again back when she struggled to understand the bibles.  But now she has the Spirit of Truth for gifts unto men.

She proclaimed the miracle of deliverance and of Joy she received to her family who, of course quickly invalidated her.  Her mom said her spiritual experience was nothing but "emotion".  Invalidation was nothing new for them.  God help them.  Her family spoon fed her demoralization from birth forward.

But God Almighty restored her.

She was changed from the inside out.  First her morals then ...everything changed.  That was back in the late 80s thereabout.  Then she became a public speaker, worked the 12 steps in Truth, and her confidence grew strong.

The child became something very few EVER BECOME.  The child/warrior become who she really is.  By following her own heart's voice in her actions.

By the time she was 60 years of age, after becoming the clay in God's hands for many years.   Something very supernatural happened to her in 2017 she received a great awakening.  The vail was lifted from her and she began to see into the supernatural realms of Earth.  Of course no one would believe her, least of all her partner of nearly 20 years.  More of a friend than anything else he could not relate or understand her high spiritual calling that is now a stance.

To be alone is the plight of the 144 and the 133.  Those who are the warrior/child.  And those who go before the throne of God.  The few.  Many are called but FEW are chosen.

“God looks upon the heart.”  This story is to show you why she knows what she knows.  The hard Truth.  Few will ever read this and eve fewer will believe it.

What of Genocide?

No longer do armies need to travel door to door pulling innocent men, women, and children out of their homes late in the night while they are vulnerable and sleep soundly.   Have you ever been run in on by cops?  Ya.  We have we know their tactics of fear and shock.  They usually break down doors and surround.  They point guns and yell alot shocking the inhabitants into submission and great fear.  Fu*k you very much beast system.

But that was THEN.  No longer are bullets and yelling required when slaughtering a billion or 3 innocents.   In a one world government there is only one enemy…the many people.  They have only one fear now that they are all marching to one drum beat.  The apocalypse is here.  The end of days is near.

Invisible stealth weapons against humanity are abundant.  EMF to micro-doses of poison are their favorites.  And they call us stupid and deserving of the man made disease because they label their poisons on every jar, bottle, box, and bag of what they call “feude”.

The death ray is here.  The slow internal cook is here.  The microwaves from Hell are here.  Look what they did to those who allowed them to invade their bodies the temple.   They included beast Dee Anne a in the coctail of transformation.

What are the symptoms of the death ray?  We think perhaps the lungs would suffer first. So it would be mistaken for a illness.  But it would feel like an injury of prickly burning, lung.  The heart would be weakened.  The mind fogged at beast.  Yes there are meters to detect microwaves but the loud ringing is a tell tale sign.  If you hear it, just relocate.  It would be a ring much much louder and higher than the one we all now constantly hear due to so many radio waves on Earth.

Pray to escape the dangers of the end of days.  Eat whole foods.  Drink well or spring water.  Stay fit by walking.  Be ready to meet God.  The gathering is at hand.

God is remaking His children in His Image now.  And so too the beast is remaking mankind in its image.

MOTB Locust shown under skin.  Plate.  Gravestone. Beast.



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