Million Dollar Tax Scam for any Mega-Rich Online Selling Platform

Written by Billy Joe & Bobby Sue


By it we have screwed ourselves.  The beast now holds all the fucking Aces in World Economy.  It is the day of the dog.  It’s here.  The Hopi, The Mayan, The Christian books they all told us the day would come.  Financial rise of the beast is here along with one world rule.  They showed us this unity by the vid.

Take the Money and Run…? No need to RUN!

Angry Jane is pissed.  But she will not make her customers pay for fraud charged that is imputed onto her.  In this case she will “let herself be wronged”.  Why?  Why not tax the buyer in turn?  No! Says Angry Jane.  Because this judgement will not be on Angry Jane.  I will not pass the buck of injustice today.    It will be on the beast who steals from the hungry and deceives the many who will be solely responsible for this taxation.

A certain large seller platform (which used to be somewhat above board until the great reset occurred.)  Is now making sellers pay state taxes 8.875% in states they do not live in for fees they don’t owe.  Sellers are forces to pay taxes they do not owe.  When chatting with the seller platform they said they would refund the money.  Yet no refund is given to the seller.  Only to the buyer during the return.

They are promising sellers a “tax refund” that never comes (yet) on a debt they do not own.   When the seller has a returned product they are charged to refund to the buyer the taxes that was paid by the buyer for their state online tax in states the seller has no part in.  Now the seller loses nearly 10% off the top of every product return refund given.

If a customer returns an item & a refund is not given then a case is made against their shop and demerits are ensued.  The demerits happen even if the seller is in the right!  WTF?  Injustice of bastards from Hell!

When the seller refunds the state taxes that the buyer paid already to their home state, the selling platform takes the sellers money and refunds that buyers state taxes as required legally.  Tax paid to the buyer with funds fraudulently acquired from the seller who is technically forced to pay it.  And that have nothing to do with the sellers finances except that they lose that money for an order that was cancelled by the buyer.  Multiply this payment by a million sellers and a million fraudulent charges.  Now you have a beast system that is clearly UNRESTRAINED.  The system is now unrestrained and answerable to no one.  Or they clearly would not do this.  If any bureaucrats was watchdogging the seller platforms they would not be stealing from us so blatantly.  They would at least make it a legal theft.

They great resent is showing those who are watching…that now we have no rights.  And that the Beast doesn’t give a fuck.

The system is now doing whatever it wants to.  To the people.  What does the seller do now?  Charge the little guy, the buyer for this theft to make up for their loss?


The situation is a pile of shit that stinks to High Heaven and there will be a RECKONING against selling platforms.  Make no mistake about that.  And that reckoning shall be much sooner than these greedy bastards assume.  As they sit back in their high towers and say “where is your God now?”  “Where is this Jesus’ return which you speak of?”

The beast says “I have seen 1,000 men dying, praying for God’s help.  And not one was aided by this God of yours.”

Stealing from the little guy who barely has enough to buy groceries is a crime against humanity that will be judged by God Almighty.

Just about every organization from Government to Cops, to corporations to transportations/stores/food/clothing/land/housing all of it is owned & controlled by one dark evil force.   And it you own it they tax ti.

A Hypothetical Scam. In this hypothetical the platform is posing as customers.

3 characters.  Sellers on a platform x a million.  Alleged buyers. & the platform itself.

Step One -The controlling Platform Causes A-Crash in sales for about a million sellers averting sales to other sellers by ad & their own high volume search engine manipulation.  Leaving the sellers with emotional desperation and insecurity.  That way they accept being wronged.

STEP two– The platform in question  BUYS ONE MILLION $ OF those same financially desperate SELLERS PRODUCTS.  For the purchase they use a home address of New York or one of the other high internet tax states who collect internet tax from EVERY ONLINE PURCHASE.   Like NY …8.875%.

STEP Three – Now they quickly RETURN The PRODUCT FOR A QUICK REFUND from seller.

Step Four

Know your sellers.  After collecting algorithms from millions of sellers for years on end.  Big seller platforms know which sellers refund fully & easily and who doesn’t.   Most sellers do easy refunds so they are not pegged for a “case” against them.

Side note:  Are these platforms really remitting state tax in full during a one world rule?  Who is watch dogging them if anyone.  The big boys code their own websites.  Lets just say hypothetically they cover up the one million dollar sales by code manipulation called “shadow banning”.   Now $1,000,000 in sales never happened-but did.  Only the sellers see the sales.

From sellers viewpoint during the purchase the buyer also paid the required $10 online tax for a $119 item.    But in reality they never paid state tax on this sale to begin with hypothetically.  It’s just numbers on a webpage.  Or they just gave tax boys hush money.

Step Five– FUDGE THE REFUND PAGE- Make a tech glitch on the sellers refund page.  When attempting a refund the seller is charged the tax so as to refund it to the buyer.  But if the tax was really paid it went straight in the platforms pocket.

Buyer returned the product in a timely fashion.   Now the seller is forced (by tech error required due to the code glitch) to refund their 8.875% taxes themselves (even though it was never the sellers money).  .So seller is now faced with either paying the 10% extra in the refund $ or risking a ‘case’ against them to force refund.  Putting a marr on their online sales reputation.

By the tech error the sellers hand is forced to refund tax they did not receive.  Multiply that by a million sellers, purchases & refunds and it’s alot of money.

What about the buyer?  Well they never actually paid state tax to begin with.  They merely invested one million or ten million by purchases from millions of their own platforms sellers..  Approximately a 30 day investment (if that) with a 8.875% return rate on their investment after all the refunds come in they make over $100,000 on every million invested in less than 30 days.   The selling platform makes 9% profit from the sellers on say 10 million invested.  One million profit.

And in a one world rule setting nobody can do anything about it.  If you scream “fraud” you kicked out of a job online and now you have no income.

This is called Tyranny.  It is what happens when there is one force who controls all avenues of the financial in’s and out’s of the world.


“Who can war against the Beast?” Revelation 13:4

In A Nutshell the Scam.

Three characters.  The platform.  The sellers.  The buyer.

In this hypothetical the platform is posing as a buyer.

A million purchases with internet tax either paid or unpaid it doesn’t matter.  Why?  Because even if they paid the initial tax of $10 to the platform/then state.   During the one sale.  Still that tax is auto refunded to the buyer by those who received it (platform/state) during any & all refunds.   If that part of the transaction goes through proper channels internet tax is refunded by those who received it.  First the platform then from the state.  Platforms do quarterly deposits of taxes to the various states.  Then the buyer/platform are getting the extra $10 from the seller when the seller is forced to inadvertantly refund taxes themselves out of their pocket.

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