Wormwood Has Revealed Itself. The New Mother Nature is Coming!

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Attention-3 articles in one.  The Truth Shall Set You Free.  And Wormwood Water.  The New Earth.  And a link to the Red Tide prerequisite in depth article.

The Lion has left Isaiah 11:6 & all the books to the Wolf. The wolf lies with the lamb. The lambs one and all made their choices of eternal home. And soon also shall the Lions the army of God leave Earth to the lambs. “Men shall draw fire unto themselves”.   proclaims the glorious angel of God.
Romanticizing GMO humans Rat tail.

Revelation 16:3 “And the second angel poured out his vial upon the sea; and it became as the blood of a dead man: and every living soul died in the sea.”

The Red Kachina pours out his viles upon the earth and Wormwood begins.  The angels didn’t bring the Red Tide.  Miracle grow did.  We can thank the corporations for trashing the East Coast of Florida.  Making beach side east coast florida condos worthless 6 mos out of the years.
Not all Truth is easy to write.

Keep in mind, for the New Earth to arrive the old earth must burn.  Most people shall be gathered to their eternal homes of free will, choice.  Some shall not sleep but all shall be changed.  Some people are destined to seed the new Earth.  No evil will be permitted to destroy Earth.2.  No. God allowed evil so we could choose our eternal homes.  Earth.2 is for God’s children of the Light.

2023 update. 

What is coming?  I have new information.  A new prediction.  There are two light sources in the sky.  You can see the second source easily as if a dim sun is rising in the west and setting in the east.

Suppose the Sun already went dim as prophesied.  The elite knowing how to launch satellites using earth’s magnetism (flat-ish earth grounds the planets).  They could easily launch a huge sun and it would follow the pathways of the luminaries.  The real sun that’s gone dim is hidden with chemical trails relentlessly I must add.  And so the fack sun shal blow.  The ark of the covenant will proceed blowing their fake sun to hell.  This is the prediction of Jazweeh the seer.  It’s a guess not a “thus sayeth The Lord”.

Fact is we have seen the bulbs in the fake sun by using the back end of reflective sun glasses.  But it seems no one else can see them for some reason.  Apparently its part of being a Seer.

Death The White Horse and a great gathering of souls.

A rapture for those who are to seed the New Earth.2 to be kept safe and transfigured while the old earth burns.

New Earth & a New Nature unseen by any before is coming.

Old Earth must burn.  The corruptible shall obtain incorruption.  The mortal immortality.  All devices, with any & all things man made will burn.  Earth shall burn in a fervent heat so hot nothing could ever survive unless it were miles below Earth’s surface.  And if some have a place like that, they may survive temporarily.  That is until the human’s 2.0 God’s Children return from the First Heaven after transfiguration and crush all latent enemies of God just as Jesus crushed the serpent’s head in the prophecy.

The Riddle

The words may change but the Truth does not.  This is a mystery to you reader.   Pick up your book.  Trust in your own memories.   A puzzle, a riddle to the “bruise & CRUSH” scripture that WAS Genesess  3:15 prophecy.  (oh did we spell it wrong?  Or did we?) We say bruise & CRUSH.

Soulution-“Bruise & Bruise” is now in all bibles.  Making the serpent safe?  Not quite.  God’s elect will still crush every serpent within it’s reach.  The prophecy “desecration of the holy place” pertains to all bibles old & new, print and code.  All changed all desecrated and all under the changes are under the strong delusion hidden from the many.  Most will look at “bruise & bruise” and say “same as it ever was, same as it ever was”.  This is our burden to bare.

“And for the elect sake the end of days shall be shortened.”  Why?  Why for the elect’ sake?  Because to look into the face of the beast is harder than most would imagine.

The Old Earth Must Die to Make for God’s Paradise on Earth 2.0. The New Earth.

First read the article about Red Tide & the real reason it occurs I wrote back in 2016.  Very long article with a multitude of references to scholarly Karenia Brevis toxic bloom articles.  But the media screams “Red Tide is a natural occurrence”.  Ya, “natural” if you pour Miracle Grow on all of the Earth forcing farmers to use their M.G. chemical nitrates or the corpses will not buy their crops.  This is how the corporations is destroying Earth.  And now the Red Tide has spread to FRESH WATER. Earth is fuc**d.

source Cyanobacteria Bloom fresh water

source Cyanobacteria bloom U.S. fresh water

There are things that are too horrible for Mike From Around the World to tell you.   Nor is he permitted to speak of such things on youtube.  But we can write them here.  We are only censored by search engines at this point.

