To the Corporate gods of Earth————No More, No More

No More No More Shall thee rule over the seas

No more no more shall ye rule over the skies.

No more no more shall ye rule God’s children.

No more shall ye tell picture stories of lies called education.

Your image of the beast is on its way out.  All devices FAIL.  ALL.

Read your prophesies tyrant.  They apply to you now.  And the tyrants face was red.   The tyrants face was red as he read as he read.

Hide and watch hide and watch tether and swatch hide and watch.

No more shall those who force farmers to poison mankind’s food rule and call for toxic farms as criteria of survival.   No more, no more.

“You know of what and whom I write”.  Let the reader understand. Let the rulers understand.  God is One.  God is One.  The gods are His to rule alone.

And they’re pissed.

The Gods of Earth are not deceived by humans.  Your pomp has left you desolate.  The God Nature is coming for you.  Your frequencies fail.

Ye fear men and for good reason.  Ye fear children and for good reason.  Ye fear women and for good reason.  Now fear The Gods.  By invisible Faith your world tumbles to ruin.

Be not wise in your own eyes lest you fall.  Ye must be as children to inherit the Kingdom of God.  And the warrior child reins.

The Tower of Babble Commences

Onward through the night their boats travail in darkness and plight.   No direction.  No direction! Their compasses no more do they spin but rather spurn.  Their devices work no more.  Circle and anxt circle and anxt watch the boats fall into tranks.  Circle and anxt.  Tranks tranks fall and splice wax it cold wax the dice.  Circle and anxt are their travels turned to travail.

Circles and circles perplexed in the night.  Fight fight fight the flight.  Johnson and Max no longer the hacks.  Swat and swane shall be your gain.  Sea saw and puzzles put back your muzzles to hell.

Down down go the ships round and round waves so tip they dip.  What of their direction?  What of their connection?  What of their journey’s end?

Babble Babble Babble and anxt your ships now fail your ports a plain a plain a plain a plain.

No longer do they rule sky and sea.  Tower of babble directs them you sea.  Circle circle circle and anxt take your trip but fill your tanks.  For it shall be a long one and the carriage will rot.  Hot hot the carriage shall rot.

No more slaves no more slaves.

“Houston we have a problem.” They scream.  Houston where are you?  Your circuits dead there’s something wrong can you hear me major tong?  Can you hear me major Tong?

All devices shutter and shake.  The earth flutters but you can’t see it.  The devices fail.  Mankind is free.  The gathering the gathering the gathering commences.  No longer do they rule land and sea.  Their crypto is in the crypt never to be.  Those who stoled the land and sea.  Those who stoled the water and the trees.  Those who stoled the knowledge and homes the journeys of the simple shall now be shown. Your reverse mortgage is not your own.

Kneel before God Almighty perhaps now you will be the slave.  Your time is up sucker of life spewer of lies and evil.  Did you not think karma would come a calling.  Chains chains.

Karma is loosed on the dark demons.  Karma is loosed on the dark minds and souls who say this at their long tables planning the rights of God’s children.

“We do it for their good, sure we poison the food, sure we steal their homes, sure we take ALL the land but we do it for their good. For they are stupid and need us to guide their every step.  Sure we steal all knowledge and books but it is our right”.

And now your books are worthless. As the words change on the pages and your minds change with them.  Desolate desolate books and minds one in the same.  Desolate desolate are your minds.  Yet you are blind.  Yet you cannot remember or see.  Take to the closets of lead.  Take to the closets Moses of black your time is up transpact is done. Transcript has run.  Its done.  Yu called for your own demise.  Betrayed by demons.  Demons comprise.  Demons serve God.  Demons serve God Almighty.

All men must choose their eternity by their own choices they plan their eternal homes..if any.  We think you would be better off in Hell than where your going.

The lake of souls.  The death of souls.

“I wish ye were hot or cold but since you are luke warm I spew you out”.

The red lake awaits the rulers of mankind.  Rise rise rise Red Lake rise.

Ground Control to Major TomGround Control to Major TomTake your protein pillsAnd put your helmet on
Ground Control to Major TomCommencing countdown,Engines onCheck ignitionAnd may God’s love be with you
Ten, Nine, Eight, Seven, Six, Five, Four, Three, Two, One, Liftoff
This is Ground ControlTo Major TomYou’ve really made the gradeAnd the papers want to know whose shirts you wearNow it’s time to leave the capsuleIf you dare
This is Major Tom to Ground ControlI’m stepping through the doorAnd I’m floatingIn a most peculiar wayAnd the stars look very different today
For hereAm I sitting in a tin canFar above the worldPlanet Earth is blueAnd there’s nothing I can do
Though I’m crossedOne hundred thousand milesI’m feeling very stillAnd I hope my spaceship knows which way to goTell my wife I love her very muchShe knows
Ground Control to Major TomYour circuit’s dead,There’s something wrongCan you hear me, Major Tom?Can you hear me, Major Tom?Can you hear me, Major Tom?Can you…
Here am I floatingin a tin canFar across the worldPlanet Earth is blueAnd there’s nothing I can do.



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