Many Christians Pass Judgement on Angels of Whom they have no Knowledge

Christians Buy Into Propaganda Hook Line Sinker.

Why would the beast want to defile the good name of God’s precious Holy Deity?

  1. I takes the heat off of the demons.
  2. It makes for a good storyline.
  3. More importantly it detours the truth about the back scene’s and their desecration of Noah’s genre.   “Noah was perfect in his generations” It was a prophecy. Not story time.
    That’s why Noah got the Ark ride.  The Ark ride could mean the rapture for those who either repent of making the Lark of the Feast.Or didn’t take it at all because God sternly warned them.  It was mankind not angels.  With the help of a demonic/human pact …a covenant with many demons that the men got the final symbol to enter human sell’s nuke Lee us. (sorry for the co-ed) Read it outloud if you don’t understand the sentence.

    Once they got the two golden keys into the nuke Lee us they were about to insert directives.  Commanding the Emma are an a and tricking the I’m moon system to copy beast co-ed.  Trans scriptese is about animal Dee Anne a more than male to female bitter transfermations.  Mirahmeta.  They trick the moon system to rewrite it’s own ground work that makes it hue mane.

Prophecy—“Do you not know that you shall judge angels?”  They judge them alright but not in the way they think they will.  

The angelic cover up is to divert Truth of what is really going on. The YT Christians scream over and over and over “its not the mark, its not the mark!” Referring to the back scene.   Why? Because they took it themselves. And instead of repenting they employ denile. They take a deep swim into the Nile. And they NEVER EVER do the research that proves what i am saying.

They proclaim this statement-

The Christians luv the fallen Deity stories which judge falsely and without a True cause the Holy Angels of God.  However they are lead astray to take the lense of accusations off of demonic offenses.   Soon demons will be the hybrid humans friends.  After all many Christians already worship the Book & words of the Dark Lord.  As those who are protected from the towers of babble’s false memories see that all of the once holy bibles are now desecrated and changing magically.  They are changing supernaturally while on the shelves daily & on going.  As is dialect, language and most books..   The towers of babble are not made by God.  They are erected by men of evil and greed.  By controlling language and memories they control most of mankind .

Why control them?  Mankind’s words have power.  What we believe in mass spreads in mass.

“My people perish for lack of knowledge”.

Do you not know humans should be living well into their 300 hundreds and gaining much knowledge.  But now their lives are culled.  Poison in ever direction.  And most all diseases are created by the Dark Lord by design.  Especially Cancer and Heart disease.   But enough of that.  I am here to tell you the solution is God & prayer seeking Him.

But not only that.  Propaganda spread the fallen angel tales like wild fire.  The Christians even proclaim that these fallen shall return to Earth in the end of days.  However, any angels that had to come to Earth are long gone now.  Deity will not make the same mistakes twice.


The Genesess Six stories are broadly entertaining and especially intrigueing.  They have the progenitors of lies on their side.  People like Tom Steve Quayle, and Tom Horn(ed) along with the History channels, LA Marzulli (marzulli being a demonic name) and many other propagandists make the Genesess Six story of sex with angels quite the scandal.  They propheted big time of on the books of lies.   The stories are both intriguing and very entertaining.  The people WANT TO BELIEVE THE LIES.  They like the lies.  They have no problem with casting judgement on Holy Angels whom they know nothing of.

It doesn’t matter that the prophecy foretold their judgement.  They interpret that God will make them judge jury and executioner of people on New Earth and over Holy Deity. “King and priests, kings and priests” they sing the song claiming to become kings and priests.

THERE WILL BE NO PENAL CODE ON GOD’S NEW EARTH.  All oppressors’ shall be annihilated by the Sun. These Christians wish to become the very beast who poisons & oppresses them.  The smirk with devious cunning smiles as they read the Dark Lord’s scripture. On their YT videos.

They call the angels “watchers”.  And while they insist that Noah’s purity in his generations …the very reason for his Ark and salvation was because he was not half angel.  While the Dark Lord marches over the Earth ensuing a shot that does exactly what God warned us about.  Changes and desecrates the Dee Anne a.  How do I know?  Three years of research and studies.  Make no mistake the ingredient list was not easy to decipher as they do use veg scientific terms that must be translated.  And researched and translated and researched.  It took me three years of study to put together the diabolical ingredients of the cure.

For in the upsidedown good is evil and evil is good.  Cures are deadly and poisons are wholesome.  My guess is its probably impossible to find the answers online that I found back in 2021-2022.

Hence the reason for the fallen angel propaganda is so the Christians would not apply the phrase “Noah was pure in his generations” to the desecration of the Dee Anne a of people.  Making them gee Emma oh hybrids!   Please, if you took it simply repent with your whole heart.  Seek God.  He is merciful to forgive those who ask Him.  Please don’t use denial to cover a grave mistake.  The deception was very thorough.  Some people have never trusted dove err mints.  And therefore followed their hearts refusing the lark of the feast.

Know them by who they show you they are.  Not by who they tell you they are.  How is it mankind trusts so explicitly a system of war and crime?  How can they not see the cops are evil men who hand over their morals to an evil Lord who profits off of the trouble, oppression, confinement, and misery of others.

Men sign up for their genocidal wars killing one another.  Handing without question their morals over to captains from Hell.  Make no mistake, we will all answer for your choices.  The lake of fire will burn bright with souls. Not torturing rather ending them.  Quick and efficient shall be the gathering of goats to the lake that ends the soul.


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