Truth is not easy to palate.  Friends, to look into the eyes of The Beast will change you for life.  The gazing requires emotional coping skills.  These Pentagon insiders are taught how to process their fears.  They are also taught how to take each thought captive.  Otherwise all those with high intelligence information and bold level security clearance would fall apart emotionally.  Holding in fear would eat their lunch.

Fear/Shame Programming

The beast system says fear is bad and must be hidden, swallow it says the beast lest ye be labelled “chicken shit”, Pu**y, scaredy cat, woosy, and so on.  Do you know your fear/shame programming?  Have you learned to process fear in spite of it so it doesn’t eat you alive?  Do you have an empathic listener who won’t judge you for processing your fear?

To obtain high clearance means high level emotional processing skills must be in place.  Skills that most people will never know.  It takes courage to look into one’s own heart and show and share it.  Why? The process breaks down beast system programming where the man is as sick as his secrets.

It means becoming vulnerable.  So once they turn you into who you really are they must reform you into who they want you to be and what they want you to value.  That part of the process we are not privy to so we won’t write of it.

Mike makes occasional reference to his learned emotional skills.  How do we at the .com know about these skills?  Good question.  Furthermore, high clearance tolerance means no presence of infidelity or wife cheating type vulnerabilities to be black mailed.  No family ties.  So threats against loved one’s are minimal.  These high level workers must not engage in deep relationship in the future.  That could be set up by enemies.  They must not have a fear vulnerability that paints them into a corner of black male and extortion by secrets kept and Truths hidden.  The fewer things in life that they value, the better.  The ideal high security clearance worker values his job over all things.  And has pride of reputation to coworker.  Yet is immune to peer pressure.  Quite the conundrum.

Self Awareness

“Your visions will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.” C.G. Jung (allegedly)

Few look into their own heart. Why? Because fear/shame programming is just too intense. Mankind has re-created themselves in the image of the TV., social media, & peer pressure status quos.   The people are the mask that they wear.

It’s not their fault.  Breaking down the walls takes guidance.  There is a system to it.

The Truth Shall Set You Free

Mike from around the World shows us signs, by his words when sharing with Pastor Paul Begley of breaking through the walls to his own heart.  He likely used whatever system was available to him to do so.

Sounds abstract doesn’t it? Surely we adults know our own hearts? Surely we hear our own heart’s voice?  Don’t we?

Breaking Down the Walls Around the Heart

“Hmpf” grunts the Scribe who did four things himself to find his own heart. 1. He worked the 12 steps in Truth, Truth, Truth. 2. He included God on every step of The Way, The Way, The Way. 3. He was given the sacred gift of desperation. A pain driven gift.   The spiritual level of desperation, the very gift that is required to accompany a man’s journey to his own heart. 4. He takes & took prayer and meditation in Truth very seriously.


Two men go to war in the same company.  One comes back traumatized.  The other comes back grateful to be alive and starts a family.  Why?  One holds trauma in by shame.  The other expresses his fear, anguish, and heart’s voice overcoming both shame and fear.

The Truth will set you free if you can face it.  First one must see their heart in Truth.  Next a man must process his trauma throughout his lifetime so as to heal emotionally.  Why?  Why revisit?  Until a man heals of his emotional trauma throughout his lifetime he cannot see clearly.  HIs actions will be bent on fixing what is broken subconsciously.  He will project his pain onto others using blame that can turn to hate.  This process of healing trauma should take years but we suppose some may get to process at high speeds.  

Typical Reactions to Childhood Trauma Introduction 101

“But I had good Loving parents!  I have no trauma!  I was not abused!  I needed those loving & violent spankings by those adult parents.  The throngs of a whip that came to me when I was 5 years old.  Yes I am a better man for it.  (Violence implemented by those who the small children trusted most).   The violence made me better” Says the victim of the violence.  God help them.

“I needed the fear porn of the educations system run much like prison systems are run.

I needed the TV to teach me what to like and who to be.”

