River Styx & The Ferryman

I saw the River Styx .  With foreboding anticipation I knew I was to ride that barge.  The Ferryman had a large pole with it he maneuvered the shallow waters of inertia.  Inertia the powerful tide which carries the boats of old down the stream. Down down down goes the water. Always strong is the current.  Always wide are the banks of the River Styx.

What is the significance of the vision of the barge, river, tide, & impending falls for those who see it?

Those who see the River Styx are destined for death in the silent falls, just up ahead.

Though the falls are hidden and silent their are the doom of many.  The falls of the River Styx are seldom spoken of.  Because a fall and crashing death is what will happen for those who do not turn.   Those who ride must be turned away from the falls by the barge.  They must ride the river upstream.  Against the tide against the tide the Ferryman takes his riders away from their fall destiny.  He turns them from their fall of death.

How does a man change a lifetime of destructive behavior?  How does a man take habits written in his neural pathways that are so deep they are automatic and reverse them?  How can a man change a lifetime of forged mind processes and make them healthy?

He must ride the river styx upstream and then he can build bridges over the sick neural pathways of his mind.  How?

“Turn me Lord and I shall be turned.”  Please, turn me Lord and I shall be turned!  “Please Father God of the Heavens and Earth, Creator of all things.  Turn me Lord and I shall be turned!”

That prayer once written in the books of Truth.  But is likely no longer in the book is the prayer that led me not only to the River but also to the Ferryman and our journey upstream.  God sent the Ferryman to turn me and he did.

Truth toward God & transparency of heart is the pathway to the River Styx where myth meets Faith eternal & supernatural.  A world beyond the carnal where fairytales meet Truth.  Truth that has been in the hearts of men from conception.  Truth which men allow to fade and wilt as a neglected flower on the bloom of a sacred and holy plant.  As the flower and plant fade so too does the magic which God Almighty intended for His children.

Where evil men detour Truth from the innocent children judgement comes a calling.  “All things work together for the good for those who Love God and seek His will in their lives.”

I got my miracle.  And so much more.


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