Those Who Shall Inherit The New Earth

And the mortal shall put on immortality, the corrupt shall be clothed with incorruption.

Children of the Sun begin to awake (2017) WATCHOUT!  The Queen of Light took her bow and then she turned to go.  The Prince of Peace embraced the gloom and walked the night alone.  Dance in the dark of night…..Dark Lord rides in force tonight and time will tell us all-alllll.  Sharpen your plow and hoe, rest not to lock the door……

I show you a mystery.  The queen of Faith and The Mother of Pearls of wisdom hold the candles of the children of God.  The candlelight is a golden eternal fire etched and safe in the windows of the Second or Third Heaven.


Lyrics of Led Zepplin’s Battle of Evermore.  The seventies were the years of prophecy in music.  Those privileged to grow up in the times of great tribulation are blessed to see the coming New Earth.  However they will not survive the fires of doom unless they are the children of God.

Two waves of people types shall pioneer the New Earth.  First the Guardians. These are the 144,000 warriors of God on Earth.  And probably the 133 who are those who go before the throne of God Almighty.  These people sing the new song prophesied of.  And if you are one of them you know it.  God revealed who we are to us all.

One thousand years of walking the Earth?  Yes.  As usual the scripture is skewed and twisted.  Jesus brought us God’s words & prophecy.  And He is the first Son of God which we know of.  The Sons of God were never fallen Holy Angels.

Then later after one thousand years of souvouring by journey, learning and cataloging the wonders, the miracles of The New Earth, and New Nature then will come the our immortality.  The children shall look into the face of the gods and live.

Not all Shall Sleep But We Shall All Be Changed in the Twinkling of The Eye, at The Last Trump

During the walk about our immortality will become quite evident.  Above all God is protecting His children.  The last phase of overcoming corruption of the body will be skin and outer appearance.  For their own protection.

Evil and corruption shall be abolished from Earth.  This was always God’s plan.  Why did He not do this prior to our suffering the perils of mortality?

Our mortality is for the “Creation of Mankind Part II”  the spiritual choices and growth.  Our spiritual creation is far more important than our natural body creation.  Little did we know, God handed us death to motivate us to find Him by seeking with our hearts.  Seeking with the heart & prayer is the only way to find God prior to judgement.    Our spiritual journey of creation is nearly over.  Now we move on to taking upon us the nature of our Father.  Incorruption, Love, & immortality.  Our Spirit in us was always eternal but now, soon we shall have the bodies to match.

“The mortal shall put on immortality, the corrupt shall be clothed in incorruption”.

Yes the upgrades to our bodies will come while the fires of Earth burn with purification.  Just as the Hopi, and Mayan Indian’s prophesied.  Not a nuke.  The Sun has already gone dim and is setting in the East, (we surmise).

Which means it’s now likely a red or white dwarf sun.  It will blow.  God’s sun is the only thing pure enough and powerful enough to rage purification throughout the Earth.  Melting metal, brick, concrete, and every living thing.  Of course the ark story is for us.  We shall join God on the ark just as Noah was pure in his generations.  So too those who didn’t take on beast D n a are also pure in their generations.  Ya evil knew the story which was given to us.  Noah’s plight to the Ark was always a prophecy not history.  All the bibles stories except the propaganda like God telling Abraham to slaughter his own son were prophecy.  Truth prior to the horrid desecration of the “holy place (all bibles)” most all scripture was prophecy not history.

The Earth shall be pure again.  And mankind will get his dream of dreams.  IF they know God.  If they know Jesus and if He doesn’t say to them….”depart from me ye workers of iniquity, I never knew you.”

The second wave of beings to inhabit the New Earth, after the Guardians are also Son’s of God.  But they will sleep for one thousand years during their transformation.  They were not the warriors of God in theri mortal life.  Nor are they those who go before the throne.  Both groups “purified & made white”.  But by their Faith in God they shall inherit the New Nature Earth.

They will not retain their memories because the Sacred Tree of The Knowledge of Evil shall withdraw from them.  It already began as they cannot see past the strong delusion which covers Earth.  They unfortunately prefer the lies.  Some will be saved in this group but others not so much, due to the fact that their Faith in God which they proclaim openly, is an act.  A mask.  Faith must be true.  Hope should be put in God and their Hope, placed in the Hope of salvation along with the rest of the armor of God.

Armor of God

Hope/helmet. Faith/shield.  Sacred Boots feet covered/with the testimony of Jesus working in their life.  The Sword/ of The Holy Spirit sent in Jesus name from God.  Breastplate of righteousness/through Christ The Savior of the lost.  Belt of Truth. (my book for baby believers seeking God)



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