Who Are the 144,000. The Mystery Unfolded.

They Work In the Spirit and Receive No Honor by their words.

Jazweeh proclaims who the 144,000 are.  How do we know them?

“We are properly judged by no human.  They call us “wackadoodle” and “Satan” for our interpretation of God’s words and Truth.”

“We pray in our closet.  And our guide is Jesus He is Savior, Lord The Son of God whom we know.  And He is the only One we will name “Wonderful”.   He is our deliverer and healer.  We know Him because we seek Him.  Above all we need Him.  By the gift of anxt and desperation we sought Him above all things.

We seek Him still.  We insist Jesus is not a son of any man.

We would be worse off than the dead if not for The Son of God.  So we are faithful to Him.  He’s our heart’s desire.

How will you know Us?

Most will not. We are the ones who removed their masks.

We are both the prodigal son and the resentful good son.  We are the woman at the well.  And walk in Jesus’ steps.  We are the mirror drinkers.

Mirror drinker Holy Grail

We are the ones’ who road the sacred donkey. We have fulfilled the Holy Grail to know ourselves.  We have warred against dark spirits free flying trained by The Holy Spirit.  We see the entities at large.  We are the voice in the wilderness.

We watched in troubled times in real time while the many drank Esau’s soup and lost their inheritance without repentance.  Real time we see the signs in the sky. We have been delivered from the bondage of sin more than once.  Gentile preachers healed us by the laying on of hands.  We received The Holy Spirit gifts & speak in tongues of men and of angels.  We need God’s Love more now than ever.  Angels hear us sing and pray.

We went to purgatory and lead self condemned souls across the hall of the dead into God’s judgement throne room.  We watched their dross disappear as God judged whatever was left in them after the dark unclean dross was evaporated.

We died and were behind the rock of ages crushed unable to move.  We travail as the woman of revelation 12 whom we are.  We are as little children.  Child warriors.  We see the famine of God’s words now as prophesied.  Even though its hidden by the strong delusion.

We despise the beast and it’s towers of babel.  We see and suffer the troubles of Jacob.  We have come away and come in and repented of putting knowledge above Love.  We see the false prophet and his antichrist clearly on the image of the beast.  We watch the bible change daily by magic on the shelves.  We know well the image of the beast.  We see men’s minds stolen by the towers the prince of the power of the airways.

The desecration of the holy place x2 body & bible body & bibles stolen stolen gone gone gone.  We see the four angels and their glory now in real time.  We laid down to be healed by the many witnesses (2).  We have the twinkling of the eye for our Hope.  We are the intercessors in labor.  We go before the throne and are under the throne.

We are being made white.  But all of this not cause we are better or less of sinners….we are overcomers. But not perfect not perfect like Jesus.

We have sinned more than most in our prodigal walk through Hell & death.  We are who we are because we are different than the world.   Because He Loves us.  And we sought Him with our might and many many tears.  Because we NEED HIM we are Faithful.  And we made haste to give our testimony of Jesus to many.  HE IS COMING!

Six years plus months we have announced His coming in the Spirit over and over and over and over as our words rein down upon the Earth.  And Angels of God pick up the light of fire we spread and share it in their way.  By prayers of the Spirit our words like magic rein down on Earth bringing dreams, visions, and revelation.  But we do not rule.  Rulership is oppression.

We Hope to be explorers and guardians to learn the wonders of the coming New Earth arriving from Heaven from God Almighty.   By Faith we are saved through Grace we have God’s forgiveness.  We did meet Grace.

Do we boast?  Perhaps.  But the works of the Spirit are a gift from God so if we boast that we accomplish the supernatural in our own power, then our false pride rears its head.  We work in God’s power.  We are alone in our vision.  We did not eat the apple.  We did not partake of Esau’s soup to lose our inheritance.  The tower of babel has taken the minds of the many for a time.  They chose the Beast.

Our victory comes not by might nor by our own power but by His Spirit says The Lord.  We are blessed with Grace. The clay pot has within it a precious jewel a Pearl of Faith. The eternal gift of Hope to nurture and to grow until we know as well as we are known, we have Hope.  And so too Hope & Faith Eternal was bestowed upon all of mankind to nurture and grow.”

For a time the beast appears to have won, but his time is short and he has not won.


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