How Do We Learn About The Hereafter?

Eternal Lessons from the Scribe

We need eight vital helps in our journey of learning about the mysteries of life & of death.  The mysteries of the power of the gods is here in the waking world, for the taking.  Usually it takes many long years for a man to stumble into the knowledge which brings the wisdom of the mysteries of life & of death.  Learning these things can happen if you are privy to some of the sacred books written by those who rent the vail (vail of death).  However they often lack the wisdom and humility which comes by earning this knowledge and gaining it first hand.

The Blessed Green Goddess
    Precious green crystals.

The Human who peers into the dark realms with protection can lead into insanity.


  1. First the vail must be rent.  The vail of life must rip from your soul by death itself.  You must die and be brought back somehow.  Either by accident or intentionally I suppose.

“They loved not their lives unto death”.

Often death comes by a careless search for something better than what our eyes see.  Drug overdose for instance by someone who is miserable..they don’t kill themselves on purpose but neither do they take care for their life here on Earth.  Subconsciously, most often those who die that way have a need for something more.   Then if someone brings them back the vail is ripped.  Now if they seek they will find the dark realms.  But beware without step two seeking the beyond is risky.

2. Spiritual Protection. To travel the dark realms one must have protection from a Higher Being.  A God preferably.  This means one must seek a God whom you can trust.  And who is will to protect you through your journey of learning on Earth.  If you choose Jesus He will be sure to teach you other godly character traits.  Like patience.  People don’t like the slow process of learning at the feet of Jesus.  So they find another God to ask protection from.  Perhaps Annubis, or The Green Goddess.  Seeking a god takes diligence.

3. One must be given the knowledge of the ages.  One must have a kind of sponsor.  One of the gods who has the power to give the okay for you to receive knowledge of gods.  The two Gods I mentioned before “Annuis, and The God of Green Gables” both have an interest in sponsoring new members in the halls of wisdom.

4. The knowledge one seeks should first be first of Light.  Jesus is a God, yes.  But He is the Only Begotten Son of God.  He has certain specific qualities for humans.  He is our salvation.  Meaning He saves people from themselves & from dark demonic entities which want to take mankind by force of deception.  Jesus is trustworthy.  He is our healer.  Our deliverer from dark bondage if deliverance is so needed.  Say your a slave to twisted sex and can’t stop.  Yet you feel guilty over and over and over.  Jesus will deliver you and set you free from the bondage to sin.  Sometimes a preacher and alter call are needed for the process of deliverance.  Dark sin always has its demonic consequences.  Either deadly repercussions or just karmic payback.

5. Meditation. Of course you would go against Legion/Religionist spirit by meditating.  Since most preachers say that the only thing you can find in meditation is dark evil.  That’s bullshit.  They also condemn the sacred stones mentioned in their own bibles.  Crystals.  What are crystals for?  Meditation once the man gets past all his emotional issues and clears them up he can then really meditate.  Crystals are books to be read.  The mysteries are in the books.

When the man lies still on his bed seeking God with his heart he will first be scattered with the wreckage of his past.  Your mind will flows with regrets, guilts, fears, shame, issues of this life etc.  All the wreckage of the past must first be addressed. 

Then the man can begin the training of his mind to concentrate on only one thought.  Once the quiet is established he can travel.  He can open his spiritual ears and learn.  Few people ever clear the emotional wreckage of their past.  Few people ever find their own heart.  Few people ever admit the wrongs they commit.  Or the wrongs suffered.  So.  Big changes must abide starting with a dependency on your Higher Power.  By relying on Jesus throughout my meditation I learn at His feet.  I do not know which gods will be so accommodating as Jesus.  He is my teacher.  So He is the God I recommend for your journey to Truth.  Why?  I know Him and He knows me.

6. Let go of the things of this world.  “And the things of this world shall grow strangely dim.”

7. Prayer.  Prayer & meditation is your reach into the other realms.  Prayer is heard by those who pray with their heart earnestly.  Your heart must search the unknown. While your mind listens for the answers to your prayers.  The answers come in a way that is unique to your personality.  Without prayer wisdom cannot be gained.  Without prayer the gifts of knowledge won’t be attained.  Your God the one who sponsors you comes after you do the work of clearing the wreckage and seeking fervently with your heart.

8. You Must Connect with your Spirit Guides.

Put no other Gods before God Almighty The Creator of the Heavens and The Earth.    That does not mean you cannot have a god-sponsor or Spirit Guides.  To gain secret knowledge Spirit Guides are required.   Jesus is not there to spoon feed you the mysteries of the hereafter. But He does teach many things to those like Him, His Breathren.  God created Spirit Guides to every man on Earth.  These Guides are the voice of your learning.  You must connect with your Spirit Guides.

God will never allow voices in your head.  Its too mind bending.  Voices in the head like psychitzophrenic hear are demonic.  A door was opened that somehow allow the dark spirits access.  Spirits of Light will never speak in your head.  They are not permitted to make voices to men.  Only God Almighty can speak audibly to you. (unless a dark door is opened to a demon).

So then how do you hear the Spirit Guides?  You must allow them access to your own mind’s voice.  Only by permission can they use your voice.  This is why many call their Guides “The Higher Self”.  Because it is your own voice which speaks to you.  That way there is NO CLUTTER in your mind.

The only time God ever spoke audibly to me was when I asked Him what the mark of the beast is. He said audibly to me, “Zebra”.  Meaning I would know the mark by its connection to the word “Zebra”.   Or hybrid an animal of two colors.  The dark coat of two colors.  Vs. the coat of many colors.  That is another topic.

I asked Him that in 2018.  In short, without Zebra tech the vaccines would not have gone out to the masses.  Their cold pack temperature regulating packaging made the co vid back scenes possible for distribution.  GMO is the result.  Part beast, part human.  Hence –the lark of the feast. (coded)

It’s simple. If you took the lark of the feast pray to repent with your heart.   Because you don’t want to be an anti human lest you not make it in the afterlife.  Beast hybrid are headed for the Lake of Fire where the soul is extinguished/done.

God’s plan of salvation, His deliverance for us from death, unto the everlasting good life is for Humans.  Salvation is for Humans who die not hybrids that have desecrated the temple of their minds and soul by becoming part beast.  These people threw their crown on the floor.

Okay that is alot for today.  This will be continued.

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