The Creators Templates of Retrocausality

What Is Coming?  By words God Created the Earth.  And by words shall He bring Earth to its knees.

SALVATION 101, SALVATION FOR DUMMIES (you are no dummy Its an Idiom)

A Lady by the name on her YouTube channel ‘Vanessa VA’ coined this phrase “retrocausality”.   Though her overuse of the word “consciousness” in her videos annoys the hell out of me I have still subscribed & unsubscribed to her channel many times.  JeffSnyder2 is a fond advocate for her videos.

Blue Kachina And Red Kachina prophesied by the Hopi can be seen in the sky with wings with binoculars to some.

The Blue Kachina is The Phoenix Bird


End of Days Prophecy Straight from an Angel of God

Retrocausality by definition occurs when–

A choice we make in our lifetime triggers a material result in the past.  A choice we make that is a deciding factor in our full timeline reality.  Said choice in the now, bounces back far into the past creating both a history and material evidence of that choice in the now.  Even though the history of that choice didn’t exist until I made a certain choice in the present.


Some say the Mandela effects are comprised of retrocausality.  However though I do believe in retrocausality I consider the Mandela effects to be signs and wonders for the end of days given from God, as prophesied.  The supernatural bible changes on-going on the other hand,  I consider to be deceptive signs and wonders presented by the Dark Lord B.

End of Days Prophecy & Supernatural Events

God gives every man free will.  He need not “punish” anyone for sin because He created Karma.  Sin has its own punishment unto bondage and inherent death.  The “ye shall reap what you sow” prophecy is already well substantiated as fact.  And with all the new synchronicities happening around the world to so many we see the supernatural more than ever.

People are proclaiming many end of days dreams and visions. Something is definitely going on on Earth.

Have you heard about the lion and the lamb?   Seems the Warrior Lion left the poor helpless lambs to be smote by the wolves of deception in Isaiah 11:6.  The Lion used to lie with the lamb now the wolf lies with the lamb.  Remember?

The choices of the sheep are respected and their free will MUST be adhered to.  The Lion will not take them against their will to a safe place. See for more on the supernatural bible changes topic.

God’s Eternal Templates of Retrocausality

How can free will exist in a society of spiritual & eternal predestination?

Long Ago God Almighty Creator of The Heavens and The Earth sent down holy templates onto Earth.  The Templates of God consist of criteria of behaviors.  Each human on Earth by his choices and behavior toward others will fit into one of the Holy Templates of God.  By our behavior we choose our past present and future even our eternity.  The templates are based in retrocausality.  Meaning that if a man makes certain criteria of choices he will step into the template of predestination.  He will have been chosen of God from the beginning of time.  He will be the chosen few.  Based on his present day actions especially toward others.

How Many Templates for Humans are there?

The templates are these.  Excuse the labels.  I will define each title of template.  Keep in mind Serpents can act like lambs, wolves can act like sheep, and Lions can behave like serpents.  You cannot tell who is who.  God looks upon the heart.  He knows who is who.  He is the only one who can change are heart and make it clean. He is the only one who can change a man’s desires.  But He will not take free will desires unless a man requests to be changed.

The First Three Template types are Ruled by The Seven Deadly Sins

Not of God

Serpents-   They hate, intentional sin to hurt others, hate of God and all things Jesus, a hate of innocence. Greedy, power-hungry, desirous of crushing others to climb to success. Vile killers of the innocent. Steal kill and destroy.

Wolves-Ravenous, no care for others, selfish to the point of slaughter of mankind. The wolves have no conscience. They care not for anyone except their own and for selfish reasons.

Goats- Goat are animals that are carnally motivated by the flesh.  They serve their lust.  They are blown here and there by any wind of scent and sin.  They serve no God.  Self serving of course.

Of God

These three have their own battle with the seven deadly sins.  However they have the means to overcome. They have a conscience, guilt, shame & if and when they hurt others the feel it.  If they do not work to overcome they can turn into wolves, goats, & serpents.  They may start out as a sheep and become a serpent.  They may start out as a goat and become a Lion.  All children start out fairly innocent.  Some children have dark hearts and never change for the better.  Most of God’s children act like ravenous wolves at one time of another.

What matters is where we end up.  What template have we grown into?

Lions-Lions are warriors of God with gifts of The Holy Spirit.  They battle, interceded, pray, praise, sing praises. They protect the innocent. They cannot tolerate the serpent or wolf striking the innocent.   A Lion will NOT stand by while others are hurt without reaching out in whatever way he can.

Lambs-  Lambs have the gift of Love.  They are fairly passive and very giving.  They have supernatural gifts of giving to others and helping people.  Even if its in a nursing home setting or otherwise.  They are empathic and compassionate.

Sheep are your run of mill Christians believers who do what is right as much as possible.  They are born again because they sought God with their whole heart.  They may have gifts of service or sharing the Good News with other on Youtube.  All God’s children have helpful ministries of one kind or another.


On A Positive Note the Blessings are coming to those who wait

They are released to mankind. Claim them by your prayer of Truth to Mighty God and their blessings shall rest on your home, household, and your person. Some darkness took them hostage for a term. But now they are released. But they are only here for those who show reverance to what is Holy, sacred and True. And by one’s heart’s intent they know mankind’s reasoning.


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