Why All The ‘Nuclear War’ Pish Posh?

Weapons Invented in the 40s are ancient history with cobb webs to boot.

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Ya why don’t they just threaten us with a Cannon ball or arrow head tomahawks?  The 1945 nukes are both exaggerated and are an ancient prospect for any real time battle.  EMF DEW directed energy weapons are both stealth/invisible and modern tech.

The media lies like HELL.  But what is their reasoning behind resurrecting the old cold war 1970s Nuke threats?  Perhaps its just fear mongering.  Or maybe its predictive programming.  Maybe there’s more to it.

Learn the word “allegedly”.  All that you & I hear on the news is alleged.  They lie like hell.  They lie when they can.  They lie with ill motive and for ill gotten gain. They lie for money and for control.  The elite own the news.  Information is power.  Whoever was restraining these corporate bastards from Hell if finally removed.  Likely it was the lesser of two evils.  The Harlot.  The Riches of the Churches who had a shadow of morality left in it.  No more.

Nukes are old News

Come on CNN why would they fight with 410 shotguns when they have Squad weapon XM5 or upscaled lazer sight machine guns?  No! Nukes are old news no matter how much power is behind the propaganda.  It makes no sense to go backwards in weaponry history to the 60s and 70s threats.   And the fall out stories are no doubt greatly exaggerated for fear effect. E

The world’s first nuclear explosion occurred on July 16, 1945

DEW weapons are not only INVISIBLE TO THE EYE but when they kill someone nobody really knows how or why that person died.  They can control the temperature/frequency.  Turning up the microwaves by stealth.  EMF is stealth and it is the go to weaponry of the age of tech.  Granted what they have shown us is likely 20 year old technology.  Also if they prefer, they can turn on the energy so high that it disposes of the body as well.

Come on CNN nukes were invented when?  In the late 40s?  Come on they will not use nukes to wage any war.  Not to mention we are now under a one world power.  They showed us this as well with the Covid unity of countries in 2020-2021.

Scenario a Theory

What if the elite wanted to clean the Earth, save it?  What if they needed to depopulate drastically?  There are weapons on every cell tower.  Emf is a weapon that kills.  It is radiation and energy.  Your cell phone will kill you but not fast enough.  So the news media announces “Russia has bombed New York with Nukes”.

They announce to Russians “The U.S. has bombed Russia with Nukes”.  And so on throughout the entire earth.  All are threatened by the nearby (made up) FALL OUT!

The news provides their strategy telling everyone to evacuate.  Ya get on the interstate unprepared not enough food or water.  No medical.  And so on.  85% of the world starts their car and runs like hell!

Now instead of the Nukes going off that would damage plant life, water, food, etc. on Earth they simply charge up their invisible lethal ray guns.   Directed energy weapons…DEW.  They just ray blast all along the interstates, easy peasy.  The show a bunch of TV picture shows of nukes going off everywhere.  And people freak the fuck right out.  They do what we do best, run run run and ask questions later.

Why?  Because we trust our comforter the image of the beast. The TV.  The relationship we hold with the TV is much deeper than we can admit to ourselves.  Set before the box at the tender age of 3 watching cartoons and hearing what everyone proclaims as “Truth”.

The great deception.  They need not use Gestapo tactics when they have the image.  They need not go door to door.  The elite will then justify…that these people walked willingly to their own demise.  They told us “we lie like hell” but we just couldn’t go there emotionally.  We just couldn’t break up with the image of the beast.  Has we sought Jesus in Truth He would have delivered us from the lies.  IF we so choose.

EMF is invisible.  But they like to put lights to it for the effect.

This is my theory of depopulation.  Why?  Because the prophecy of the pale horse, even though its fulfilled in part by the contrived plagues of man.  Still we think more death is to come.  Men shall draw fire unto themselves.  EMF is a form of fire.  Its like your microwave oven.  It cooks within to without.  Nobody would realize its not radiation sickness.  They would not suspect DEW.  Its a very terrifying prospect.

But I say this…know them by who they show you they are.  Most everything we tot out of the store is poisoned.  But that served in shortening the lives of millions.   Still it wasn’t fast enough for those who believe that they own Earth.

Fear not!  God is coming soon.  He already announced His coming.  All things work together for the good to those who Love God.

Don’t get on the highways when they show you the picture shows.  Don’t get caught by the EMF on the interstate.


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