Why would a traumatized adult child say they need beaten?  And that it made them a better person?  Stockholm syndrome.  If they face the damage the violence did to them emotionally and mentally they must also face the paradigm they have built around their parents as loving and honorable.  It’s just too much work emotionally.  Paradigms do not break down easily.  We access 7 years, yes 7, we mean seven years to break down everything that is a lie in one’s paradigm.  And to heal as much as possible.

“Hmpf!” says the scribe.  Of course that’s what they all say “I needed those spankings”.   Until they see their life through another lens.  Or if a man is not raised within Earth’s social atmosphere by parents who are also socialized and traumatized.  Raised up inside the educational institutions of lies.  And given to institutionalized bondage of marriage under the guise of a fairy tale.  He is trauma ridden.  And inevitably will not know it.  Men were not meant to make foolish vows of chastity.  Nor were women meant to be controlled ever by men and put into brutish bondage.  INSANITY!  We are not products to be “given in marriage”.  WTF?  Says the Scribe of God!  WTF?

https://recoveryfarmhouse.net has much written about this spiritual journey.  But we don’t know how long this site will be up.



Today I realized that Red Tide syndrome in oceans and salt seas that is caused quite literally by Miracle Grow chemicals has spread to fresh water.  Another bloom another lethal new bacterium “Cyanobacterial” the likely compartmentalized, clueless, ‘ignorant’ scientists created in a laboratory.  “Just taking orders, it’s my job.” said the creator of the weaponized nature.

Fresh & Salt Water Red Tide is wormwood.  I live in Florida.  I know how bad it is first hand.  It makes beach side condos worthless in the hot months.

Make no mistake,you breath that Red Tide air for long.  You will wish you hadn’t.  The oxygen is taken from the air around the red tide.  I would keep a safe distance of about 30 miles.  And I would not live, could not live on the west coast of Florida.

And now fresh water is affected with what they are calling Cyanobacterial Harmful Algal Blooms (CyanoHABs).

When corporate farmers inadvertently or purposely Miracle Grow algae on Earth this is what you get.  Super Algae Blooms that turn on mankind.  It will be the gases emitting from the bitter waters that is the bringer of Death.  The Pale Horse of Death.

Don’t let the bastards tell you it’s your fault by septic tank issues. Our septic has little if any bearing (by comparison) on the water systems.  Unless they pour man made poison chemicals into them.  You see the septic works best when no chemicals are present.  Nature takes the refuse and makes it one with Earth naturally.    You should no use bleach in your toilet if you have a septic tank.  I use peppermint soap.

I cannot tolerate the fumes of any of the run of the mill cleaning products.  And with the way the air is changing and the elements are transfiguring these ammonia and bleach products will become progressively more and more dangerous to humans and animals.

How do you know this Jazweeh?  How does the seer and Scribe of God know these things?  Is she allowed security clearance?  Is she privy to the Pentagon Papers as is Mike from Around the World?

No absolutely not.  She has no part in the system of the beast in that way.  Seer’s see.  They do not kick ass and take names.


Why Are Lakes Really Being Emptied In the U.S.?

The truth that Mike from Around the World is not permitted to say but that we can say.  Keep in mind this is a theory.  Unproven. Given by Jazweeh the seer who believes it as Truth.  Problem with theories is they are easily proven and disproven once you have a theory in place research can commence.

It’s not a draught is it Mr. Begley?  Water emergency now proclaimed in the U.S. by the U.S. Government.  Here’s the problem.  The water is WORMWOOD.  They emptied Lake Meade and the other lakes because THEY HAD TO.  Had they not the water would not run and prevent the fresh water disaster called Cyanobacterial Harmful Algal Blooms (CyanoHABs).   These lakes are turning to wormwood.  If they empty them, they run.  They are redirected and can become wholesome. And hopefully get refilled again with fresh water that is not poisoned by CyanoHABs.  Or Cyanobacterial Algae Blooms.  The sister of Red Tide.

OF COURSE they won’t announce this on the mainstream media.

People would freak the fu*k out because they have NO FAITH.

Coincidentally Mr. Begley at Youtube

Just put out a video about the U.S. government passing water laws due to drought.

Mike From Around the World and Pastor Paul Begley’s Transcript from “NASA Prepares for UFO’s.

Link to Pastor Paul’s video.

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