I Found The Dream Catcher 04-26-2009.

The Dream Catcher Showed Us the Disc of the Sun.  And the Spider Lady if you look closely to see her.  Also an Angel.  And Other Spirit Entities of Light & Color.

There’s a secret place in the color of day
where ancient sacred entities play
reveal your face oh blessed king
of light and color and dancing stream
my dreams and visions you catch in the night
how is it this day I see the sight
of the great illusive “dream catcher”

And yet it is us who should catch our dream.  By the Eternal gifts of Hope and of Faith we can catch our dreams and finish our race of fire & stream.  And by Hope & Faith we store up treasure in Heaven.  By Love we show respect for others. And to be sure…we do not have to ‘like’ anybody.  Just respect their right freedom.  Do no harm.  We cannot save any of them.  That is a fallacy of religion/Legion.

We can however, share our testimony of how God works in our lives in real time.  But each man must seek his own Way.

What is the mystery of the Great Illusive Dream Catcher?

If a person receives the great blessing of seeing The Dream Catcher first hand.  Then one day if that person travels the chosen and narrow path.  The Way to seek God.   They too could catch a dream.  And catch their dreams.

Catching a dream brings for you and your lineage the Fathers of your fathers and Mothers of your mothers great blessings by the Eternal Gift of Faith.  A supernatural gift given to mankind to nurture and to grow.

How does the man catch a dream?  It is akin to lucid dreaming.  And it requires going before the throne of your Fathers & Mothers.

The child of God catches the dream in lucid sleep.  He secures it and gives it to his family in the Heavenlies.

So you see this is no simple task.  One must have practiced Faith and seen their Fathers and Mothers along with exercising other spiritual talents.

Without the spiritual eyes the man cannot see except with his carnal limited sight.

The power that these great works of Faith bring to the few are feared by the dark side.  That is why Legion/religion calls the ancient tales & mysteries mythological evil.

But evil is as evil does.  Rule #1 Do no harm.  Show respect.

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